Elevators and the Energy it Uses


Often times, people who wish to understand elevators; they tend to get frustrated since their working parts are usually covered up. From the viewpoint of the person traveling from the lobby going to the 18th floor, the elevator is just simply a metal box that has doors which close on one floor and then open again on the desired floor of destination. For those who are more curious, the following are the key parts of an elevator:

– One or more metal boxes that rise up and down.

– Counterweights which balance the cars.

– An electric motor which hoists the cars on an upward and downward fashion including a braking system.

– A system with strong pulleys and metal cables that run between the motors and the metal boxes.

– Different safety precautions to protect the passengers whenever the cable snaps.

– In larger buildings, an electronic control system which directs the cars to the correct floor with the so-called elevator algorithm in order to make sure that large numbers of people are being moved up and down the building in the quickest and most efficient manner. This is particularly important in high rise buildings especially during peak hours. Intelligent systems are being programmed in order to carry more people upward rather than downward at the beginning of the day and are reversed at the end of the day.

How the Elevators Use Energy

Scientifically speaking, elevator consultants in Toronto know that elevators are all about the energy. In order to get from the ground to the 24th floor and should you choose to walk up the stairs you need to move the weight of your body against the downward pulling force of gravity. The energy which you expend in the process is mostly converted to potential energy so that climbing the stairs will give you an increase in your potential energy or a decrease in your potential energy when you are headed down. This is a specific example of the law of conservation of energy which is in action. You really do have more potential energy when you are already at the top of the building compared than when you were at the bottom even if you do not feel anything different.

For an elevator consultant in Toronto, the elevator is simply a device which increases or decreases the potential energy of a person without them needing to supply the energy themselves. The elevator will give you potential energy when you will go up and then take potential energy from you whenever you are coming down. Unfortunately, it is not really that simple. The energy is simply lost to friction in the brakes and cables which will disappear into the air as waste heat when people come back down.

Today, if you visit bustling metropolis with high rise buildings you will notice that every building has its own lift system or elevator system. Building contractors usually hire elevator consultants Toronto in order to give those accurate data on the safety features of the elevator system of the building they are constructing.

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Web Design: 5 Great Advantages of Hiring a Professional


Creating a website doesn’t cost any money. However, if you are not a professional programmer, then you’d have to hire professionals for effective web design. For one, it is cost-effective. You are paying people money that you can double afterwards. Here are five other reasons to get a web design Toronto expert.


You are hiring someone who is licensed for the job. These people have been studying web design in Toronto for years, not to mention OJT. If they are not reliable to get the job done, then no one ever will.

Moreover, the design of your website is guaranteed legit. Customers will deem it to be credible enough to make deals with. They won’t have to deal with crappy designs that offer a lot of plug-ins.


Rest assured professionals will deliver best quality services. Years of training will enable them to analyze the right kind of website design that would encase your preferences together with its purpose. Good quality designs are clean, bug-free and functional.

You can suggest what kind of design you’d like to have. Share your vision and ask them to incorporate it with whatever clever design they have in mind. Professionals can handle any kind of complication. Don’t hold back your ideas for the overall design.


Customers always want convenient deals. If you want to attract them to your website, you have to have a user-friendly web design. This increases overall functionality.

People won’t have to click further to get the information that they are looking for. It is important that you make them feel advantaged when going into your web link. And this is what professional have to offer. They make sure that everything is perfect for your clients.


If you have no experience about designing and developing websites, then it is best to leave professionals to do it. You are actually saving good money. They give you what you want and you prevent further damages done to your site, plus you increase sales and get more money. Hiring a professional is a wise investment.


Hiring a professional will give you more time to attend to other chores. Also, they do not need supervision. You don’t have to look over their shoulders to do the job. You can work through the day and ask for updates.

Web design in Toronto is done faster in the hands of experts. You will be able to have more time to polish the website and launch it early.

Before you hire a professional web developer, you have to do a little research about them and their company. Choose a company that has established a good image. You can read online reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Ask for preferences as much as possible.

It is important that the person you choose to manage your website design is trustworthy. Being professional is not enough. Find out more about their ethics because not all professionals practice professionalism. Secure background checks and licenses for best website development outcomes.

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Splined Shafts Basics


In mechanical equipment, the motor produces motion that is called torque and the transfer of that force to the receiving mechanism is done using splined shafts. This transfer is done primarily through splined shafts, with each splined shaft interlocking with another to turn each other to transfer the torque.

Splined shafts are the ideal transferring mechanisms for high torque. There is an equal distribution of load across the length of the splined shaft, allowing for a longer service life for the splined shaft.

Creating splined shafts is not easy. The following are the design pitfalls in manufacturing splined shafts.

   a.  Material. In order for optimum service life of the splined shafts, it is important that it is made of high grade durable materials. Even the metal needs to be properly finished and properly cured as any imperfections would result in stress cracks during operation. In the long run, the splined shafts would break due to metal fatigue.

   b.  Measurements. Splined shafts interlock to move each other according to the axis of motion. This movement transfers the torque across the splined shaft. Thus, the proper measurements of the splines, the gear and the shaft have to be made and cut. Also, the female and male splines need to properly align and interlock to provide maximum transference of the torque from motor to hub.

   c.  Load Capacity. One of the most overlooked aspects of splined shafts is the load capacity. This is the force that the splined shafts are able to carry across its axis to transfer. If the load is too much for the splined shafts to turn, then the consequence would be disastrous. If the load is too light, then there is loss in the torque since the splined shafts become the weight instead of the carrier.

Splined shaft basics are simple. Understanding how splined shafts work is key for the proper use, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment using these tools.

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Benefits of archery bag targets


Whether you are an archery fanatic or a professional archer, enhancing your archery skills is an important part of your success. Practicing using archery bag targets offers top-notch training at the place of your convenience. These targets can be used indoors or outdoors. They are flexible for any kind of archery.

The most important skill in archery is accuracy. Great archery bags are made with durable materials which are able to hold arrows in position. While different types of arrows require different types of materials, archery bag targets have great healing properties. Those that are meant for light shooting are usually made of foam material. Those meant for heavy impact are usually made of stronger and tougher material such as canvas.

In order to ensure that your archery bag target lasts, it is important to have a primer applied on it for easy removal of arrows. This is usually done during production for bag targets that are manufactured in factories. However, if you are making your own target bag, then consider applying a primer. Otherwise, you may have to keep replacing your bag targets.

Archery bag targets used for practice enhance the shooting styles and accuracy for archers. Although most of these bag targets are lightweight, they can handle all types of bows. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to use light arrows. Furthermore, heavy arrows are stable and have a higher chance of landing accurately on the bag target. You can shoot these bag targets without worrying about disfiguring or deforming them.

One of the most beneficial properties of these bag targets is their portability. The can be moved to and away from practice areas with little effort. However, if you feel that your target bag is difficult to move, you can always leave it at your practice area for your convenience. They can withstand an resist damage from weather elements.

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Welding Techniques You Need to Know


Like most other industries, the steel fabrication and welding industry has over the years remained dynamic. Evolutionary strides have been made to perfect the joinery and fabrication industry by allowing for superior welding techniques.

Stick welding

Also known as the electric welding method, the technique uses an electrode flux in offering a welding puddle. As the commonest joinery technique used in metal work, it confers superior joints for metals with high iron percentage such as steel, iron, stainless steel and other iron-based metals. It is a common practice in most welding Toronto shops to use the technique when creating various steel fabricated products.

Tig Welding

When tungsten is molten at high temperatures under inert gas, it creates a ballistic bond on metal surfaces. A tungsten electrode is molten on the weld area whilst under protection of argon or helium gas to form a bond.

Gas metal welding

Also called the metal-inert gas (MIG) welding, the process involves the use of wire substrates that melt under temperature produced by a steam of Carbon Dioxide. The joinery technique is best when used in welding metal surfaces with copper, stainless steel and lighter or pressed metals. It is common to call this type of joinery ‘gas welding’ as maybe typically referred in most welding Toronto shops.

Submerged arc welding

Unlike the other techniques, this particular technique involves the use of consumable electrodes “submerged” in a flux blanket. As the electrode heats up, the blanketing fusible flux granules melt creating a bond between the metal surfaces being joined.

As a modern welding house, Weldrichandsteel houses the best techniques for every welding project. In each of these techniques, we have expertise and a leading technology to help you become join the league of the best. We have all it takes to help you achieve the extra-ordinary in your steel fabrication projects. With our welding Toronto expertise, we are sure of delivering your expectations, as you may need them.

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Importance of Hammer Mills in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Many industries make use of hammer mill for size reduction purposes. Size reduction is applied to materials that can be crushed, shattered or pulverized into smaller pieces so that the production of products will be more economical and efficient. A hammer mill belongs to a much larger group of equipment that includes jaw crushers, roll mills, ball mills and shredders with the same functionalities.

How do hammer mills work

Industrial hammer mills have a rectangular chamber made from steel that houses a shaft where swinging hammers are attached. When the shaft rotates at high speed, the hammers strike at the material with force. Size reduction occurs from the impact of the hammers, collision with the walls of the chamber and through particle to particle contact. At the discharge opening of the hammer mill, a perforated screen is installed to allow properly sized particles to be released through the holes. Larger particles are retained for further grinding until the proper size is achieved. Discharge of particles work through the force of gravity but in pneumatic hammer mills, pneumatic suction is used to assist in the discharge of lighter materials like paper, wood and products with bulk density. In order to drastically alter the size of particles discharged, screen size, shaft speed and hammer configuration can be changed. For example, a smaller screen with faster speed and more hammers can produce a finer end product.

Hammer mills vs. ball mills

Due to the versatility of the hammer mill, the equipment is common in the pharmaceutical industry. However, there is equipment that also has the capability to perform the function of the hammer mill and it is referred to as the ball mill. Ball mills grind materials through the use of media. The equipment is typically used to pulverize materials like paint, pyrotechnics and ceramics. However, the milling process is quite long and tedious because it relies on tumbling ceramic balls to crush materials into powder form. The process of cleaning is also quite slow rendering the equipment unusable for days or even a week.

Requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are more readily met by hammer mills whether for continuous or batch production. Drug developers often make use of the hammer mill for R & D purposes that require precision particle reduction. The hammer mill is also the equipment used to reclaim broken tablets so that they can be reformed. When pharmaceutical products are mass produced, the industry requires the speed of the hammer mill. Hammer mills can operate at speeds ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 rpm while producing at least 1,000 kilograms per hour. Some of the more advanced hammer mills have the capability to increase the viability of dry and wet ingredients because of its dual side assembly. One of the blades performs the function of a hammer to shatter material into smaller sizes while the knife-life side slices through wet ingredients. Additionally, some of the mill rotor assemblies can be reversed to adjust according to specific product behavior while mill rotation remains unchanged.

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4 Major Benefits of Wire Recycling


The use of metals is something that we should be proud of. It is a material that is not only durable but also sustainable. With this, you can recycle and reuse metal scrapings. The worst thing you can do is dump them in landfills and let them rot, say about 100 years.

So how many times have your thrown out your unused wirings? Well, stop it. Do you know that wire is best recycled than thrown? Wire recycling is a part of metal recycling industry. Many countries are promoting recycling of scrap metals. You should too. Here’s why.

 – It minimizes environmental wastes. Where do you think harmful chemicals that poison several bodies of water and lands came from? Metal scraps releases toxic elements when they are improperly handled and dumped. Different kinds of metals combined with other waste can cause serious destruction to all flora and fauna. If you want to save the environment, then start wire recycling. Re-using those little metallic pieces makes a big difference. It will minimizes waste and thus lessens pollution. It will also save the natural resources from being used up.

   – It promotes healthy living. When people are exposed to less pollution, then there is little risk of getting sick. You can prevent contamination. Wire recycling not only inhibits environmental poisoning but also the mutation of organisms. Harmless things can turn into their opposite and those that are already harmful can worsen. Worst case scenario is having to deal with unique organisms that can harbour new viruses or species of bacteria. Furthermore, exhaust of burnt wire contains elements that are known to be silent killers.

 – It makes new products. Recycling your wires enables you touch your creative side. There is so much you can do with a couple of metal wires. You can use them to pacify other materials in your home or you can totally melt or cut them to make new products. In order to make more interesting products, you have to consider thinking about the box. It is a good way to have fun, save nature, yourself, and everybody else.

 – It helps you earn money. You can sell the products you’ve created out of the recycled wires. Or, you can directly sell the metal wires to metals shops. It’s a decent way to earn extra money.

Wire recycling is helping a lot of economies nowadays. Not only does it acquire good money but it also opens job opportunities for a lot of people. What’s great is the fact that working with wire metals won’t require having a college degree. Many unemployed and underprivileged can start earning for their families and the country. A good example for this is Canada. They are employing over 160,000 people in in their country and all over the world.

You can also donate wires or any metal scraps that are of no use to you in other metal industries. This enables them to conserve on materials and money. If you don’t know where to start, try looking up shops in your area online.

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Metal Fabrication versus Metal Stamping and Pressing


Metal fabricating refers to the art of adjusting and prototyping product features after a certain manufactured component has already entered production. Metal fabrication is deemed to offer a much higher degree of flexibility as well as more agility.

Key Benefits of Metal Fabrication

The process of metal fabrication includes a wide range of production techniques in order to create value-added metal components. These metal components can be customized to specific customer requirements; higher flexibility due to its ability to rapidly implement design changes for a specific component part with very obvious cost benefits; reduce lead times from the stage of designing the product to production; variety of very efficient and effective techniques in cutting raw sheet materials to the right size including auto-feed saws and laser cutting.

There are also other advantages of metal fabrication. Some of these come from automatic lathes, palletized production feed systems, CNC machining centers as well as advances in machine tooling which allows for more exacting surfaces as well as efficient production of high tolerances and pressed, stamped, machined and formed parts assembly which is typically accompanied by a quality check for alignment and accuracy with robotic welding and semi-automated welding processes providing for a much higher degree of accuracy and consistency.

There are also disadvantages with metal fabrication. The primary disadvantage seen in this kind of process is higher labor intensive process which results in higher cost in every unit; challenges in repeatability and consistency compared to a proven stamping die; deep drawn parts which are not usually viable with the metal fabrication techniques; slower rate of production compared to metal pressing and stamping and higher cost of materials. If you can identify a multi-level supplier which can provide in-house support for a very wide range of secondary operations including thread rolling, forming, machining, welding, tapping and assembly will reduce the production lead times as well as overall costs.

Metal Pressing and Stamping

Metal stamping is used widely in Australia in creating a wide range of components. Stamping or pressing involves a very efficient and cost effective means for medium to high volume production runs for different parts in order to reduce costs and increase incorporating secondary operations which produce unique product designs.

The key benefits when it comes to metal stamping and pressing is accuracy, speed as well as cost-efficiency in manufacturing certain complex products in medium to high volume of products. There is also an increased efficiency when you use highly automated coil-fed presses as well as in incorporating secondary operations within the press and die. The process enables you to allow value added operations like automatic stud or nut insertion, in-die welding and assembly, in-die tapping, enabling complex products as well as innovative designs to be created with repeatability and close tolerances which cannot be possibly done with fabrication techniques. The process of metal pressing and stamping also lowers the cost of metal as it is purchased in coil stock instead of sheet steel thereby less scrap is produced in the actual process of producing the material.

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Which Window Treatment Should You Choose?


For a lot of homeowners, choosing between window shutters, blinds and shades is usually a matter of taste. However there are really some functional differences between these window treatments which could affect the choice of the buyer. Of course, there are some buyers who will want a combination of the three window treatments for their abode and will depend on what they like best and would also consider affordability.

Blinds versus Shades versus Shutters

Fundamentally, the blinds are window coverings which have vanes or slats that enable the lowering and raising of the blind to cover the window and at the same time adjust the aperture of the vanes whenever the blind is down in order to let in less or more light. You can open the window, cover it or expose the window. A window shutter is typically a solid covering with slats which can be closed and opened to vary the light which enters the room.

The blinds on the other hand come in different styles and shapes with vertical and horizontal slates being the main distinctive feature and occasionally with a fabric overlaying the structure in order to provide a level of privacy when the window treatment is opened. There are also plenty of materials which are associated with blinds so that the pricing tend to have a wide range. Vinyl and aluminum are highly functional and also tend to be on the affordable side of the spectrum while at the same time real wood blinds tend to be an option which is considered to be expensive. Of course, the blinds can also be made from sustainable materials like the bamboo which achieves a wood look. Blinds are also available in different styles which complement the overall decoration of the house. After choosing some styles, you may want to consider how they should block the light since not all blinds provide complete blockage and the security or privacy concern for some of the buyers.

Shades are often regarded as an option which is highly affordable and that which is also quite functional and stylish. Plain functional shades are typically the most inexpensive choice for window treatments. Designer shades also have a large variety of structures, fabric and shapes. Not only will the designer shapes add great visual appeal to the room but they can also be purchased with different patterns, colors and even textures in order to accentuate and complete the décor in your room. There are also solar shades that block the sun without having to entirely block the view and even woven shades which allow small amounts of light to seep inside the room while at the same time still providing exceptional privacy. There are shade designs that come a long way and a lot of consumers tend to opt for shades in order to address the decorative scheme in their homes.

Out of the three options, the window shutters are often the most expensive. These window treatments are tailored fir in order to add value to your house. Additionally, they are durable and adds privacy to homes.

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Why is there a Need to Explore the Option of Being an Electrician?


Several years ago, people would want to get jobs working with their own hands. Today, the tide has shifted and many people would now want to sit in front of a computer or high tech device and work in sales. While these white collar jobs open doors of great opportunities, it is still important and wise for a person to find something where he can work outside and not just sit in front of a computer the entire day. With this in mind, you might want to consider becoming a residential electrician in Toronto. Being a residential electrician in Toronto is a challenging, great and high paying job opportunity. Here are some of the top benefits if you become an electrician.

 – First, you are accorded with a livable wage. Today, a person should not look for a job for the sole purpose of a high paying salary. However, reality is different and most people really want to make a decent earning. Even when just starting out, someone can make at least $20,000 annually with full benefits. After several years, you can move up the ladder and then make about $50,000 annually. Then if you have worked in the field for at least ten years or more, you can push your annual earning to six figures. Every smart person knows that this is a solid wage wherever you may live.

– Job security. A lot of people make lots of money but fail on one thing and that is to have security. As soon as the economic recession kicks in, corporation would want to trim down its cost and some workers will be laid out forcefully without prior notice. On the other hand, society needs the electricians no matter how the economy will be doing. Simply stating it, a person who wants a likable job to keep during worst economic turnovers should learn to become an electrician.

   – You can be your own boss. Not every electrician has his own company. This is certainly a possibility though since it is not difficult to start your own company if you are a residential electrician in Toronto with ample years of experience. Having a business license and a truck with some supplies and a team of dedicated workers, you can start your own firm and make profit from day one. This is in stark contrast to the other fields where people cannot earn money the same way without having lots of money or experience in starting a business. In reality, many started out working in the field at large office and made their way into getting self-employed.

   – You can experience freedom from boredom. As earlier mentioned, many people would hate the typical 9-5 schedule where they come in for work with the company of people that they do not like and then clock out as the day ends. For this reason, those looking for freedom while still having a job should consider the path of an electrician. In this increasing field, people can work independently or in groups. To add, people can also work for large or Small Corporation.

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