Things You Need to Know About Lighting Conversion


Any light fitting can be converted, whether it is a fluorescent, LED or tungsten; electrical specialists can handle any light source. Indeed, lighting conversion process may sound like a simple procedure. However, the actual process involves a thorough and systematic technique. Every product that undergoes conversion is first inspected for any possible damage. The specialists’ then use high quality components for the process of product conversion. The last procedure involves thoroughly testing the finished product for lighting and heat issues. Once the conversion process is complete the lighting product becomes more beneficial.

Why opt for lighting conversion?

Improve energy efficiency: converting conventional lights to advanced lighting options results to saving energy costs.  The lifespan of the product is also prolonged reducing the cost of maintaining the lighting product. Using energy efficient products means that the lighting product has low heat emission ensuring that the user of the product participates in working towards reducing the carbon footprint.

Reducing costs: the option for lighting conversion is a sure way of minimizing costs of lighting. Conversion becomes important because of the future outcome in terms of costs compared to earlier used forms of lighting. Whether for commercial or home use after conversion the significant difference in the cost of lighting makes the process the ideal choice.

Cost effective:  purchasing lighting products can be a costly venture. With the conversion option one is able to use the same lighting products in their efficient forms.

A.S Electrical Services are confident to convert any light fitting that requires conversion. With highly sophisticated electrical components and skilled expertise every lighting conversion is carefully and thoroughly conducted. We undertake every process with outmost care to ensure that all products are safe and beneficial to the end user. Contact us today for any lighting product that needs conversion and you will be glad that you entrusted your product to us.


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How a Software Company Can Impact Your Site


As a webmaster, you will have to occasionally use the services of a software company for your website. The other option that you have is going for a custom portal development. When you get into the internet world, the use of content management systems developed by your software company of choice is among the first things that you will have to know. This is after you have your domain name and server space. You should know that there are both advantages and disadvantages of using this system.

What should you know about using content management systems for your website?

The main advantage of using the CMS is that it is a well-written software that has been tested by a huge community of users. This means that you can be assured of not coding bugs and errors. Most of the CMS that exist in the market are easy to install. You can have you website up and running within a short time when you have the CMS. The CMS are usually free and if you have to pay, it is just a few dollars. You will also have access to free technical support from the community of developers. The CMS can be migrated to various servers depending on your requirements.

There are also some disadvantages that you might experience when you use the content management system on your website. It can be heavy when you have a small and simple site. To be able to add and configure any features of the CMS, you have to understand its code base if there are no plugins. When you use a CMS, you cannot have different themes on your web pages. It is not available for different technologies and this makes migration almost impossible. However, the cost of hiring a developer or a software company to configure the content management system for your business is worth it. The system will improve the operations of your business.

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Different Models of Quincy Air Compressors


With the advanced technology, power tools dominate the market. These ranges from the electric powered to air powered. Air compressors induce energy that drives the pneumatic tools. If you desire to have the air compressors that will save a greater time of your time and energy, consider the Quincy air compressors that are thought to be the most compact and efficient in the market.

The quincy’s single stage series of stationary and portable air compressors introduces three different models of air compressors that will ease the do-it-yourself activities like nailing, grinding among other operations. Quincy air compressors also come in two stage compressor model. The two stage compressors pump the air twice.

Properties of the Quincy air compressors:

The single-phase compressors come with either the stationary and portable forms. They include the following:

  1. Q12120PQ

This is a portable compressor. Has an air tank of 20 gallons making it ideal for smaller chores. Among the quincy single-stage models, this brand comes with the lowest price in the market. Its air conveyance capacities are 8.3 cfm at 40 psi and 7.4 cfm at 90 psi. Different elements incorporate an oil-greased up, belt-driven pump with aluminum development and simple to-peruse weight gages.

  1. Q12126VPQ

This is a portable compressor with a 26-gallon air tank. It has the same conveyance capacity with the Q12120PQ air compressor. The 115-volt compressor has different elements like the oil-greased up, belt-driven pump with aluminum development and a cast iron sleeve, low and simple to-peruse weight gages

  1. Q13160VQ

This is a stationary air compressor with a 60-gallon tank. Features belt-driven pump made of aluminum with a cast-iron sleeve. They have the ASME valves for safety and pressure gauges that are easily readable. This model can convey 12.8 cfm at 90 psi and 14.6 cfm at 40 psi.

Two-phase quincy air compressor produces more power than the single- phase since it pumps the air twice. They run their operations somewhere around 150 and 200 psi. They come with common features but different designs to meet the clients taste. An example includes the Ball valve tank drain.

The Air Energy, LLC deals with both the quincy single-phase and the two-phase. Consider the properties that come with Quincy air compressor. With this, you can make a great choice when purchasing your quincy compressor.



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Categories of e waste collection


E waste in Mississauga is not an issue we can afford to turn a blind eye on. This if the waste is left in the hands of people, a lot of dumping takes place which may lead to health issues among people.  Recycling has therefore come up to cater for all that meaning that you can resell your used items to companies which can make them useful again. Below is a list of categories for e waste collection:

Curbside collection

These are sub categorized in to source separation, comingled recyclables and mixed waste collection. Each company differs in the mode of operation and that accounts for the numerous systems we have in place nowadays. In single stream, everything is mixed but not with other waste. In source collection, each product gets cleaned and separated before collection

Buy back centers

In this e waste Mississauga collection process, cleaned recyclables are purchased. This not only provides a clear use incentive but also creates a stable supply. It’s one of the best methods although it requires customers to be highly taught on what is recyclable and what is not. Cooperation is also another key requirement here in whose absence this process cannot work.

Drop-off centers

Here the producers of wastes are required to assemble them to a central place. This could be either on a mobile collection point or at the recycling plant. The throughput is not guaranteed in this method although it’s the easiest. Many don’t go for this method of doing things.

Having been in this business since 1978, Alnor Industries has amerced a lot of experience and improved its systems in handling e waste in Mississauga to great lengths. We have dedicated employees who always serve clients beyond their expectations. We handle clients with large waste at their disposal and also those with a few meaning that everyone is highly welcome.

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How to become a licensed electrician


Have you thought of becoming a licensed electrician in Toronto? Then there are a number of things you need to do before that. Electricians handle the most sensitive parts in our buildings and therefore need to be fully qualified before venturing in the trade.

Understand and have aptitude for electrical things

For one to be a licensed electrician in Toronto, he must have clear understanding on what the job entails. This is because they work in all settings like schools, churches, hospitals, businesses and other places where there is an electrical need. Some of the things done include ensuring safe wiring in buildings, knowing and also following the codes provided for building, wire connection and reading blueprints. One should have some personal attribute too like being detail oriented, being flexible and with a good manual dexterity as a lot of climbing and crawling in spaces may be involved.

Have educational qualifications

Different countries look at different qualifications before one becomes a licensed electrician. However, there is no way one can escape this bit. It’s simple, if you are dreaming of becoming an electrician someday; you better get to class now. Talking to already qualified electricians is also essential. They give you a guide on the steps you need to follow to be successful in the industry.

Study national electrical codes

You must be ready to attend classes and seminars where you will get some knowledge on the updates of the current accepted ways of doing things. It will make you more marketable and in good terms with the government.

Astron Electric has a group of licensed electrician in Toronto who work day and night to provide the best services to clients all over. We believe that the needs of our clients are valuable and can better be solved if left in the right hands. We are the only assurance of safety in electrical contacts.

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Advantages of Regularly Using a Duct Cleaning Vacuum


The quality of the air outdoors is very much influenced by factors which is beyond one’s control However, the condition of air inside your house can remain healthy, clean and safe if you incorporate duct filtration, cleaning, ventilation as well as UV protection as part of your comprehensive indoor air quality strategy. This includes the use of a duct cleaning vacuum.

Indeed, it pays off to have an efficient duct cleaning vacuum ready for use in your house. Normal daily activities usually produce a large quantity of contaminants which remain trapped within the interior of your buildings or home without adequate air exchange. Furnace filters also quickly become loaded with pollen, hair, dust, dander, dirt and other kinds of pollutants which begin to circulate freely in the air duct system of your house. Air conditioners as well as furnace lose efficiency as sticky layers of grime also begin to coat important internal components. Mold spores and fungi also make use of these nutrients in order to multiply and spread. This problem has become very severe that the EPA has already found the air inside a home typically 2 to 5 times more polluted compared to the air outdoors.

Benefits of Cleaning With A Duct Cleaning Vacuum

Most of the homeowners may recognize the importance of having their HVAC equipment being serviced regularly. Unfortunately, the air duct network is typically neglected until the performance of the system is being affected. Annual duct cleaning therefore is recommended as it provides you with numerous benefits including the following:

  • Improved quality of air indoors. Over time, the debris accumulates inside the ductwork of the HVAC system. Whenever the blower engages, some of the particulate matter will be recycled through the air handler and will eventually be distributed in the various rooms of your house. The duct cleaning process removes the majority of the contaminants in your duct system, so the living area will remain free from pollutants as well as other irritants.
  • Reduce in utility costs. When the evaporator coil and whenever the heat exchanger becomes clogged with debris and dirt, the thermal energy transfer process will be compromised. The equipment also should work harder and longer in order to meet the indoor load which then results in higher utility bills.
  • Lower repair costs of HVAC. Most heating and cooling failures are typically caused by excessive cycling and improper maintenance. Ductwork restrictions as well as dirty components can increase friction loss and reduce the airflow by as much as 50 percent. Longer run cycles will place the critical moving parts under extreme stress and will result in excessive wear and ultimately to untimely breakdowns.
  • Odor elimination. Fungi and mold produce unpleasant odors in the colonies eat, grow and also multiply. These smells are pushed in the ductwork and then ultimately in the living area. Food odors and perspiration will also become trapped inside tight homes and will subsequently embed the dust clusters which is scattered throughout the duct system. Cleaning your duct regularly will remove these materials from odor to cling to them.
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Advanced Engineering Production with A Steel Mesh Screen


The engineering industry is presently challenging and demanding and prospectively continues to be. First, customers are eager to find a better ways and methodologies of bringing out the magnificence of buildings and other household structures – a popular material is steel mesh. Additionally, customers are looking for comparatively exquisite and ultra-satin technologically advanced products that optimally meet their end needs. Consequently, companies specializing in the industry on record to adopt and implement modernized construction technologies. The industrial designing industry alike faces an arduous challenge in meeting the demand and requirements of the highly regulated industry standards. This not only illustrates the tight competition and extremely high standards but also a huge challenge that every manufacturer must at its least meet.

Steel mesh is popular among homeowners and business owners: there is no reason against productively using the mesh in executing your immediate needs. The steel mesh and wire mesh industry alike is making its way and name in the global market. Secondly, the steel mesh screen is frequently used in various cross-industrial roles. For instance, it’s primarily used in fencing animal housing for poultry, cattle, and cages among others to protect the animals from destructive insects such as flies, and mosquitoes that harm the animals.

In producing steel mesh screen, aluminum, brass bronze, copper, galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys are widely used. This is to ensure that they render the best services to their respective purchasers. Among the stoutest ones is the steel mesh screen will surely fit the needs and specifications of the customers. Besides, steel mesh screen can also be used for intense decorative purposes that can be utilized both interior and exterior designing. As such, the worthwhile mesh is an ideal price that your expense will pay off in benefits and great quality that meets your needs. Steel mesh is multi-functional, reliable, and affordable; and will deliver your expectations.

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Sourcing Air Compressor Repair in Toronto


Air compressor repair in Toronto is offered by manufacturers and repair companies. These companies specialize in air compressors and their parts, making them the ideal choice when you are having issues with your air compressor. However, when you ensure that you follow a strict maintenance routine you can easily avoid costly repairs. The first thing that you need to do is read your manual carefully. There are numerous operation tips that will allow you to extend the lifespan of your air compressor by many years. The applications of the air compressor varies depending on the type of operations that you are running. However, they usually have the same construction style. This means that the maintenance tips apply to most of the models. Air compressor repair in Toronto is sometimes necessary in cases where preventive maintenance could not have avoided the breakdown.

To ensure that your air compressor lasts longer you have to always drain the receiver tank. This tank collects moisture from the air over a period of time which might damage the internal parts if it is not eliminated. The tanks are usually fitted with a valve that you can use to release air pressure before draining the water. You also have to inspect the hoses to check for any leakage. Leakages can cause accidents if they are not discovered early enough. You should also check to verify that the shutdown button functions correctly. This is important as it shut offs the compressor and prevents it from heating up too much. If you are running the compressor regularly ensure that you check the oil levels. However, if the machine breaks down it is important that you receive air compressor repair in Toronto from a reputable company. This way you will be guaranteed of quality repair works that will get your machine back to normal operation.

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Why molded foam products


Do you know why some polyethylene foam products are preferred over others? The reason is that they have a lot of advantages that come with them.

Polyethylene foam products are light weight. Transportation costs have been lowered in the process as the products are not too bulky. This in turn reduces the cost and consequently increases profitability.

They are also versatile. Polyethylene foam products come in different densities and film styles. The sizes available are also different. This means that irrespective of how big or small an item is, they can always be accommodated. It’s a great merit as its functionality is diversified and hence more marketable.

Reliability is also another aspect associated with polyethylene foam products. They are self-cleaning products. This saves on labor as well as the expense that would have been incurred in their absence. Who wouldn’t consider a dependable product?

Polyethylene foam products are easy to use, meaning that there is no complicated process arranging items inside. Putting them in place is also not a significant issue. It simplifies things a great deal as anyone can do it even in the comfort of your house without consultation with any expert.

With unsurpassed reputation, Alcot Plastics has managed to bring these products closer to you and at an incredible little amount. They are the leading company in North America for the production of polyethylene foam. This can be attributed to their set of experts who are ready to go the extra mile in innovating products that can fit any customer’s requirements. Their goodies have also been tested to ensure efficiency and reduce the frustration that can come with buying an inferior quality product. You need the best, and that is why you should not settle for less. For more information, call a customer service representative today at 519-767-2899!

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Pipeline Strainer Basics: Everything You Must Know About a Y Type Strainer


A Y type strainer is an essential component used in pipelines to remove unwanted solids or debris from fluids. It uses a perforated or wire mesh straining element to effectively remove foreign elements and debris. It’s a component that is also used to protect other components such as meters, steam traps, pumps, control valves, regulators and other vital equipment. Technically, it is safe to say that it is a vital component that makes sure that the pipeline system is in top shape for optimal performance.

Using a Y type strainer is a very cost effective solution in numerous applications. In some cases, the amount of material to be removed from the flow is relatively small. This commonly results in flow interruptions when the screen cleaning takes place. Since manually cleaning the screen will require the line to be shut down. However, with a Y type strainer it is possible to fit a “blow-off” connection to allow the screen cleaning to take place without removing it from the strainer itself.

Materials Used in Fabricating A Y-Type Strainer

A Y type strainer is manufactured and fabricated from different types of materials. Each material has their own qualities and properties that make them suitable for specific jobs and applications. The different materials used for fabricating a Y type strainer include:

  • Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze and Other Alloys

Applications of A Y-Type Strainer

A Y type strainer is widely used in various liquid straining applications in order to protect the vital downstream process system components. They are extensively used in different industries including: petroleum, marine, chemical processing and power generation. These are operations that involves water, where the strainers are used to protect the equipment from damage due to clogging caused by debris and material deposits.

A Y type strainer is also considered to be a standard piece of equipment for steam applications, where they are universally used. The compact and cylindrical shape that they feature is excellent when it comes to handling high pressures. They can also be installed either horizontally or vertically, which makes them more beneficial to use.

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