Protect Your Workers with an Oil Mist Collector

You would find more diseased people in today’s technological advanced era than ever. The reasons are obvious – polluted air, contaminated water, toxic cleaners, chemical laden food and list goes on and on and on. Now fresh air to breathe is a basic necessity more so in our working environment where we spend good part of our day. Everybody wants to breathe in clean, fresh air wherever they work. An oil mist collector is an air pollution control device. Its role is to remove toxic mists and vapors from process air streams. Apart from the clean gas that emerges from the oil mist collector, the liquids can also be recovered and recycled in some applications.

Because of their extreme usefulness, many industries take advantage of mist collectors in their daily operations. They are especially popular in networking applications where vapor quality is so important. It is important to choose your oil mist collector supplier carefully – one who offers after-sales support. This is important because regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Particulates can stick to the vapor and become trapped in the collection screen.

The design of an oil mist collector can vary, but an important aspect is the filter. Vane packs are among the most popular filters implemented in mist collectors. No matter the specific type or size, the filters cause a drop in pressure which draws moisture to the collection area. Mist collectors enable the capture, but also the reuse of the liquids they remove.

Your Answer to Air Quality and Wellness
Get your oil mist collector from the specialists because then you provide clean air for workers, you provide protection for equipment and electronics, you meet all air quality standards and you reduce maintenance costs of machines. Why not talk to Aeroex? They’ve been operating for 20 years already and they’re simply known as the experts who seriously satisfy their customer’s requirements.

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The Reasons Behind Industrial Air Compressor Boston Fame.

When it comes to customer service, we, Air energy are number one. This is so because we have understood and taken our customers as the boss since we know that our existence is due to the needs of the customer. The reason we ensure industrial air compressor is well done that no customer complains after they have purchased what we offer.  We ensure quality is the first priority as we do not make compressors for the sake but ensure we deliver what is desired effectively.


We have a professional team of engineers that we can say are talented due to their performance when it comes to our products. They are willing to service for customers what we offer appropriately because we value them highly. How they handle our customers ensure that a long lasting relationship is created since when it comes to top quality then industrial air compressor is number one.


Our products are made to last, we accomplish this by making sure that we take our time to ensure every part has been assembled keenly and correctly at the right place. This has made our products have minimal breakdown or failure issues when customers are using them. We don’t compromise on time delivery as we understand the customer needs are time bound and if we don’t respect that then we won’t provide them effectively.


The customers we have served have made our name known; industrial air compressor is a familiar phrase to every constructor, as they have known that we value working with them. We work tirelessly to ensure we remain on top, through this we manage to get orders from them and deliver the required in good time. Some customers may order compressors with specifications that we don’t produce by default; this does not mean we can’t provide but simply we allow customization of specifications to ensure we have met all their wants.

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Why Should You Choose Onsite Welding?

It can be a real hassle to dismantle and transport your machinery to a fabrication shop just because it needs repair. Honestly, there are some projects that you just can’t pick up and take to the shop for routine maintenance. Onsite welding comes in handy to sort out clients who would love everything done right at their place. This has proven to be a big success in the Canadian market, owing to the vast range of obvious advantages it brings along.

Save time with onsite repairs

Onsite welding services not only come in conveniently for the client but also help save business time, maximizing production. Considering that most clients are not conversant with warehouse operations such as dismantling machines and safely transporting them for repair, it could cost them more time in the process than if a technician were to do it. With onsite welding, Baseline technicians literally bring the workshop to your site, and handle all the processes within the shortest time possible.

The concept still remains the most ideal method for dealing with projects that are difficult to manage in a shop. These include installations, constructions and metal structures, which can only be feasibly handled at the site. While onsite welding has been around since the 90s, it is still a relatively modern process because it keeps evolving at technology changes. It builds on the time-proven and honoured principle of ‘’customer first’’. With the way things are going, professionals do not have time to seek out services out there, and would rather take up a third-grade service that is brought at their doorstep

When looking for a goon onsite welding partner, you need to do some background check on the list of companies in your mind. From the information you have, ensure you are satisfied about their:

  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Customer service trail

It would be more frustrating if your mobile welding partner takes more time to come to site than it would take for you to go to them with your machinery. Baseline always has a fully equipped standby van ready to deliver onsite welding and fabrication services at your doorstep.

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Types of Gear Reducers

You can never talk of a motor without talking about a gear. They increase torque output through provision of gear reduction, and adjust the direction of rotation of shafts. Engine’s acts as a hub for power distribution to propel machines and run them at a high speed, to generate enough energy to perform a certain designated work. Although machines are highly dependent on engines, they do not reciprocate the same speed as it would be difficult to control them and their functions. Gear reducers are fixed to control the speed and torque of an engine by utilizing different gear ratios and are used on all types of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic motors.


There are many types of gear boxes characterized with their performance due to different sizes, ratio and efficiencies. Gear reducers are basically classified as spur, helical, worm and bevel gear reducers. Spur gears are used in large gear reduction and their teeths are straight, mounted in parallel on different shafts. Gear ratio ranges from 1:1 to 6:1 and efficiency, 94% to 98%. Helical gears are cut at an angle to allow gradual contact between the teeths. Gear ratios range from 3:2 to 10:1 and efficiency, 94% to 98%. Bevel gears are categorized into three straight with ratio of 3:2 to 5:1, spiral has ratio of 3:2 to 4:1 and hypoid gears with ratio of 10:1 to 200:1. Worm gears are also used in large gear reduction and their ratio ranges from 5:1 to 300:1. Example of different gear reducers are single reduction spur, single reduction bevel gear, double reduction bevel gear, co axial spur gear, multi speed gear reducers, triple reduction worm gear among others.


Bauer GMC specializes in the production of gear reducers and provides sales services along with maintenance and repair services for all our products. We have a reputable work experience, hence, we guarantee quality delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Clear Clutter with Closet Solutions Toronto

As much as cupboards or closets are necessary to keep our stuff organized, with the cupboards we have in our home, we may also find them to be working against us at times. Small and cramped, you don’t know where to start looking for your belongings. If you have a small space that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. The only thing is that the smaller your space is, the more efficient you would need them to be. It is important to find clever, creative, cost-effective closet specialists because they can provide instant storage with chic designs which offer plenty of space for clothes, books, shoes, accessories. They don’t only provide trendy space solutions that work for you, they think further and create striking features which are functional and eye-catching.

Creating Magic

You want closet professionals who know how to get seriously creative. They must know how to create closets that look really cool, like a piece of art. Leading closet experts come up with all kinds of artistic ideas so that your rooms are totally uncluttered. They even know how to create hidden storage compartment for all that spare ‘junk’ you can’t bear to part with. They make use of cramped, narrow spaces and introduce sleek designs that can be put to use.

With Closet Solutions Toronto, being organized doesn’t have to be boring and entirely practical. Storage can be highly attractive too and brimming with stylish ideas to store every conceivable item. Closet Solutions offer a free in-home consultation, they measure your existing space, they assess your storage requirements, create a 3D-model of your new closet so you can see how it looks and then they set to work. Their marvelous closets help you get organized and they also bring calm in every area of your home.

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