From Concept To Design – RWD The Quality Assurer

From the initial concept through prototyping and product design, RWD Tool has over the years remained a high-end consistency in as it does. As a distinguished machining services Toronto-based firm, we pride in delivering the most intricate machined parts in GTA, Ontario and the spread of the world within our reach.

Machining Services Toronto at RWD Tool, we understand the transformative power of creative innovation in process engineering. It is this competitive advantage matched with excellent pro-combinational unique ideas that make us different. And with our virtue-driven and results-oriented operations in all undertakings, our customers are always sure of exceptional machining results. Resultantly, our focus consistently allows every customer become a critical partner in the success story. It is in this perspective that our machinists strive to deliver exceedingly high value above every customer’s expectations.

With our certified specialists on-board backed by untainted committed to the best and attention to detail, we allow you take the back seat as we drive your way. Results and superior quality are our language. It is from this deep commitment and passion for the best that our craft and professional conduct has been deeply grown. Presently, we only major on perfectionist engineering solutions and delivery of specialty machining advisory at the most advanced states.

Today, RWD pride in being an advanced machining services Toronto company focused on nothing but being the best-in-class in all we do. From machined parts and advanced machining technologies to delivering the most critical machining project guidance, professionalism is our promise. To us, it’s not just a tagline, but a benchmark on which every craft we make is measured. Thanks to our specialist team whose commitment ensues precise product design, unrivalled utility, and unmatched engineering imagination.

After many years of seeking the most effective ways of undertaking advanced machining, RWD pride in being a tech powerhouse in Canada and the entire North America. Though our time-tested technologies and superior breakthrough innovations, we proudly report that our customers can now get their orders within the shortest lead time. Additionally, our services are both flexible and affordable to all. You deserve the best and have no option for settling at a compromised quality. That’s why we price our machining services at off-the-shelf rates. However, this does not mean compromising on quality. We are ever committed to delivering the highest quality in all we do. Therefore, may it be CNC machining, custom part assembly or just machining project implementation, we’re second to none. This is the promise we deliver to all customers we get an opportunity serving.

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Food Trolleys Services In Canada

Food trolleys are very essential in ensuring that the food is stored, transported or distributed to various destinations. Hitek Milan Company has been for years on the front end in the manufacture of food trolleys. The trolleys they design and manufacture are of high quality and very durable since they are made of steel. The trolleys make it convenient for hotels, hospitals and other institutions to store and distribute cooked food and other types of food materials.

We have been manufacturing two types of trolleys, the storage food trolley and distribution food trolley. The storage food trolleys help to store food in the required temperatures until the food is served to the guests. Distribution food trolleys help in moving the food from one point to another with a lot of ease. Our trolleys are very efficient since a lot of food can be carried in a single trolley and hence reducing the time of food distribution. Use of food trolleys lead to more a productive work force, which in turn leads to the growth of the business.

Our food trolleys have unique features which make them to be highly used in Canada. They have raised bumps that strongly hold the trays in position. This prevents the food from pouring out when being distributed. The wheels and brakes enable the food to be moved smoothly and safely during the time of distribution. This makes our food trolleys the best in Canada. They are very convenient, easy to use and allow food distribution with a lot of ease.

The staff in Hitek Milan ensures that they are technologically updated to always make the trolleys which match the world standards. They are very skilled and specialized to their areas of operations and therefore they customize the trolleys to the need of the clients. This is because we target the hotels, restaurants etc. and they all have unique requirements. Customization of the food trolleys has enabled us to satisfy all our clients. We always value quality and it is what we have been providing to our clients all through.

If you are in Ontario and you want to start a food business, the best place to get the food trolleys is hitek Milan. If you have been hassling with old trolleys, we have a solution for you. Try our food trolleys and you will never regret. Our trolleys are efficient, convenient, easy to use and very cheap. The best time to buy is now.

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There are several types of adhesives available in the market that are capable of curing quickly whereas others are not. The ones that cannot cure faster will need a mechanical fastener or the use of an adhesive accelerator. The later will ensure that curing occurs within a few seconds. The accelerator is used because of its unique ability of ensuring that adhesives dry faster. It is applied on top of the adhesive or the surfaces that are being bonded before the adhesive is applied. When the adhesive gets in contact with the accelerator, a reaction occurs which leads to creation of a strong joint instantaneously.

There are numerous reasons why you have to use an adhesive accelerator especially when using adhesives that do not cure faster. The main benefit is that it increases the curing speed of the adhesive. This means that instead of having to wait for several hours for the adhesive to dry, you can reduce this time exponentially. In a manufacturing process, this will save time and increase the rate of production. When you are joining huge parts and it is not possible to hold them until curing is done, you can use the accelerator to cure the adhesive immediately. This will eliminate the need to use nails and other weld parts together with the adhesives.

You do not require any special skills to be able to apply an adhesive accelerator. This is because they come in liquid form and can be sprayed easily on the adhesive. You can also use a brush to apply it on the bonding surface. There are manufacturers and suppliers who supply the accelerator with a spraying kit or a brush to make it easier for you to apply it. The color of the accelerator is usually transparent to reduce the risk of staining the materials. It will only become whitish where it interacts with the adhesive and the other parts will evaporate.

Bonded joints are normally weakened by conditions such as high humidity and temperature fluctuations. The advantage of using an adhesive accelerator is that it is more resistant to these conditions. You have to ensure that you always use the right accelerator for the operation that you are performing. It is recommended that you use adhesives and accelerators made by the same companies. This removes issues associated with compatibility across different manufacturers leading to unwanted results.

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Jetvac Marine Oil Water Separator, Your Compliance Haven!

For over 30 years, Jetvac has provided the most needed outstanding marine oil water separators. Our sole mandate is to ensure we install systems that strictly adhere to the latest environmental guidelines. Our daily motivation is to produce the most innovative systems that can be upgraded and improved to keep up with the regulation changes and other critical improvement requirements. At Jetvac, we ensure that you continually comply with the environmental demands in the marine industry. Our systems are certified to conform to IMO MEPC 227(64) guidelines. With Jetvac systems onboard, your vessel strictly aligns and conforms to all regulations sheltering you from any penalties as a result of non-compliance. To ensure strict adherence, we undertake on-target training that thoroughly sensitizes every personnel on environmental awareness and the essence of such protection. We also carefully keep our customers updated with any changes in regulations and requirements from the marine authorities.

Jetvac is a team of top class engineers offering the required treatment and monitoring of bilge water. We have designed the most efficient marine oil water separators. And at a reasonable cost we install a stable and dependable system that will sufficiently process separation of oil and water from waste water effluents. Jetvac automated systems are engineered to suit both conventional gravity and vacuum fed collection systems. Experienced in designing efficient separators that serve large scale industries and vessels, we also craft effective sewer processing facilities that produce vast amounts of suspended solids. We structure separators with capabilities ranging from small coalescing separators to large ultrafiltration units, with a discharge level of 5 ppm. We understand that every system is unique and hence custom make one that specifically suits your requirements. The design can perfectly be used for between-deck installation and flexible to adapt to customers new building requirements. At Jetvac, we submit to your preference. Our enthusiastic team will carefully consider your needs and design a system that will offer a wholesome solution. We invest time and to improve our technical know-how and the technology mechanisms always to be ahead of the market demands.

At Jetvac, we are always dedicated to keeping you ahead of the rest. From our personalized services to high quality service, we’re an isolated class when it comes to delivering exceptional work! We are committed to our customer’s continued satisfaction. Besides our one-year full parts warranty, scheduled routine maintenance programs, quick response to any emergencies and available spare parts, Jetvac remains your best option for marine oil water separator systems.

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Introduction to Trenchless Repair Technology

Trenchless sewer pipe repair is now becoming more and more popular as its benefits are realized. One of the techniques used under the trenchless sewer pipe repair technology is the no dig system. This works by the help of two holes which are used as entry points. One of the holes is dug at the end of the sewer while the other one is along the property line or where the mainline is located. A steel cable is then inserted into the sewer pipe line from one end to another. The other end of the steel cable is equipped with a bursting head that is made of hardened steel.

The bursting head is where the new pipe made of polyethylene will be attached. The cable is then pulled with the help of a hydraulic system. Once the cable is pulled, the bursting head attached to it together with the new pipe will also be pulled inside the old pipe line. Once the bursting head reaches the old pipe, it will fracture the material and push it out into the soil leaving a vacant area for the new pipe to occupy. The whole cable is pulled until the new pipe reached the other end of the sewer line where the connection is located. Once the puling is done, inspection of the connections as well as the pipe is performed before filling the holes.

One of the most common concerns of homeowners is the cost of the trenchless sewer pipe repair method. According to contractors, the cost is determined by the location as well as the hardscape. Hardscape is anything directly above the pipe line which is to be replaced. Estimate shows that for every foot, it might cost $100 to $200. Though it cannot be stated that this is much cheaper compared to the traditional method, majority of the cases shows this to be true. With the traditional method, the cost is mostly affected because there are structures affected and needs to be dug up and landscapes have to be restored after the repair. With trenchless, this is unnecessary since only a tiny portion needs to be dug for the entry holes.

Another advantage when using the trenchless replacement method is that it takes only a day or two and everything is done. With this short time, the household will be able to go back to normal after the replacement is over in two short days. The replacement pipe that is used to replace the old one is more durable and will last longer since it resists corrosion. It is also flexible and leak proof to avoid any leakage problem.

For homeowners who are planning to have their sewage line replaced or if their pipeline is experiencing leakage problems then the trenchless sewer repair method is more convenient. There will be no special equipment required for digging and no structures above the pipeline will be destroyed. Digging is only limited to two access holes required for the entry and exit point of the cable. After the replacement is done, it can be easily covered and landscapes will not be affected as well.

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Types of Accessories Used in Air Compressors

Because of the many applications of an industrial air compressor, different accessories must also be used in order to function properly. Once purchased, these accessories must also be maintained regularly to retain its efficiency. Maintenance is a must because most of these tools are easily broken if mishandled and accumulates dust and dirt. A basic knowledge of all the industrial air compressor accessories is also important in case you need to send your machine for repair and would like to explain to the serviceman the problem more accurately. Listed below are some of the commonly used industrial air compressor accessories.

  • Oil or Lubricant. This is one of the most important elements of an air compressor thus the need to know more about its purpose and function. Though it can get very hot at times, the oil is designed to withstand high temperature during the machine’s operation. This is the very reason why it is not recommended to use car oil. The lubricant serves the following purposes – for lubrication in order to make sure the equipment is running smoothly, to make sure that the compression does not accumulate too much heat and to ensure that air will not leak which is important in keeping the compressor’s efficiency.
  • Pressure Switch. It does not matter what kind of air compressor you have, one thing that is constant in its composition is the pressure switch. It might not look similar in all types of air compressor but it serves the same function, to identify whether the compressor should operate or not. In the case of the latest air compressors, the pressure switch uses sensor in order to determine the pressure automatically and display it on an LCD screen. The sensor has its own controller. For older models, the pressure switch is operated manually and is controlled with the help of two pairs of screws.
  • Tank. With this part of the air compressor, the size should matter greatly. A bigger tank means more compressed air can be stored thus requiring the machine to run less frequently. This could also help lengthen the life of the equipment. For simple uses where a small amount of air is needed, the tank of the air compressor should not be a significant factor. A bigger tank could also mean a more expensive machine and weighs heavier which is inconvenient for transport.
  • Hose. Most of the time when you buy an air compressor, it comes with a hose. When it becomes worn out or damaged, you will have to replace it immediately. For a much better compressor operation, it is recommended that the hose should be made of sturdier material with higher capability.

Filter. This accessory is important in making sure that no dust enters the compression system and is mixed with the compressed air. It should be invested upon since a high quality filter means better output capacity of the compressor. When dust is accumulated in the filter, the compressor will use more power in order to operate thus increasing the electrical consumption.

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Air Gauges – An Indispensable Tool in the Production Environment

Air gauges have used for years to measure diameters, tapers, straightness and even tiny holes. Air gauges have always proven themselves to be the best choice for reliable and fast dimensional gauging. They make use of compressed air to order to measure changes in pressure with sufficient reliability to measure small tolerances.  Because of its accuracy and reliability, the air gauge is widely used in production environments.

Different Types

Air gauges come in different variations of two basic principles of compressed air; pressure and flow. The pressure gauge monitors back pressure within a gaging circuit as the size of the product changes while the flow gauge monitors the amount of air that passes through a circuit as the product size changes. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages; however, the back-pressure-bleed system is one of the more popularly used because it’s inherent accuracy from a dual-master calibration routine. Another gauge that is also popular is the differential system because of its usability. There are air gauges for every application with some simple enough for lower-end applications. There are also gauges manufactured for more complicated applications that include measurement of tapers, flatness, concentricity, thickness and center distance. For high end applications, gauges usually include a special 6-inch diameter rifle-barrel twist air spindle with a 10-foot long connector that has the ability to measure a cannon bore.

Major advantages

There have been no considerable changes in the technology of air gauges over the past years but there have been upgrades in materials, coatings and processes. A piece of tooling manufactured in 1945 can be placed on a gauge built in 2006 and it will still function. The analog displays have not changed and they still use the same type of pressure-sensing mechanical device with the magnifier that will move the needle to display a change in length. However, an electronic readout has provided more information in an easy to read and understand format for the operator. When the gauges were combined with the power of microprocessors and computers, the pressure readings were easily converted to a display where the resolutions can be changed. The results can now be stored and data downloaded into a network system where it can be analyzed for process control.

One of the major advantages of the air gauge is maintenance because it is clean, simple and requires fewer moving parts. The measuring surfaces do not come into contact with the part that is being measured. The air nozzles help in cleaning any debris from the part that is being measured. There is also less risks for broken parts on the gauge because of the reduced mechanical apparatus. The more popular column-type amplifiers with the selectable range can be used for various tolerances. It is much easier to implement one type of amplifier that can accommodate various sizes and tolerances with consistency and it is less costly in the long run. Instead of buying another amplifier when a different tolerance has to be measured, a different range can simply be selected on the column gauge.

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The Properties and Uses of Polyethylene

Polyethylene foam is a kind of thermoplastic that is practically found in most consumer products. The polyethylene foam is typically used as a packaging material for different products, as a barrier, dampening material or insulation, and as a cushioning material.

There is approximately more than sixty million tons of polyethylene foam produced in the world every year. In the United Kingdom, the foam is commonly known as polythene while in some parts of the world, it is mostly abbreviated as PE.


The polyethylene is produced when the ethylene is subjected to a process known as polymerization. Like most polymers, the polyethylene is composed of large chains of ethylene and has a corresponding molecular weight measured in the millions. If you want to create polyethylene that has different densities and with different material properties, you will need different catalysts in the process of polymerization. One common example of this is the high density polyethylene (HDPE). The HDPE is produced using the chromium as a catalyst. The catalyst disables the branching of the molecular chains and enables the material to have a higher density.

Characteristics of polyethylene

Polyethylene is used widely for nautical purposes since it is very buoyant. Most kinds of polyethylene are not abrasive. They can be made as insulators, are inert to grease solvents and water when applied at normal temperatures, are ozone friendly and are free from the harmful CFC. They are also odorless, can be recycled and do not weight that much. Most types of polyethylene are approved by authorities to be used in the food industry.


The polyethylene is evidently present in almost every type of packaging. It is used to wrap different components of computer, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, electronics, frozen foods, signs, plants, metal products and others. It is conveniently available in different forms which you can use successfully to maximize thermal insulation or minimize static.  The polyethylene is resistant to mold attack and bacteria and is also resistant to tear. The use of polyethylene is very economical in that it is one of the cheapest fabricated materials though it may not be as cheap as other raw materials since the process of polymerizations consumes a considerable amount of energy. If you use polyethylene as your packaging material, you should be ready with a relatively higher distribution cost since the polyethylene material cannot be readily compressed during shipment.

Physical properties

As a thermoplastic polymer, the polyethylene consists of long chains of hydrocarbon. For the glass transition and the melting point to be visible, it will have to be dependent on the molecular weight and the crystallinity of the substance. These usually occur at varied temperatures and will depend on how strong the type of polyethylene is. The melting point for commercial grade polyethylene as well as high density ethylene is at the range of 120 to 180 degrees Celsius. While the melting point for most average and low density polyethylene material is at the range between 105 to 115 degrees Celsius (221 to 239 degrees Fahrenheit).

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The Various Uses of Steel Mesh

A steel mesh is a certain type of wire mesh that can be applied for various uses. The steel mesh is woven into a criss-cross pattern. It is usually very small that is why it normally is very strong and will likewise hold up to its function in different environments. The steel mesh is also referred to as the Dutch wire cloth. The steel mesh is popular because of its durability, strength as well as its visual appearance.


The main benefit of a woven stainless steel mesh is that the material will provide protection without inhibiting the circulation of air and without completely blocking the view. It is for this reason that the mesh is commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing plants. The mesh can also be used in restricting areas reserved for authorized personnel only like areas where raw materials and finished products are placed. Though the items are barred from trespassing of unauthorized people, it can still allow the inventory personnel to do their function since the inventories are visible.

Other uses

When constructing residential and commercial buildings, the stainless mesh is also used. The steel mesh is commonly used as a medium for the screen gutters which are erected around the fireplaces. It can also be used in covering the chimney caps. The stainless mesh can likewise be installed on sheets used as insulation. This will help keep the sheets in place for many years.

Apart from applications in building structures, the stainless mesh can also be used when creating automobile grills on different models and makes. The stainless mesh is also utilized in military equipments. It is beneficial in shielding certain radio frequencies and it helps in creating a signal that is more secure. An alternative backdrop behind the home plate used in baseball and softball fields is a non-fraying steel mesh.

The stainless mesh is readily available in various sizes and it is for this feature that it can also be used for decorative purposes. Cabinets which are freestanding or are built in can make use of stainless mesh instead of glass as cabinet doors. The use of the mesh will allow the cabinet user to immediately see the contents of the cabinet and at the same time the mesh will also partially conceal the contents so that someone entering the room will not automatically notice what is inside the cabinet.

When used for purposes of decoration, the steel mesh can be painted with vibrant colors or color of the owner’s choice in order to further enhance the look on the material. When used as window screen, the mesh is usually painted with black paint while those that are used as pie safes and for additions of home furniture, pastel colors are often used or any other color that will go along with the other decorations in the room. When used for industrial purposes, the mesh can be left in its original steel gray color if the owner wishes.

The mesh is used for different purposes because it is able to hold up even when placed under immense weather conditions.

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The Primary Uses of Electrical Insulation Film and Other Insulators

An electrical insulation film is a type of material that does not allow the flow of electricity or something that does not conduct electricity. The electrical insulation film is often used whenever the voltage is considerably low. It is typically used in most commercial systems and in residential homes. The use of electrical insulation film prevents risks and hazards that are usually associated with electricity like fires and short circuits.

Other insulators

There are many electrical insulation film materials that can act as insulators. These include rubber, silicon dioxide, ceramic, non-ceramic and glasses. These different materials have also various purposes to the extent that only a particular material is exclusively used by some insulators while other materials are avoided. Ceramic insulators are usually used for long term electrical systems. An example for such system is the power lines. Feldspar and clay are among those materials that are used to create the different ceramic electrical insulators. The ceramic insulators usually have a lengthy life span and are able to work after many years while still maintaining their shape and efficiently doing its function despite being subjected to hard conditions. In addition, the ceramics can form complex shapes which are required for an efficient and effective insulation. This then will make them useful for several applications.

When it comes to the degree of resistance to thermal and electrical forces, glass insulators tops the list. Because of this feature, they are ideal for different electrical applications like in incandescent light bulbs. Like the ceramic insulators, glass insulators are also able to hold their shape forever. However, strong impact to the material may shatter them. The downside of glass insulators is that they are much difficult to shape without weakening and distorting the material. This characteristic limits their use.

Non-ceramic insulators are made of various materials. They can be made with complex alloys and plastics. The main benefit that one can get from ceramic insulators is that they are not that costly compared to other insulators. They also weigh lighter than other materials and can be readily used for electrical insulation which is for a long distance. The disadvantage though to non-ceramic insulators is that they tend to break down over time. The primary contributing factor to the break down is extreme weather conditions. This then limits their use especially in systems that have high voltages. Regardless of the disadvantage, there are still plenty of consumer electronics that use non-ceramic insulators.

Rubber insulators are much smaller when compared to the other kinds or types of electrical insulation materials. Rubbers are often used when other alternative materials are too fragile for the job. Despite their small size, rubber materials used as insulators are typically more resistant to breaking and cracking. For example, rubber insulators can be used instead of ceramics or glass in places where fragile insulators have the high risk of breaking or shattering.
Silicon dioxide insulators are ideal for electronics since they can be miniaturized. The discovery of silicon dioxide insulators helped in the creation of electronics found in gadgets or mobile devices and computers.

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