The Benefits and Downside of Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting Toronto refers to a manufacturing process which will eliminate the greater need for machining on different engineering jobs. This process will enable the manufacturer to save money on different manufacturing costs.

Laser cutting Toronto has several advantages when compared to plasma cutting as this particular process is usually more precise and at the same time uses less energy when aluminum and steel sheets are cut. Additionally, there are latest developments which are now approaching the plasma machines in terms of their ability to easily cut through thick materials. When compared with the traditional cutting methods, the precision levels as well as the edge quality of the laser cutting machines are way better. During the laser cutting process, the laser beam will not wear off. Laser cutting technology also enables manufacturers to make complex shapes without having to use tooling equipments and at a faster or similar speed compared to other cutting methods. The sophisticated laser cutting technology will offer reduced contamination in the work piece. This along with several other advantages makes it much superior compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods. Through laser cutting, you will be able to cut small diameter holes that have complex details and with good edge quality in either plate, sheet, tube or box section.

Advantages of laser cutting

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to producing products and parts with the use of laser technology. Here are some of those:

  • The state of the art process is capable of cutting different materials with varied thickness.
  • You can cut narrow kerf widths which will promote efficient part nesting and will yield better sheet utilization as well as material saving.
  • The process is fast and is accurate and can be easily repeated. At the same time it is also reliable to produce excellent results.
  • There is a reduced time when setting up and you will have the ability to react and quickly adapt to the ever changing production needs that are quantity or market driven.
  • There will be efficient processing as different jobs and parts can be easily nested together and then cut in a single program.
  • There are no secondary clean up processing required for most of the materials and is typically already prepared for immediate shipment.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages to the laser cutting technology. However it is to be noted though that the benefits taken from the process far outweighs the downsides of the process. In most cases also, the manufacturing company mitigates on these disadvantages.

  • High power consumption.
  • Can be relatively expensive compared to other processes.
  • The rate of production for this process will be dependent on the material used. In order to address this concern, manufacturing companies make use of high wattage lasers in order to keep the cutting speeds high even for materials that are thick.
  • Lasers which are poorly adjusted will cause burning and the process can be difficult for reflective metals.
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Why Use Modular Fabrication?

Modular fabrication is typically applied to chemical equipment fabricator and materials which is used in the gas and oil industry. However, there are people who may not be aware of exactly what the term means and what are its advantages over the traditional construction.

What is modular fabrication?

This term refers to the method of constructing and Chemical Resistant Coating off-site inside a manufacturing facility. After the product is completed, it can then be delivered to the worksite and then quickly integrated and installed in the field operations. This particular process differs from the on-site construction in which the system or equipment is built in the work site. Modular fabrication gives significant benefits over field construction in that it is safer, faster, efficient, convenient and with quality.


One of the very significant benefit of modular fabrication is the efficiency of the overall process. Since it happens off-site in a special fabrication location, this will allow the workers to be fully efficient and function in a way that they will be able to optimize their time and be cost efficient as possible. The materials and equipment needed in doing the fabrication will be present in the fabrication location and the crews will be comfortable as well as familiar with their working process and environment.


Speed is an important factor to consider when operating fabrication shop. The reason why modular fabrication companies tend to be faster than onsite fabrication is that in addition to the benefits described above, it allows for much greater control in the work process and the environment. There will be no delays due to weather with the modular fabrication and crews can readily work in organized shift in order to get the job done efficiently.

Quality and safety

Most people who have not been to construction sites understand the perils involved wen working with heavy machineries. In an on-site construction work, the dangers are usually elevated since daily and conventional operations are likely to be happening nearby. With the modular fabrication of work done off-site, this means that the company’s routine operations will not be disturbed and placed in imminent danger and in the same manner, the fabrication work itself is deemed to be easier to monitor and a lot more safer.

In addition, modular fabrication will allow for very thorough testing as well as evaluations to be done before the equipment will reach the worksite. This way, problems will be safely and quickly resolved before the equipment gets tested in the actual environment. The problems will be addressed before they become a potential hazard and endanger the lives of workers and the precious materials on site. Through modular fabrication, the highest standard in the industry will be assured and that all regulations as well as guidelines will be strictly adhered to.


Another great benefit of the modular fabrication is that it is more economical compared to the component based on-site counterparts. Much of the cost which has been reduced is related to the efficiency that comes with this particular type of system.

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Why Your Laser Cutting is Best for You

With the advancement of technology, there are a lot of ways to create different metal parts. Water jetting, oxy-fuel cutting and saw cutting are just some of the ways where businesses turn metal sheet products into the components and parts that they need for their products. There is one particular metal cutting technique though that offers a very unique set of advantages- laser cutting. Laser cutting technology has indeed advanced dramatically and has benefited several industries. Below are some of the great reasons why you should consider using laser cutting in your next projects.

  • Reduced damage in components or parts. Since laser cutting process is deemed as a “non-contact” cutting system, there will only be very little damage to the part which is being cut. Whenever there is no distortion, burring or striation, the secondary finishing steps like polishing or grinding are greatly eliminated or reduced.


  • Repeatability and accuracy. With the modernization of the world today, there is already computer controlled production of laser technologies. Laser cutting has now a very high degree of repeatability and precision. Accuracy as well as repeatability is very important aspects to consider especially when tolerance is critical and when high quantities of accurate finished components or parts are needed.


  • Cost savings. A laser cutting machine shop which is smart and efficient will make the most of the raw materials that they have. They will group the batches of parts together and will quickly get your order parts into production. In laser cutting, the secondary manufacturing steps involved like finishing and fixturing are eliminated. This would then mean that the process of laser cutting will be much cheaper and the overhead costs will be lowered down compared to other metal cutting methodologies.

Should you need special training when you engage in laser cutting technology? One of the greatest benefits of laser cutting technology is the promising learning curve for the equipments used in work. Computerized touch screen equipments will mostly manage all of the processes that need to be taken. This will reduce labor on the part of the operator at the same time will minimize human error.

What is involved when setting up laser cutting works?

The setup of laser cutting process is relatively easy and efficient. The latest high-end equipment will be able to automatically correct the imported drawing exchange format or the DXF or drawing files or .dwg in order to achieve the desired outcome. The newer laser cutting systems can even simulate a work and give operators an idea of how long the process will take while placing some configurations. This can be recalled later on for even a much quicker change time.

If you are interested in having a unique part fabricated, you can approach companies that offer laser cutting services. They will be able to give solution to your problem with much efficiency. You do have to investigate the company first and ascertain that they are highly capable of rendering to you an excellent work.

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The Advantages and Limitations of Soft Rods

A soft rod is best known for the significant role that it plays when sealing open joints especially in construction projects. There may be some applications that will require the worker to use water proof rods while others may have to use the flexible filler rods.  It is for this reason that people have come up with two major classifications of backer rods in order to address the specific needs in every application. These are the soft rod and the closed cell rod. Most of the applications involving the soft rod are flexible and also soft in nature. This type of rod is also known as the open cell type backer rod. This is thoroughly explained by the microstructure which makes up the open cells.

The soft rod type is composed of breathable material which allows for the passage of air and water. This type of rod is very flexible and it can be used to fit different sizes of gaps. In fact, it can also be used in filling up irregular gaps which has a variable width. The reason for this is because the thick diameters of the rod can be readily forced to fit in to the narrow gaps that are found within the wide joints. This type of rod is very suitable for indoor applications wherein water resistant as well as airtight seals will not be required. Even if they adhere to air and water, they will form a perfect backing when the sealants will be applied. They also do not bond with the sealants hence they ensure that bonds only occur between the building materials and the sealants.

There are plenty of benefits when one uses the soft rod in sealing construction joints. The very obvious advantage of this type of rod is that they can be installed easily. The flexible nature of the product allows them to fit easily into the joints or fissures without the use of excess force. They can also easily bend in order to take the shape of the joint which needs to be readily filled up. This particular application is almost impossible when one uses closed cell rods. The builder will also be able to cover up joints with different widths very easily.

There are also a few limitations that one will encounter with the use of soft rod when filling up the gaps. One major disadvantage of this type of rod is that the worker cannot use the soft rod in filling gaps in outdoor projects. The soft backer rod will usually allow moisture and water to pass through. It is for this reason that the product is not efficient when one will need to form a seal that is airtight. They are also very much vulnerable to heat. For this reason, they cannot be used to form well-insulated seals. These conditions will require the worker to use the other option which is the closed cell version when sealing the joints. Most dealers that are supplying backer rods will advise their customers on the practical type of backer rod to use depending on their unique application.

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Starting Your Own Bakeshop

A lot of people are dreaming of owning and running their very own business as more and more people are hoping to become their own boss and be the master of their time. These people also are hoping that their independence will give them more flexibility and opportunity to earn money without having to depend on income from a full time job. There are plenty that fail in their efforts when they soon realize that what they have gotten themselves into is not as simple as they have thought otherwise. Starting a business like a bakeshop will need careful planning. From the baking trays that you will be using to the products that you will be baking, you need to meticulously plan in order to be successful in your venture.

Your first step is to determine the type of bakeshop that you want to operate. You also have the option to sell cakes, muffins, breads, donuts as well as other baked goodies. You can also choose to sell combinations of baked goods and specialty bakes. There are also some people that open bakeshop in order to sell cakes made for special occasions like birthday and weddings.

Next thing you need to do is to create a Baking Trays business plan. Decide on what is the appropriate name for your business. You should also decide if the business that you will create is a single proprietorship, partnership of a corporation. You need to have the legal requirements and register your business accordingly.

The third step is to decide on your location. The location of your business should be ample enough to accommodate the different equipment and tools that you will be using like baking ovens, baking trays, storage, chairs, counters, tables and storage. You should also consider the restrooms when planning the place. If you are planning to construct a place where people can sit and eat, you should include a public restroom. You should also check with local authorities for your requirements. Ask for the town health regulations in your area and make sure that your location will be able to pass the necessary inspection.

The next step that you need to do is to check on the costs the equipment that you will be using. Some of your tools may cost you several thousands of dollars. In this case, you need to shop around and compare the prices of different suppliers first before deciding what to buy. There are stalls that specialize in bakery parts, accessories as well as equipment. You can also look for materials, supplies and equipment on online shops.

Next thing that you will do is to get a financing from a bank. Inquire about loans that banks offer to small businesses. You need to cover purchase of appliances, equipment, furniture, appliances and lease of location, renovation, lease of location. You also have to keep in mind your start-up costs and six months’ worth of salaries of your employees. You also have to budget for utilities, insurance, and also other miscellaneous operating expenses.

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Ways to Save on Your Warehouse Cost

The industry of warehousing can be very diverse and exciting for participants. It is quite interesting to see how different companies design their existing place in order to maximize the use of the space that they have.

Everywhere you go, the common complain for warehouse owners and managers is that they have no ample space for the products that they have. If you have a 4,000 square feet warehouse, this may seem and sound humongous when you first moved in. However when time flies and products and shipments are coming in, you suddenly ran out of space. Usually, the reaction at first is to expand or to look for another bigger facility. However, you need to consider that moving your distribution center or factory is not an easy task as it will cost your company some huge amount. Therefore, you need to consider an alternative for the pan. One of the overlooked ways to improve the storage space is to improve what you have in your warehouse. You can make use of Ez-rect shelving or pallet racking systems in order to make use of the space that you have efficiently.

The average warehouse usually has up to 500 square feet of space which is hidden and can be carved out. Your initial planning inefficiencies and inconsistencies can be corrected and you can still reclaim the space in your business in order to become competitive and productive. With the cost that you save on storage costs, this will keep your expenses low and thus your revenue will increase. Here are some of the effective ways to increase the spaces in your warehouse.

  • Install a mezzanine. A mezzanine can add another floor to what your warehouse space currently have. It can also be defined as a floor that can be open for different opportunities of expansion. It can also be used to house office stations or you can use it as an extra storage without having to undergo major factory refit.


  • Installing pallet racking on loading lock doors. This idea may not be the typical sounding idea but it actually works well depending of course on your circumstance. It will create a storage area for your stocks and equipments that is only rarely required. Do you have empty pallets that are stacked in a corner? You can use a forklift to lift them. Do you have goods waiting to be picked up within the week? You can easily place or stash them there.

This system will help you in reclaiming up to 20 percent of the available area in your warehouse as you will install the system over the loading doors. Ensure also that you engage the services of someone who is professionally qualified to fit the system and a supplier who will help design and install the system as they may require some unique building requirements.

Tweaking the pallet rack. All over UK, this is one of the major problems that warehouse owners encounter when loading of pallet beams. The problem will typically boil down to what your preferred use of slotting technique is. However, warehouses will be able to save an inch in every level with the use of smaller beams.

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What is Knob and Tube Wiring

If you survey older homes, these have the wiring called the knob and tube. This type of wiring is also considered to be dangerous by most of the insurance companies today which makes it difficult for homes that use it to insure their companies. Knob and tube removal is often recommended to these homes. Why is knob and tube wiring deemed to be dangerous wherein nobody would want to insure it? Is it something that you need to fear?

The dangers of knob and tube wiring

If you live inside a house or a commercial building which was built in the decades 1900s until the early 1950s, your building is almost very sure to be equipped with knob and tube removal wiring or with an ungrounded system. Back then, knob and tube wiring was considered to be state of the art but today, it is very dangerous and is in violation of the current electrical codes and is also not insured by most companies selling insurances. Here are some of the dangers of knob and tube wiring.

  • The knob and tube wiring is two-stranded that has a hot wire as well as a neutral wire only. This type of wiring uses no ground wire. Whenever a fault occurs, there is absolutely no protection for the building. Fires and shocks will easily result from the faults caused by the knob and tube wiring.
  • The knob and tube wiring uses sheathing for its insulation and that both of these disintegrate easily through time. Since buildings that are equipped with this type of wiring are old, the problem is even magnified. Modern wiring uses a better insulation for materials which are typically much safer compared to the old ones.
  • The older electrical systems uses about 60 amp services but the wire is just fused with 15 amps. This means that the current that is flowing through the wire is meant to handle which leads to excessive heat and possibly fire.
  • The older electrical systems did not really carry high ampacity loads. The extra loads burdening the system cause the insulation to become brittle which exposes bare wire and the capacity of the system to overhear will cause fires.
  • Two prong receptacles is used for those older electrical systems that uses knob and tube wiring. This method restricts the use of small kitchen appliances. Since there really is no ground wire, there is an increased chanced of injury and shock especially on areas where there is water. Knob and tube wiring will put the bathrooms and kitchens at risk.

If you have an old house or a commercial building, it is likely that you have a knob and tube wiring installed.  This will pose a risk to you and everyone who is located in the building. Most insurance companies will not insure buildings which contain this type of wiring. There are feasible ways to fix this without having to rewire the entire building structure which could take time and be very expensive.

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The Process of Metal Fabrication

Most people upon hearing of the term metal fabrication, a welder comes in to their minds. While welding is certainly an essential process in metal fabrication Oshawa, there is actually more involved to it aside from welding. In a nutshell, metal fabrication Oshawa refers to the process of cutting and bending different metal parts in order to form a product, part or a structure. Custom metal fabrication on the other hand refers to the specific needs of clients and being able to deliver on these.

Custom metal fabrication process

When it comes to metal fabrication Oshawa, it is much simple than what you might have in mind. You are either taking away metal or adding metal or bending and cutting metal into a desired shape. But just because the concept of metal fabrication is simple does not necessarily mean that it is a relatively easy task. Below are the main aspects when fabricating metals:

  • Shearing. This step pertains to the cutting of metal sheets. When the metal sheet is large enough to be making into different parts, the metal will have to be sheared to achieve the size needed.
  • Seaming. When a piece of metal work has a closed feature or when two metal pieces are being joined together, this is known as seaming.
  • Bending. Bending is just what its name suggests. In bending metals, a press brake is typically used with a V shaped groove that is set to the desired angle.
  • Stamping. This method is used when a particular sheet of metal has to be shaped and stretched into a three dimensional object. Typically any object like pot, gear or can is a result of the process of stamping.
  • Corrugating. If you want to strengthen a certain piece of metal without having to add anything to it, you need to corrugate it. This is commonly done in cardboard boxes and the process can significantly increase the strength of a standard metal sheet.
  • Milling. Every time the weight of a certain piece of metal has to be lessened or when a metal piece has to be more pliable, a small mill is typically used to take the material from the surface. Milling can also be used in order to achieve a higher finish compared to a standard sheet.

Metal fabrication through time

Metal fabrication has been around for several centuries and may take different forms. Metal fabrication has always been a critical part of society. As early as the year 5,000 BC metals were already being fashioned into jewelry products as well as different forms of weaponries. Through time, the art of working with metals became very high in demand and become a specialized field of study.

Some centuries before, metal fabrication just involved someone taking metal and then crafting this into an item to sell or to use. However, in today’s metal fabrication industry the use of metal fabrication has scaled into many more. The use of metal fabrication is widespread from the tiny gauges in airplanes to sensitive surgical instruments.

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Cutting Edge Cutting with Laser Technology

The process involved in manufacturing today far from what it used to be. Everyday there are new sophistications entering in the technological world. Innovation is everywhere and technology has advanced which enables the production of products and parts to be very efficient, quick and at much lower costs. Manufacturers in the west are staying ahead in the competition because of these cutting edge technologies.

One of the modern day manufacturing processes is the use of laser cutting Ontario. Throughout the entire industrial sector, laser cutting has been used in producing equipment parts at record speeds. The laser cutting Ontario makes use of advanced machines and equipments while saving money at the same time. Discussed below is the process and the advantages of the process.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting makes use of industrial laser cutters in cutting different materials including metallic, non-metallic as well as synthetic materials which has varying thickness. In the duration of the process, the laser beam which is generated by stimulating the material though electrical discharge will precisely cut the material. Depending on the kind of material used, the laser beam is produced by vaporization, cold cutting, thermal stress cracking, melt and blow and in other methods. The laser beam itself can be easily manipulated with the use of a multitude of reflective surfaces. What they have in common is that the lasers used in laser cutting are very much precise.

Benefits of laser cutting technology

There plenty of proven benefits of the laser cutting technology when used in fabrication as well as in manufacturing. Unlike during mechanical cutting, the machinery is neither fuller nor contaminated. Laser beams always are precise and sharp no matter how long you have used them. Therefore, the parts that have been subjected to laser cuts are quite cleaner with smoother edges and greater accuracy and will involve less intervention from an operator. This will mean that human error will be significantly reduced. Additionally, the mere fact that there is lesser material wasted in the process and there is no required hard tooling means that the costs are lower. This is an excellent manufacturing advantage for companies involved in the trade. There is also lesser time required during the process compared to the traditional cutting. The turnaround time will be an economic advantage to the business.

What can be cut with laser?

You can certainly cut myriads of objects with the use of laser. From prototypes through production runs, you can certainly make use of the laser cutting technology in cutting simple styles or even intricate parts. The laser cutting tool will be the most ideal choice for the process. Look for trusted companies and those who have ample experience in the business to produce your needed parts quickly. Experts on the process will be able to fabricate a wide variety of materials with different thickness ranging from thin foil stocks even to about .75 inches metal plates. These companies with excellent reputation also use state of the art and highly versatile laser cutting technology.

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School Archery Target – Archery Tips

Whether you are practicing archery with a school archery target or you are at home shooting with your foam archery target, you would always want to aim for the target. Here are some secrets to shooting better in your archery practices and competitions:

  • Good archers know when to train, when School Archery Target to coach and when to shoot. When you are playing your game, someone might approach you and coach you. However, an experienced archer once said that when you are shooting, you should not be coached. When you are actually shooting, you need to focus on the target and not be distracted by the comments of other people. Many would watch you shoot and tease you in various ways. What you need to do is to turn deaf ear to these. Your primary motive should be taking the correct stance and archery. Notice how the Koreans practice archery, they do not even talk with their peers or coach. They are target oriented.


  • Archery is fun. If you do not commit mistakes, would you be able to learn? Positivism and coupled with some precision is very vital part of archery. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, you will never emerge as a top player in your sport. If you keep on missing your shots, do not take them to your mind. Forget those as you begin making new shots.


  • Achieve proper balance. You need to push your arm directly towards the target. Unless you are not maintaining good balance of your arms, you cannot accurately hit your set target. Keep in mind that this particular technique will only be achieved through constant practice. You will not be able to adopt it immediately.


  • Work on a very strong mental visualization. Experts would say that if an athlete does not know how to improve his mental visualization then he would never be able to achieve top quality and world class archery performance. It is therefore necessary to improve your mental visualization.
  • You need to know when to call it a day. If you have problems with your muscles or if you are hungry, you need to stop shooting immediately. Your bow will be the performance machine. However, you should practice only when you are in good body condition. Take for instance the Japanese Kyuodo practitioner. He shoots two arms in a single day and this was attributed to muscle stretching.


  • Shoot and die. This is actually a popular slogan used in martial arts. When you are shooting, you need to keep in mind that archery is a matter of life or death. You need to display a composed gait while you are releasing the bowstring. Yes, there would be some ambiguous feelings but you need to focus on the targets that you made.

Focus on your own archery. Archery is all about being prepared. You need to have ample training and prepare yourself rather than wasting your time in assessing the skills of other people. Irresponsibility will lead an athlete nowhere.

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