Industrial Air Compressor Accessories to Meet Different Job Demands

Many years ago, your corner machine shop used to derive its central power source from a mechanical system composed of belts, wheels and drive shafts. To date, the shops still use the mechanical system as the source of their power but the heart of the system is based on the energy stored in the air that is under pressure which is called air compressor. This equipment is significant to many industries from the home workshops and garages to large scale manufacturing companies. Different models of the equipment including industrial air compressor accessories handle a multitude of jobs from inflating car tires to powering tools like nail guns, sanders, impact wrenches and drills.

The differences between the portable and mounted air compressors

Air compressors differ in many ways but the best basis of your choice will be mobility. You can have a choice between the portable air compressors and the permanent mounted air compressors.

  • Mounted air compressors – these are the industrial air compressors usually found in long-term sites for trucks. A good majority of these air compressors are powered by electricity however, they can also run through gas. The permanent mount air compressors are not portable and if compared to other kinds of air compressors, they are relatively less expensive yet they are more powerful due the greater air capacity (CPM output). Unless you have a more specific need for the portable air compressor, this type of equipment is considered better.
  • Portable air compressor – as expected the real advantage of this kind of air compressor is portability and versatility as they can be moved around to handle jobs. Their most obvious drawback is the price especially if you are considering the high-powered equipments for large scale industrial use. Industrial air compressor accessories for the purpose of filtering and lubrication can be upgraded when needed for certain mobile jobs. Most of the portable units are designed for electrical power however; there are also units that are gas powered though quite expensive.

Stage options of the air compressors

  • Single stage – means that the air compressor has only one cylinder for the purpose of compressing air. Single stage air compressors tend to be applied to air tool jobs requiring 120 psi or less which are usually the jobs handled in the home workshops or garages. For industrial applications, where more than person will be using the air compressor, the multistage air compressors are required.
  • Multistage – these are the compressors that have to meet the demands for pneumatic tools with pressure of more than 120 psi. Unlike the single stage, the multistage air compressors have two or more cylinders wherein the air compressed in the first cylinder is passed on to the second cylinder for more compression and so on. The applications of the multistage air compressors are required when high demand for air tools are required like grinders, air nailers, air sanders and tire changers.  The bigger more powerful equipment also requires more industrial air compressor accessories for heavy duty performance not to mention the fact that they are also heavier, more expensive and requires more power.

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