Minimizing the Risks of Hydrochloric Acid through hcl monitoring

Hydrochloric acid while highly corrosive has a wide range of industrial applications. Historically called as muriatic acid and spirits of salt, hydrochloric acid is widely used in the chemical industry as a chemical reagent in the production of vinyl chloride for PVC plastic and polyurethane. Small-scale use of hydrochloric is for household cleaning, production of gelatin and other food additives and leather processing. With 20 million tonnes of hydrochloric acid produced globally, hcl monitoring becomes highly indispensable because large-scale production of hydrochloric acid is almost always integrated with the industrial scale production of other chemicals. 

The health hazards of hydrochloric acid

  • Acute inhalation exposure may cause coughing, hoarseness, inflammation and ulceration of the respiratory tract, chest pain and pulmonary edema in humans. Vomiting and diarrhea has been reported among humans including corrosion to the mucous membranes, esophagus and stomach.
  • Dermal contact with hydrochloric acid can result into burns, ulceration and scarring.
  • Chronic occupational exposure causes gastritis, chronic bronchitis, dermatitis and photosensitization including dental discoloration and erosion among workers.

Applications of hcl monitoring in steel making

One of the most important applications of hydrochloric acid is the pickling of steel. This means the removal of or rust or iron oxide scale from iron or steel before subsequent processing like extrusion, rolling, galvanizing and other industrial techniques. Every operation has a stake in the quality of steel products which requires constant hcl monitoring not to mention continuous monitoring systems for other gases such as nitric acid, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide and other gases. The scope of applications in a steel mill also requires accurate process measurements that will provide the important data to operators to optimize the steel making process.

The need for stringent hcl monitoring in small-scale industries

  • Risk management – risks associated with industrial use of hydrochloric acid can be managed through the application of proper control measures along with staff training, the use of suitable PPE and adherence to risk assessment techniques. The safety of workers and the environment have particular relevance to the use of hcl monitoring and other gas monitoring equipment to measure gas concentrations directly on site.
  • Occupational safety – workers should always follow safety measures and should be trained on safety equipment to limit their exposure to hazardous chemical substances. 
  • Environmental safety – hydrogen chloride release into the environment is not a normal occurrence since the gas is usually used within enclosed and controlled industrial systems. However, once released in liquid form, hydrochloric acid can lower PH levels of water. Industrial wastewater with hydrochloric acid must be neutralized with the addition of a basic alkaline substance before it can be rendered safe for disposal.
  • Consumer safety – consumers can come into contact with hydrochloric acid through their household cleaners. Consumers must be aware of the corrosive hazards of hydrochloric acid particularly if it is inhaled or comes into direct contact with the eyes and skin. Consumer products containing hydrochloric acid must be safely assessed with instructions on safety provided in the packaging. 
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Handling the Project of Replacement Boat Windshield

The most obvious and irritating cracks in a boat’s windshield are usually caused by structural weakness, extreme cold conditions and strong hazard impacts that can create a stress in a windshield. The most damaging windshield cracks are typically caused gravel, stones or rocks that impact on the windshield. Once a stone is kicked from behind a vehicle, chips or holes may result and if not immediately attended to will result into “spider webbing”. There are instances when the chips are microscopic in size but as it collects moisture the moisture molecules tend to expand and contract that will eventually expand and cover the windshield. In such instances, repair is not an option but Replacement Boat Windshield.

Extreme cold and its damaging effects on the boat windshield

Variations in temperature often results in an expansion and contraction of the windshield which can result in hairline cracks that travel the whole length of the windshield glass. If the interior of the boat cabin registers a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit but the outdoor temperature reads 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the inside layer of the windshield glass can expand while the outer layer contracts causing a distortion. To avoid Replacement Boat Windshield, a small defect needs to be attended to immediately. Small cracks can be repaired professionally or by using Epoxy repair kit. The same technique with car windshield repair can be applied not only for aesthetic values but to prevent the crack from further worsening.

Process of Replacement Boat Windshield

Boat windshields come in different kinds, sizes and forms. Commercial and recreational boats typically use sliding windshields that are safer and more convenient. Fixed windshields are usually found in large vessels where the air tempered and air-tight seals keep the interior safe from rough seas and inclement weather conditions. A smaller boat can use the Plexiglas or acrylic windshield since small boats are seldom used in rough weather. Flat windshields are products of advancements in the aircraft industry and many boat owners prefer this kind of windshield as it does not alter perspective. Curved windshields are stylish but expensive. When the windshield needs replacement, you will be better off buying a new windshield and doing the installation by yourself since it will hardly take you an hour to fit the replacement.

  • Remove the plastic screw caps by prying them with the flat edge of a screwdriver. Underneath the screw caps are the screws that hold the windshield in place. Make sure to keep the screw caps as you will need them later on.
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws and put them safely in a container.
  • Lift the damaged windshield from the boat and install the new windshield where the old one was located.
  • Line up the screw holes located on the bottom of the windshield with those that are on the boat
  • Grommets will come with the new windshield which you should place on each screw. Put the screws on the holes and turn them using the screwdriver.
  • Replace the screw caps over each of the screws and you are done with Replacement Boat Windshield.  
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Helpful Tips When Buying A Portable Industrial Air Compressor

The portable industrial air compressor is a fine piece of machinery that can greatly benefit any regular homeowner. As a homeowner, a portable air compressor can help you carry out a wide array of tasks, such as inflating your car or bike tires as well as providing power to your pneumatic tools. What’s more, you can bring this device wherever you want. In fact, you can even bring them while you are traveling with your vehicle. Basically, portable air compressors have the same functionality as their traditional and standard counterparts. However, unlike standard air compressors, these handy compressors are light in weight, and can be easily transported from one place to another.

Finding the right portable air compressor for your home is not as easy you might think. As an interested buyer of a portable industrial air compressor, there are a lot of important points that you have to put into consideration, such as the brand of the air compressor, its capacity and many more.  So, before you buy a portable air compressor, make sure to do your research and identify what to look for in a good portable air compressor.


The internet has a wealth of information pertaining to air compressors. On the internet, you will find a lot of forums, blogs, and websites that provide reviews regarding air compressors. After reading reviews from these online sources, make sure to take note of them, and list them down.

Check your tools’ power ratings

If you are planning to use the portable air compressor for power tools like pneumatic nail guns, take time to check the required ratings and amount of power needed on your tools. Identify the cubic feet per minute as well as PSI rating of all your tools. Most power tools require a rating of at least 90 PSI. Once you have found the power ratings of your tools, you will be able to narrow down your options and choices.

How will you be using it?

Figure out how you will be using portable industrial air compressor. Smaller air compressors can easily be moved around your job site or home, while bigger units may require a solid mounting area.

Power source

Choose the power source you want to use for your industrial air compressor. In this case, gas powered units are more portable and have a higher reliability for frequent use than its electric counterparts. Electric powered engines, on the other hand, are ideal for enclosed areas, as they do not have fumes.

Go for a unit with an ASME label

Only consider models that have been certified by the ASME or American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Apparently, models with such certification have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality. Furthermore, these models are the only air compressors that guarantee quality workmanship.

An industrial air compressor with an ASME certification will have a sticker or label located somewhere on the device. Likewise, the unit’s accessories and parts will have this label as well. When you are buying an air compressor, whether a portable or regular one, always look for an ASME label. If a portable unit does not have an ASME label, do not bother buying the unit.

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Metal Band Saw Blades

Metal band saw blades are, as the name indicates, blade strips used for sawing on band saws. These strips or bands vary in thickness and width. Usually, a band saw consists of a wheel frame on which these metal band saw blades are mounted or affixed. Alternately, these blade bands may be affixed vertically. These thin strips of metals have teeth on their edges. In addition, there may be variation in sizes and shapes of the teeth on them. The distance between two successive teeth may also differ in different metal band saw blades, though such distance between successive teeth in the same blade remains uniform across the entire length of the band. The kerf of these blades does have an effect on their cutting speed and quality of such cutting.  

While mounting the bands on the wheel, care is taken to ensure that the edge with the teeth remains free from any part of the wheel beneath it. When such wheels loaded with metal band saw blades are rotated at great speeds, ranging anywhere between conventional 40 feet every minute to 15,000 feet each minute, these saws can cut through hard or soft materials such as metals, timber, and meat. For cutting softer materials such as timber, the wheel of band saw is rotated faster. To cut metals such as stainless steel, this wheel is rotated at the speed of 40 to 200 feet per minute. Heat is also generated while cutting metals because of friction. Therefore, metal band saw blades need to be cooled as well. Coolants are used in metal cutting band saws for this purpose. 

The material used to make metal band saw blades, however, differs as per the function it needs to serve. Therefore, there are metal band saw blades made from materials such as bimetals, and carbon steels for cutting hard materials such as steel. They are made from bimetals are usually more long lasting varieties than those made from carbon steels. However, these are also more expensive. They’re made from carbon steel can be used to cut different types of woods, and soft metals, including mild steel. Stainless steel is comparatively harder metal, and requires better quality metal band saw blades. Other materials such as carbide impregnated ones are also used for cutting timber. 

The wheel in band saw on which these metal band saw blades are mounted is used for cutting the material horizontally. However, there are horizontal as well as vertical band saws. In horizontal variety, the material that is to be cut is kept in a stationary position, and the band saw moves across this work piece. A headsaw is often used to give the initial cut on the work piece. The work piece is then taken to the horizontal band saw, and held in position such that the band saw’s blade is inserted in this initial cut. Effectively, such horizontal band saw completes the sawing process in straight line from this cut. Unlike this, the vertical cutting band saw is ideal equipment for cutting any curves or other designs. In this, it is the band saw’s blade strip that remains stationary, while the work piece is moved around it or under it for getting the cuts and designs as desired.

Metal band saw blades are also used in other band saws such as re-sawing equipment, and head saw. Wider blades, i.e., approximately 2 or 3 inches, with smaller kerf are used on re-sawing equipment. The tooth space between two teeth of blade on head saw is about 2 or 3 inches. In addition, there are a few of such blades which can be used on either side. Such double edged blades are installed on double cutting saws.

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Manage Your Kitchen professionally with First-Rate Kitchen Accessories Such As The Rethermalization Units

Rethermalization unit is one of the most important tools used in restaurants for cook-chill process. If you are running a restaurant, you must understand the significance of freezing of food. Such food can be used later and rethermalize when it is required for serving. In order to make this entire process seamless and fast, it is must to pick a top-notch Rethermalization unit. This equipment facilitates isolated feeding areas to reheat food in large amount to serve. It is a top-notch yet compact kitchen tool that does not occupy much space. You are not required to invest a lot in other equipment to support rethermalization process.


When it comes to reheat food in large amount, a top-notch heating system is the requirement. You can’t get fine end results by blasting the food on a large flame. However, rethermalization unit offer a sophisticated air flow system to re-heat the food. In addition, it can also be used to customize cooking styles with accuracy. Usually, these units come in four step temperature profile so that you can get the results beyond your expectations.   


To run a restaurant or any other venture of food industry, it is important to buy cutting-edge engineered kitchen equipment and tools. When you are going to buy this tool, keep some important factors in your mind to get most out of it. Make sure the unit is capable to maintain food items in good condition on food serving trays. A good quality unit is capable to re-heat the refrigerated food within no time to serve. Another important thing one need to consider is mobility. Pick a rethermalization unit that is designed as a car with wheels. Such tools are easy to use and carry from one place to another. Moreover, this unit can also be used to store food so that it can be used later.


In the market, there is a huge collection of rethermalization units available with a choice of sizes, features and types. Depending on your specific requirements and usage, you can choose a perfect size and type of rethermalization units for your restaurant and canteens. Hitek Milan is a well-known company engaged in offering a wide selection of rethermalization units and other equipment. Here you can find cutting-edge products to manage every operation of your kitchen in professional manner. Browse the website to discover entire range of kitchen equipment and other products. 

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The Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness of E-Coat Equipment

One of the first things that can attract a customer is the quality finish of a product. Once it looks good, it can easily influence a buying decision which is why many product manufacturers make sure of the quality of their finishing processes. Through e-coating equipment a product resists corrosion for a long period of time. Compared to traditional painting methods, e-coating uses electrical current to deposit paint on a product. E-coating was actually developed for the automotive industry because it was considered to be more economical with superior coverage and uniform thickness and adhesion. As protective coating, e-coating is superior to all other methods like painting, anodizing, lacquering, powder coating or electroplating.

Benefits gained from the e-coat equipment

  • Cosmetic appeal – e-coating enhances the aesthetic appeal of a product because of even finish, no dripping, no pooling and no gaps.
  • Corrosion protection – complex parts are coated after assembly to ensure that all parts are evenly coated in and out.
  • Unbeatable durability – capable of withstanding the most rigorous salt spray, adhesion, dielectrics, acid resistance and UV testing.
  • Super adhesion – because of the very nature of the e-coat process, a thin coat manages to be complete, uniform, tough and attractive while maintaining close engineered tolerances.

The four distinct zones of the e-coating process

  • Pretreatment
  • Electrocoat bath and ancillary equipment
  • Post rinses
  • Bake oven

Pretreatment zone

Cleaning and phosphating are essential steps to achieve the specific requirements of performance desired by every end user. The parts that are to be e-coated are cleaned and treated with zinc phosphates conversion coating. Immersion methods are primarily used when steel and iron parts are to be coated.

Electrocoat bath and ancillary equipment zone

This is where the coating is applied and process equipment operates. During the process, the e-coat equipment applies paint to a part at a certain film thickness and regulated by the amount of voltage applied. The parts are immersed in the e-coat paint tank with a direct negative electrical charge applied to carriage, body and parts while an opposite direct positive electrical charge is applied to the paint bath. When the desired film thickness is reached, the part insulates and coating process slows down. As the part exits the bath, paint solids will cling to the surface which has to be rinsed off in another process for efficiency and aesthetic values.

Post rinses

Post rinses are the process to gain both quality and conservation. The excess paint solids are called “drag out” or “cream coat” which clings to the surfaces of the body or part that is e-coated. To generate approximately 95% efficiency, whatever excess paint solids that are rinsed off are returned to the tank to create another paint application.

Bake oven

The bake oven receives the parts after they have been rinsed off so that the paint film can be cured to ensure maximum performance. The minimum bake schedule is about 20 minutes with the part temperature at 3750F. Heat treatment causes the molecules of the paint film to cross link for strength and durability. 

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Interesting Things You Should Know About Motorized Valve Actuators In HVAC Units

Motorized valve actuators are devices that can be used in many industrial applications, such as water management, chemical plants, and oil refineries. In some cases, these devices are in construction ventures as well as deep mining. For the most part, motorized valve actuators are made in a wide variety of materials like stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. Likewise, these actuators may be used stainless steel varieties. 

Motorized valve actuators are used for HVAC systems as well. In HVAC systems, these actuators are used to control fans, valves, solenoids and other parts of the HVAC design, depending on the unit and design. Recently, these devices have become associated with vents and their controls. Basically, valve actuators create air for either cooling or warming by means of opening and closing the vents. Valve actuators with these features are usually found in smaller HVAC units and systems. Larger versions of these systems won’t need these valve actuators, as they have more precise controls in opening vents.

At some point in time, these actuators have to be repaired or replaced. In spite of its innovative design, a valve actuator will eventually wear out. As moving parts, these components tend to wear more quickly than the ones that are stationary.


Symptoms of a faulty valve actuator may involve an array of non-responsive systems. A broken and faulty actuator will have symptoms like motors won’t open, fans will not turn, and valves won’t open to let the refrigerant pass through. For the common valve vent actuator, however, a clear symptom is the lack of flow in air, even if the HVAC unit is switched on, and working properly. To check whether you have bad valve actuator, you should test the wiring as well as examine the vent.

How to fix them

Motorized valve actuators are relatively small and simple components. Hence, the best way to fix a faulty valve actuator is replace it entirely. Although they can be repaired, buying a new one is by far your best option. In terms or price, there is a small gap between buying a new actuator and having your old one repaired. Not to mention, repairing a broker valve actuator may consume a great deal of time.

When installing a new motorized valve actuator, it is best that you let a professional HVAC technician handle the job. While replacing a valve actuator looks easy and manageable, it is actually very complicated. In addition to that, you need to employ a slew of special and sophisticated tools to do the job.

Where to buy them?

To get good deals for these valve actuators, buy them online from a reputable and established online supplier like Since these stores are completely based online, they do not have huge overhead expenses, meaning they can offer inexpensive rates for these parts. Aside from providing affordable valve actuators, online shops also offer durable and high-grade valve actuators that come with ISO certifications. On top of it all, these stores have a wide selection of valve actuators. By buying them online, rest assured that you will get best valve actuators for your HVAC unit.

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The Desirable Qualities Of Leather Furniture Mississauga

Leather furniture Mississauga is really popular at the moment for lots of reasons. Purchasing leather furniture is nowadays seen as an investment than just any other normal purchase. By choosing to invest in leather furniture, you would naturally expect them to last a long time especially if maintained properly. 

Leather furniture Mississauga is presented in an assortment of colors. Furthermore, you can buy them in different styles and designs. Even though there are some unscrupulous manufacturers who make use of cheap leather grades for producing furniture, market leaders on the other hand use genuine leather. Any homeowner who chooses to invest in 100% genuine leather should expect nothing but quality. Leather furniture generally offers value for money. Therefore, while shopping for furniture made from leather, you need to ensure that the supplier you are dealing with is dependable.

Leather furniture items provide both elegance and comfort at the same time. Prior to placing an order, make requests to be provided with samples of colors. This makes it easier for you to compare different shades as you also get the opportunity of closely comparing quality. Some popular finishes and shades include rustic, white, cognac, ivory, buffalo oxblood, saddle, red, red oxblood, regular black and cape oxblood. 

Leather provides owners with a comfortable and cool surface for relaxing during the hot summer months. In addition, leather furniture Mississauga has the ability to quickly warm you up in case you are feeling cold. This makes leather furniture a fantastic place for sitting down, relaxing and unwinding. Leather boasts of natural characteristics which makes each piece look unique. These desirable and unique features of leather furniture are what make the high grades the most sought after since they are supple, soft and smooth when touched. You can simply invest in leather furniture Mississauga in order to enjoy these qualities and benefits.

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Things to Notice before Choosing the Best Gazebo Burlington

Every homeowner knows that a gazebo can enhance the look of a garden. Furthermore, a selective choice of a gazebo can add the value of a house. The same thing applies to Burlington homeowners in which they always make careful selection prior to choosing a set of gazebo Burlington for their patios. A gazebo has its highest value when it is placed at the right angle of the garden. This is to make sure that everyone, who enjoys sitting within the gazebo, can feel convenient. Some gazebos are made especially for the warmer months though others may be manufactured for all seasons. 


Choosing the right size of a gazebo will be very helpful because the its size should match well with the overall garden’s lawn. This is to ensure that the gazebo is placed perfectly well for the sake of outdoor beauty. This is why it is better to find a professional gazebo Burlington provider to help homeowners in determining the best size and shape of the gazebo. Every yard has different size and theme and the right choice of a gazebo can bring a major difference to the lawn. Some popular shapes are classic square, modern rectangular or unique octagon. 

There are some features that homeowners have to seriously pay attention. One of them is the windows glass, screens, electricity, wallpapers and many more. A reputable gazebo Burlington provider usually offers various options on those aforementioned features. Homeowners only have to make sure that they have a proper plan for the budget. This is because the manufacturer has to measure the right size and the proper materials for building the gazebo as required. A simple gazebo only contains a deck, one main room and a bathroom. Some homeowners may want to have bigger gazebos with additional rooms though they have to dig their pockets deeper. Whichever the choice is, there should be a proper plan before deciding to build a gazebo. 


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Four Questions You Need To Ask From your Custom Metal Fabrication Toronto Company

There are a lot of consumers nowadays that do not know a thing about custom metal fabrication Toronto. Unbeknownst to these people, though, custom metal fabrication Toronto affects them in many ways that they can imagine. Apparently, host structures and buildings that incorporate the use of metals have to recourse to custom fabrication in order to get the desired end result. Likewise, metal fabrication has been a common process in factories that manufacture a wide variety of products, like electronic equipment, cars and others. 

Custom metal fabrication, as the name implies, refers to the process of cutting, bending and assembling metal structures from a variety of metal pieces and parts. In this process, an operator has to use a multitude of tools and equipment ranging from basic hand tools to large cutting-edge laser machines. In addition to that, the operator must have a solid of grasp of CAD as well as custom metal fabrication Toronto.  As you can image, this industrial process requires the services of a skilled and certified technician.

When looking for custom metal fabricating company, you want to make sure that they meet your qualifications fully. Also, you must be able to determine whether they can offer quality services at a competitive rate. With that in mind, it is best for you to do some research in advance, so you can find a trusted and competent fabricator.

Before you hire a metal fabricator, it is vital that you conduct an interview with any of their representatives and ask these following questions to them:

Do you offer engineering services and customized solutions?

As you interview a custom metal fabrication Toronto company, ask their representatives whether they offer engineering services and custom solutions. In this case, you want to hire a company that has the ability and resources to design products that meet all your requirements as well as your industry’s functionality and safety standards. Keep in mind that most metal working projects are different, and pre-fabricated solutions would rarely match these projects. If the company does not offer customization services, it is best that you look for a different metal fabricator.

Do you have portfolios?

Sheet metal fabricators, for the most part, have portfolios that would show off all the recent metal fabrication projects they have worked on. As a client, it is your responsibility to check whether the fabricator has the ability to perform the services that you are looking for. With their portfolios, you will have a chance to evaluate their work as well as identify whether their services are suitable to your metal working projects.

What kinds of metal do you fabricate?

For the most part, custom metal fabrication Toronto companies work with all types of metals, such as copper, brass, mild steel, gold silver, stainless steel and aluminum. There are other fabricators, however, that concentrate in fabricating one metal type. With that said, make sure to find a company that specializes in fabricating the metal type that you need for your project.

How much does your metal fabrication service cost?

Last, but not the least, you need to ask them how much their services would cost. Obviously, nobody wants to spend on metal fabrication services that he or she cannot afford.  

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