High density storage is a specialty modification of the conventional racking that involves the creation of lockable cabinets in each shelf. The idea behind the racking process is that it allows for the use aisles within a stationary and mobile unit. This helps in combating space wastage as the shelves can be easily tracked by labels without disordering your space. Although aisles are used with this kind of storage system, their number is greatly reduced as compared to most other racking and shelving systems. At the same time, the mobile aisles allow you to shift positions between the aisles leading to up to 50% savings on the available space.

When optimally used, high density storage systems not only improve on space utility but also increase the usability of the available space in each room. Besides being highly mobile, the cabinets created for use in this storage system can be easily decked over one another. This increases the space utility, while reducing on the per-floor unit space utility, a move likely to lead to great savings on costs relating to the acquisition and management of the available space. Classed on the mobility level, there are three primary types of high density storage systems namely; manual assisted units, mechanically assisted units and the electrically powered units.

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