Finest Refractory Materials


Being the global leaders in providing quality products, FibreCast Inc. makes sure our manufacturing process and technical innovation is at full speed. We pride in the ability to innovate new processes and materials in order to provide you the very best insulation and high temperature resistance. Our position as the leaders in providing for a wide range of customers globally is a reflection of our ability.

More about our Refractory Materials

Our extensive line of excellent high quality products in the Refractory Materials category are the best you can ever find. Our constant pursuit in innovation and creative solutions together with our excellent engineering team are to thank for.

Refractory Materials offering

  • Bulk Fibre- Being one of our forms of raw materials so to speak, it is responsible for a lot our components production. Qualities such as high purity fibre, soluble ceramic fibre (Isofrax and Insulfrax), Maftec/polycrystalline and Zirconia.
  • Blankets- in its form it is a highly insulating blanket that can be used in an extensive range of applications. With a variety of thickness, density and chemistries the benefits of complete resistance to thermal shock and low heat storage are commonly achieved.
  • Paper/Felts- With the lightweight and flexibility benefits of this, the application types are deemed endless. With a varied capability and characteristics it indeed covers a wide variety of requirements. Available in three grades such as; Utility Grades, Standard Grade and Premium Grades.
  • Textiles- By having a thermal resistant and fire retardant rope or braid, the ability to insulate or pack is achieved with the complete ability to resist flames and heat. The woven components we offer are, Rope (braided or twisted), Cloth, Tape and sleeves. This insures you the ability and freedom to achieve the necessary flame retardant and or heat insulation you require.
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The Process of Gear Grinding


Gear grinding processes by True Gear & Spline are the most modern ones in use nowadays. The main gear grinding is conducted using the Kapp Niles ZP 12. This top of the line piece of gear grinding machinery produces ground gears at diameters of 1250 mm and face widths of 1000mm.

The gear grinding process produces a number of specific gears for use. These include spur gears, helical and double helical gears as well as crowned gears. Other gears produced include splines, worms and other specially customised designs. With the variety of gears produced, there is no scrimping or short cuts when it comes to quality, as all comply with AGMA Quality Class 14 specifications.

True Gear, as envisioned by its founder Vinko Bizjak, believes that technology and technological innovation would provide the competitive advantage in the production of gears and other tool equipment to its clientele. This adherence to technology includes not only obtaining the latest and most efficient equipment, but also maintains existing equipment at the highest and latest industry standards and specifications. This translates to having gear grinding processes and products of the highest quality in the market today.

The equipment though would not be able to do its top notch work without the advanced CNC gear grinding software that operates these gear grinding machines. This is further supported by on-board inspection capability through gear grinding analysis. This analysis is reported and set against both current AGMA and DIN standards in each and every gear produced through the gear grinding process.

Once the gear grinding process is done, the actual gears produced are not beyond the purview and responsibility of True Gear. The customer service process of the company is amongst the best in the country. Here, after sales services are guaranteed on the performance of the gears.

Clearly, gear grinding isn’t what it used to be. Top of the line technological equipment on gear grinding produce the best gears in the country and after sales customer service makes True Gear amongst the best in this industry.

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Tooth Fairy in Toronto: Your Friendly Family Dentist in Toronto


Are tooth fairies real? It may not be true for some but for the family dentist in Toronto at Queens Quay Dental Centre, we will make your wish to have a bright and wonderful smile come to life! Our very own Orthodontics can certainly turn your frown into the widest smile you can ever have.

Undeniably, people love to eat. Every family bonds in the dining area with their favorite food on the table. Friends will meet somewhere to have some exchange of stories and do it while eating their favorite dessert and drinking a cup of coffee. Girls who are stressed love to eat sweets, like cakes, ice cream, and chocolates! All of them are absorbed by the body especially by our teeth.

Sometimes, no matter how much we take care of our teeth to prevent from having stains, it just comes out uninvited.

Here are some tips from your friendly family dentist in Toronto on how you could take care of your teeth and preserve that beautiful smile.

  1. Turn your floss into your best friend. You can rely on using floss every day if you want to keep cavities away. By using it, you are removing excess food that enters in between teeth. In this way, you can prevent the development of cavities.
  2. Regularly brush your teeth twice a day. You may use toothpaste with fluoride protection formula. Fluoride decreases tooth decay but protecting our teeth from demineralization.
  3. Limit sugar and caffeine intake.
  4. Quit smoking. This is not only beneficial for your teeth but also to your whole body.
  5. Visit your dentist on a regular basis for cleaning appointments and check-up.

These are only a few practices that will keep your teeth and gums healthy. As your family dentist here in Toronto, we are committed to help you achieve the widest and brightest smile you can ever have.

QQ Dental is the growing choice for family dentist in Toronto! Call today to learn more.

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Reasons Why You Need a Lighting Audit Electrician


Every so often facility managers need to evaluate the features of the electrical system for the building. Lighting audit is the ideal procedure that gives a clear picture of the present lighting system. No matter the age of the building the audit report provides the most needed information for potential electric system improvement. Involving a lighting auditor serves the best interests of the facility by contributing to the overall success for the business.

The benefits of conducting lighting audit include:

Access to system features: It is almost impossible for the facility manager to access the current status of the electric system features of the building by physical observation. Conducting a lighting audit is beneficial because the auditor focuses on every detail of the electrical system; the wiring devices, cable, fuses, wire products and all lighting system devices are assessed.

Reducing utility cost: lighting is one of the operating costs that every business looks forward to minimizing. The audit report provides the building managers with the tools to comprehend the current lighting system and accesses information on potential system upgrades.

Professional advice: the lighting audit is structured to offer a comprehensive report that includes a detailed retrofit, recommendation for replacement features, costs for the recommended project, energy savings and details on the payback analysis. The information is beneficial for new technology upgrades, increasing energy efficiency.

A.S Electrical Services Limited partners with many companies in improving business efficiency. Our sole desire is to ensure that every business makes informed decisions. Our company has the leading certified specialists that perform quality lighting and electrical assessment. We provide you with a comprehensive audit report that will assist in making critical decisions. We pride in the fact that we have conducted lighting audits that have transformed operating costs for both commercial and residential facilities.


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The History of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication


Centuries ago, fabricated metal parts have been known to help ancient human beings survive. Today, things haven’t changed much. Iron, Stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc are used to make available so many different kinds of products we can’t do without in our daily life.

With custom sheet metal fabrication, every product is unique and will require detail and precision. You need to find a company who takes pride in their in-demand metal fabrication services. When it comes to services, its pays to go with a company who has been in the business for decades because then you know that you’re going to get the full-house of services from modern facilities.

Metal fabrication requires absolute 100% correctness. This is why you have to choose a custom metal fabrication facility who won’t let you down. Experience counts big time and you’ll require engineers with extraordinary capabilities to produce products that will be able to stand up to extreme conditions. These engineers need to know that all industries have their own regulatory requirements and these need to be adhered to.

They’re Customer Pleasing People

This is precisely why 4 Way Metal Fabricators are Ontario’s leaders in metal fabrication – they’ve got everything right at their fingertips and there is nothing that they overlook. Once the sheet metal parts have been bent and shaped as needed, welding is used for joining the metal sheets into place. There are various techniques used, and a skilled team knows how to proceed to avoid any visual defects. 4 Way Metal Fabricators don’t only adhere to each industry’s regulation requirements, they have their own set of guidelines too. They follow these stringently so that their customers are always 100% delighted with them.

When you consider that medical instruments are produced by metal fabricators, you begin to understand the importance of going with the right company – our lives depend on it.

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The Essential Y Type Strainer


Y type strainers are normally used in applications where you have to remove small amounts of solids and where frequent clean-out is not necessary. Y type strainers are usually installed in services that involve air, nitrogen and natural gas or other gases. With a typically compact and cylindrical shape, the Y type strainer is strong enough to withstand pressures of up to 6000 psi. Even with the complicating factor of hot steam at pressures of 1500 psi or temperatures of 1000 F, your Y type strainer can definitely survive it.

Our Y type strainer’s quality

A Y type strainer has the added advantage and versatility of being capable of a horizontal or vertical installation position. Y type strainers are equipped with high quality stainless steel screens or those with other similarly strong components. These screens fit the body of the strainer perfectly.

  • Compact design
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Threaded or bolted covers
  • Can suit liquid, gas or steam
  • Synthetic fiber gaskets
  • Underwent heat treatment under calibrated equipment that meets quality standards
  • Meets strict quality assurance requirements of most major industries
  • Hydro-tested using tensile, bend, impact, hardness and magnetic particle testing
  • Manufactured and tested with strict ASME and CSA standards as well as specific requirements by customers
  • Designed by professional mechanical engineers

Our Y type strainers cover several types and sizes. These include cast iron threaded, cast steel threaded and socket weld, and cast bronze threaded and sweat. Aside from this, there is also cast steel threaded with a socket that is weld with bolted covers, cast steel flanged, and iron and bronze flanged.

Design Features

These Y type strainers are usually made from cast iron, bronze, ductile iron, carbon steel, low-temp steel, stainless steel or chrome molly. They usually have various types of end connections such as flat faced, raised face, socket weld or sweat. Moreover, they are used in several industries from the process industry to the power industry to the pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries.

More on Y type strainers

With full commitment to our standards of excellence, we make sure that our Y type strainers offer safety, reliability and efficiency. Browse through the various selections in our website and see for yourself what first your needs. Y type strainers are available in many different specifications that will surely fulfill your needs regardless which industry your line of business is.

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Healthy Teeth and Gum Care: Your Friendly Family Dentist in Toronto


Part of maintaining your family’s overall health is taking care of their teeth and gums. A healthy oral health helps boost confidence and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Taking good care of teeth and gums is pretty easy. It does not take too much time and it doesn’t require expensive medical instruments.

Good oral health care starts with the food we consume. Eating a lot of sugary foods may lead to tooth decay. This is because the bacteria inside the mouth feasts on sugar and carbohydrates. This means we should reduce the intake of candies, chocolates, sweet snacks and other sugary food and drinks.

Maintaining a good oral routine is also essential in promoting healthy teeth and gums. Getting a family dentist in Toronto is a must since you need to have your family’s teeth and gums checked regularly to ensure that they are in excellent condition. It is also important to take good care of your oral health consistently, so aside from visiting your family dentist in Toronto, you must also build the right oral health habit.

Brushing teeth properly is number one on the list. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day prevents acid buildup which weakens teeth. A soft bristled brush is recommended when brushing since it reduces the risk of bleeding gums. Repeatedly and gently brush the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth in an upward-downward and back and forth motion. Include the tongue and the roof of the mouth when brushing to prevent the build-up of bacteria which may cause bad breath.

Flossing should be done at least once a day. This gets rid of the food particles stuck in between teeth that cannot be removed by merely brushing.

It is also good to rinse your mouth with mouthwash to maintain good breath and strong and healthy teeth and gums. Mouthwash works by protecting your teeth from acids and by killing and balancing the bacteria inside your mouth.

Simply put, good oral health is maintained by eating nutritious food and reducing sugar intake, regularly visiting your family dentist in Toronto, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day and rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash. Maintaining this habit will help ensure healthy teeth and gums and your overall good health.

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Types of Conveyor Rollers


Whether looking for a single unit, or thousands of conveyor rollers, Norpak Handling has it all for you. We source and stock thousands of unique and authentic rollers for every top conveyor manufacturer in the world. In our specialty, we aim at suiting the needs of everyone by ensuring that we not only avail one type of roller. You think yours is unique and rare? Visit our Ontario shop for your rare breed of conveyor spares. Our top brands of stocked rollers are:

  • Ryson
  • Flow-Turn
  • Mecano Industries
  • Aldon Equipments
  • Hytrol
  • QC Industries
  • Omni Metal Craft
  • Intralox
  • FMH Conveyors

Our selection of conveyor rollers is both user-specific and precisely matched with various standards of production. With each built for a specific set of machines, our variety is both intensive, but well distinguished to the finest details. As a result, every customer gets a roller that best meets their needs. Our current stock of conveyor rollers includes:

  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Gravity conveyor rollers
  • Fixed driven rollers
  • Grooved conveyor rollers
  • Belt conveyor rollers
  • Plastic conveyor rollers
  • Pulse Motor rollers
  • Tapered conveyor rollers and
  • Poly rollers and idlers among others

Our stock is always up-to date and is always replenished to ensure that you miss nothing when it comes to getting the best spares for your conveyors. Besides, our first-lane dealerships with the top conveyor manufacturers give us competitive access to the latest custom tailored spares for every product they make. By dealing with Norpak, you get the assurance of quality, the uniqueness of the build as well as the value for your money. That matched with our over three-decade experience serving the Canadian market completes our matrix for delivering the sheer power of modern conveyor system maintenance, servicing and distribution. When it’s a conveyor roller you need, we ensure that it’s the right part for your system you get.

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Useful Tips to Help You Source the Right Replacement Parts for Dryer Repair in Toronto


If your dryer is showing some symptoms that prevent it from functioning the way that has to be only means that your appliance is ailing. It requires an immediate professional attention to prevent it from causing the equipment to fail. So seeking for a professional dryer repair in Toronto is crucial to get your appliance fixed in the soonest time possible.

One of the most common causes of an equipment breakdown that warrants immediate dryer repair in Toronto is a broken part that needs to be replaced. In this case, sourcing the right dryer replacement part will play a vital role in the repair service you hired. So all you have to do is to look for the right replacement piece and provide it to your repairman. However, there are some replacement parts that are hard to find which is a huge setback. To help you track down hard to find replacement parts, here are some tips you can follow.

  • Take Note of the Model Number – Before embarking on a quest to seek for the rare piece of component that will be the successor of the broken part. Make sure to note the model number of the busted part. Carefully examine the broken component and look for the important information that you need.
  • Reach Out for Certified Distributors – Now that you have the important information that you need. Try contacting every certified appliance distributor that operates in your area and inquire if they have the replacement part. You can also ask them for a referral if they don’t have the replacement piece you need.
  • Look for Replacement Parts Online – Search for replacement parts online. Looking for the dryer replacement part you need online will expand the reach of your search. It’s also a very convenient way of looking some items. Check different online stores that are selling appliance replacement parts.

Call RA Appliance Repair today for all your dryer repair in Toronto needs!

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An Overview of Sheet Metal Fabrication in Toronto


Fabrication shops cut and burn sheet metal into all kinds of products. Take a look at things around you. Everything containing metal was once a plain ore piece, which was heated and bent before being cut and formed to produce something which we could use.

Sheet metal stock is available in a wide variety of materials – aluminum, stainless steel, steel, titanium and others which can be cut and bent in any shape required. Then there’s the material removal process which can even form holes or stretch the sheet into complex contours.

Customers spurred on by the Facts

Sheet metal fabrication is essentially about forming and cutting. An important aspect of sheet metal fabrication is welding and different welding techniques can be used so as to avoid warping. Its important to choose a reputable, well established company if you want to enjoy the benefits of sheet metal fabrication. This is why you need to go for a company who not only is capable of turning around projects quickly, to do this they need the best and latest CNC technology.

This is precisely why Canada relies on the expert services of 4 Way Metal Fabricators. They’re spurred on by this company’s record of excellence. With more than 40 years in the business, with a highly skilled team and modern facilities, customers from far and wide rely on their expertise. They trust 4 Way Metal Fabricators to handle their entire sheet metal fabrication process right to the final stage which involves finishing the metal, whether priming, painting, sand blasting or something else. This ensures the sheet metal is able to stand the test of time in all weather conditions.

Ranked among the Finest

Whatever your sheet metal fabrication requirements, 4 Way Metal Fabricators have the solution. For decades they have been enthralling client with their expert services and today they still rank amongst the finest metal fabricators Canada has.

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