Determining the Suitability of Digital Pressure Gauges for Specific Applications

Choosing the right pressure gauge does not depend on comparing one gauge to another but the specific application for which it was meant to be used. It is important for end users to determine their requirements prior to selecting the right pressure gauge that will provide them with the best results. Another way to determine the right pressure gauge will be the kind of accuracy needed in the production processes. If an accuracy of 0.5% will suffice, then the least expensive option of analog pressure gauge might work well enough. However, if precise accuracy with no interpretation needed is required, you will do better with digital pressure gauges.

The outstanding features of digital pressure gauges

  • Accurate and precise readings of low pressure applications of less than 5 psi are possible with the digital pressure gauges. Resolutions of up to .01 or .001 are rather common with digital gauges. Changes in such small increments are not possible through the analog pressure gauges.
  • Digital pressure gauges are more resistant to withstanding over-pressure spikes without sustaining damage. The instruments are more suitable to for applications where there is constant pressure pulsation. This would cause the analog device to wear out moving parts which includes the indicator.
  • Digital pressure gauges are desirable when the end-user wants both local and remote pressure indications and when an automated process control uses pressure as an input to the control system.
  • High accuracy measurements can be made through digital pressure gauges such as temperature drift that can now be calibrated allowing the sensor to remain accurate over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Avoiding the pitfalls when installing pressure gauges

  • End users must always be aware of the gauge’s datasheet specifications to understand its technology. Over-torquing the gauge during installation will stress the sensor and cause the calibration to go wrong. Installing the pressure gauges require just enough torque to prevent leakage on a full scale.
  • Vibration process and ambient temperature can affect accuracy, repeatability, functionality and over-pressure spikes. Pressure pulsations can introduce premature wear in the analog gauges.
  • Another potential problem is seen from media that is slurry or has a high concentration of particulate matter that can clog pressure ports. Corrosion is another problem that can damage both the analog and digital pressure gauges. This potential problem can be avoided by selecting a gauge with wetted parts compatible with the media being sensed or through the use of diaphragm seals and remote mounting.
  • Though the design of the gauges can be considered good and reliable, preventive maintenance is important for the extended life of the gauge. The gauges require frequent calibration often depending upon the frequency of use. Whatever minor problems exist have to be corrected to maintain accuracy of the pressure readings.
  • Even with the modern advantages of the digital pressure gauges, there are instances when the simplicity of the analog pressure gauges would work best economically. One of the drawbacks of the digital pressure gauges is the price however, new developments continue to be undertaken to reduce costs and offer a wider range of temperature measurements. 
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SEO Advantages of Industrial Web Design

In today’s world, an effective web design is crucial to the success of an industry. Industrial web design is one of the marketing assets of a business because it will quickly generate a positive response to the brand name and at the same time increase customers. Websites much be rich in quality content and information about the products and services so that visitors who browse the site would enjoy reading the page. A new industrial web design approach is responsive web design which can be navigated through using different devices from laptops, tablets and mobile phones. A single website is maintained yet it can be accessed using a variety of devices without any hardship on the part of the consumer.

The growing trend of mobile technology

Industrial companies have begun to realize the importance of making their industrial web design responsive to mobile technology including the competitive advantage they can gain from it. Web designers have started to develop mobile apps strictly for the industrial audience because mobile technology has gained a strong foothold in industries. Industries that used to have a reputation for being conservative and conventional have started to realize the power of supporting mobile devices. They have also started to consider business blogs and social media to increase traffic to their sites. Technology has shifted and more consumers are becoming highly dependent upon mobile devices particularly those that are being targeted by industrial websites.  

Industrial web design Toronto for online marketing

Industrial web design Toronto understands that industries have different needs in terms of communicating with their audience. Industries need to provide information addressed to plant managers, engineers, purchasing managers and production managers. Information should include specific details about the company, downloadable PDF files and demonstration videos. Whether the industry involves metal fabrication, CNC machines, heating systems or electronics, they require SEO optimized pages and quality content to allow potential clients accurate information about product and services. Yes indeed even industries need online presence to stay competitive in the global market. Online presence is not an exclusive realm of retail or B2C sites.

Advantages of industrial web design

In the industrial market what consumers expect to see are highly technical and detailed pages which are entirely different from those used by B2B or B2C sites. The sites have less competition unlike if the web design was made for a clothing or toy store. Through industrial web design Toronto the content is much more specific with customer-oriented keywords to improve rankings on the search engines. A quality and attractive site design with good SEO strategies and techniques can optimize leads in shorter time than a B2B site where there is literally millions of online competition. An industrial market product has few online competitions which is an opening taken advantage of by web designers. For example, metal fabrication which has many industrial applications shows relatively few search engine results which is indicative of how light the competition is. However, web design should still optimize efforts to outrank other companies in the industrial market. 

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The Importance of a Controlled and Regulated Working Environment – Ammonia Monitoring


We live in a modern world where new developments in science and technology provide much convenience in our everyday living – such as ammonia monitoring. We have all sorts of production and manufacturing plants that produce consumable items and different consumer products intended to meet all our daily needs. Unfortunately, the creation of men’s necessities and various products for his comfort and convenience are not without some inherent threats and risks. They very structures that provide us our needs are the same structures that emit a wide variety of greenhouse and other types of gaseous substances like ammonia, nitrous oxide, methane, and many others. Gross neglect and uncontrolled release of these elements in our environment can have very detrimental effects to the surrounding areas including human and living creatures like plants and animals. That is why ammonia monitoring is vital.


Emission of greenhouse gases as well as other types of gases should be monitored. Ammonia, C02, and methane are just few of the gaseous elements that could have detrimental effects to the environment should they remain unregulated and uncontrolled. An ammonia monitoringsystem, for instance, will be able to measure and analyze the quantity of ammonia gas released by animal secretions and those coming from the production plants of compost manures. The valuable information gathered from the emission monitoring can help control the effects of such gases to the environment.

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Different Types Of Boring Milling Machines

Boring milling machines are versatile tools that help in many industries today. They are used to produce production runs .These machines have sharp circular teeth that produces large volumes of chips with rotation of the cutter. Many firms today have adopted the use of boring milling machines to achieve better results. It is beneficial when these machines have circular cutters with many teeth. It allows it to be designed into various styles of milling machines. Milling machines can be classified as simple, knee and column, fixed bed and bridge. However, the above classifications have vertical or horizontal configuration spindles. Boring milling machines can further be classified based on computer numerical control.

Knee and column boring type milling machines.

They are highly versatile machines which are mostly found in job shops. They can either be vertical, horizontal or universal knee and column boring type machines. Horizontal types have unique characteristics. The table is flexible and can be moved freely to all three directions. It can move longitudinally along X- axis. It also move inside and outside the Y -axis. The table can also be moved upwards and downwards along the Z- axis. Knee and column boring machine has a knee which usually slides downwards along the column. Universal knee and column milling machine have a table that can easily be swiveled. It allows swiveling of the table at a spindle angle. Vertical knee and column boring milling machines have vertically located spindles which are parallel to the column and perpendicular to the table. This machine is usually used to operate light duties during production.

Fixed bed boring milling machine.
These are boring machines which have no knee. This characteristic makes it easily distinguishable. They are efficient machines which can be used for general purposes. However, proper maintenance increases its efficiency.

CNC Vertical spindle bed boring milling machines.
These machines have been designed to reduce deflection. Minimized deflections allow deep cuts to be produced. Many firms view CNC machines as highly productive. However, these machines can be used for general purposes within the firm. The table can move freely in all the three directions. It moves longitudinally and transverse directions. Vertical position can be achieved by moving the top head upwards and downwards along the column.

Bridge boring type milling machines.
It has been designed to resemble a bridge. It is achieved by placing the table on top of the bed. Vertical column is connected by braces mounted with a rail on top. These machines are used in firms for heavy duties.
Special boring milling machines.
They are designed to suit particular parts. There are several models of special boring machines which are used for production of runs. However, special boring milling machines are mostly used in automotive sector. They are used to mill different types of screws.

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The Effectiveness of Dead Animal Composting

Environmental concerns play a big role in determining the most effective process for disposal of animal carcasses. Burning (incineration) and burial are examples of traditional methods used not only for its cost effectiveness but the convenience of onsite disposal. However, due to environmental risks of soil and groundwater contamination, incineration or burial of animal carcasses started to be regulated in many states. One option that can be pursued by farm management is dead animal composting which when done properly can destroy most of the disease-carrying bacteria and viruses. Composting is also recognized as a biosecure process of dead animal disposal in many countries due to reduced impact on the environment.

Procedures for dead animal composting

  • Bin composting – a process preferred for small and medium-sized carcasses that can be composted in a three-sided compartment. At least three of the bins are used simultaneously. As one bin is being filled, the second is in the primary stages of composting while the third is in the secondary stages of composting. Carcasses are layered in the bin with a suitable carbon source which can be sawdust, chicken litter, straw or finished compost. No part of the carcass should be exposed to discourage scavengers, control odor and eliminate flies.
  • Pile or windrow composting – a better option for large animals like cattle and swine. Windrow composting is usually done in an open space with compacted soil or concrete floor to prevent water infiltration. Windrows are aerated primarily through natural air movement to encourage decomposition, eliminate objectionable odor and destroy pathogens. It is also significant not to disturb the piles in the initial stages of mortality composting to make sure that the soft tissues will decompose properly. When liquid drains from the composting pile, it needs to be controlled using dry material like hay, sawdust or finished compost.
  • Mini-composters – can be used only for small carcasses like poultry and not suitable in cases of large volume mortalities. The processes are the same with the mini-composters, bin composting and windrow composting as well the objective of using the final product as nutrient source for a field.

Advantages of dead animal composting

There are many different kinds for disposal of carcasses like rendering, incineration, burial and composting. However, dead animal composting is considered to be one of the most effective not only in terms of cost but better biosecurity and the limitations on negative impact to the environment. Once it is done properly, composting is considered an environmentally safe option for managing emergency mortalities particularly when high temperature is not possible. While open-air burning and burial are also convenient and cost effective processes, the site must be carefully determined to prevent soil and groundwater contamination. Composting is also an alternative where legal regulations do not allow open-air burning and burial of animal carcasses.

The choice for the appropriate disposal of animal carcasses must be pre-planned and the site determined even before emergency mortality occurs. Proper management of animal carcasses must be done immediately not only to protect the general environment but to control the breakout of diseases. 

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The Most Common Types Of Industrial Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor Toronto is a significant piece of equipment that comes with a variety of uses. Primarily, this device is used to increase air pressure by reducing its volume. Basically, this piece of machinery helps transforms gas, making tools like high pressure cylinders, gas turbines and pneumatic nail guns work. Likewise, they provide life support in low air pressure and underwater environments as well as operate mechanical and domestic appliances like refrigerators.

There are four various types of industrial air compressors available on the market today. Obviously, these air compressors vary from each other, in terms of purpose and design. As a consumer and interested buyer of an industrial air compressor Toronto, it is essential that you know how each air compressor type works. By doing so, you will be able to find the air compressor best suited for your applications.

Centrifugal air compressors

Centrifugal air compressors are, for the most part, used in snow making equipment, internal combustion engines as well as small and medium sized gas turbines. Basically, this air compressor works by increasing fluid’s pressure through an impeller that accelerates the flow as well as diffuser that restricts its flow. Unlike other types of air compressors, the centrifugal compressor is fairly easy to maintain.

Piston air compressors

Piston compressors are mostly found and used in large machinery and automotive parts, such as refrigeration equipment, chemical plants and oil refineries. In addition, they are used in blowing plastic bottles that are made out of polyurethane terephthalate.  For the most part, piston compressors are noisy and bulky, and they are used in petroleum machines. A piston industrial air compressor Toronto is made up of cylinders, valves, crankshafts and of course, pistons.  

There are two types of piston compressors, namely the large compressors and the small piston compressors. The large piston compressors use up to 1,500 HP, while the small piston compressors operate using five to thirty horsepower.

Rotary screw compressors

Rotary screw compressors are commonly used in industrial equipment like construction machines. Basically, rotary screw compressors function similarly to the industrial piston air compressors, except that they work by filling up the space amidst the two helical screws.  When these two screws are turned, the space that is occupied by the air will eventually reduce. As a result of such reduction, there will be an increment in air pressure.  In many instances, lubricants are applied to these air compressors to prevent air leakage.

Rotary sliding vane compressor

The rotary sliding vane compressor is probably the oldest air compressor design. This industrial air compressor Toronto is made up of a rotor, a stator, as well as blades that would keep in contact the wall’s housing. When the compressor’s blades rotate, the air inside will get compressed. After that, the compressed air will be cooled down before it will be released into the air system.

This industrial air compressor Toronto runs more quietly than the piston and rotary screw air compressors. In many instances, this type of air compressor is used in air conditioning units, flight instruments, hydraulic pumps and automatic hydraulic pumps. 

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Replacement Motorcycle Windshield – Protection from Elements with Style

A motorcycle windshield can be considered as protection from the elements. The windshield provides for a better vision in bad weather. It also allows the rider to wear an open faced helmet without worrying about bugs and debris that will hit him on the face. When it comes to windshields, the motorcycle rider has an array of choices however, it remains important to consider the type of windshield that is currently installed as it will help determine the Replacement Motorcycle Windshield. A higher level of safety is provided by a motorcycle windshield that is in good condition and free from cracks. Cracks or scratches can have a negative effect on vision while driving.

Different types of motorcycle windshields

  • Permanent windshields – this is the windshield that came with the motorcycle when it was initially purchased. In such instances when the windshield is broken or damaged, the motorcycle manufacturer will typically have a Replacement Motorcycle Windshield otherwise a search online can provide product listings in detail.
  • Detachable windshields – have snap-on attachments or brackets that hold the windshield in place. Of all the different types of motorcycle windshields this is by far the easiest to replace.
  • Motorcycle fairings – these kind of windshield is often part of a motorcycle fairing that reduces wind drag. You will encounter this kind of windshield on racing and sports motorcycles.
  • Electric windshields – can be raised or lowered using electric motors controlled by a switch. This characteristic of the electric windshields allows the rider to adjust the shield and height while driving.

How to choose the Replacement Motorcycle Windshield

  • The easiest process would be to buy the Replacement Motorcycle Windshield from the motorcycle manufacturer for the specific bike type. However, if you do not want to buy the replacement from the manufacturer, you can consider aftermarket stores with a limitless range of windshield brands to choose from.
  • Once the windshield has been chosen, it is essential to choose the correct height for optimum vision. The windshield often means the difference between having a great ride and an exhausting battle with different weather elements. While a windshield is important, it is also essential to look for the windshield that fits the specific brand of motorcycle.
  • The first step in considering the height of the windshield is to sit on the motorcycle and determine the proper angle of the windshield according to the angle of the front forks of the motorcycle. Ask a friend to measure from the point where the window attaches to the motorcycle to a point along the angle of the Replacement Motorcycle Windshield even with the rider’s nose. A windshield that is too high can obstruct vision while a low windshield is even worse than not having one.
  • Most of the motorcycle windshields offered in the market today are made from lexan plastic or similar materials and if the windshield chosen is too tall it can be reduced in size by cutting slowly and evenly with a jigsaw. Cutting slowly is essential since going too fast might melt the plastic material.


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Why the Marine Vacuum Collection System is the Best Option for Passenger Ships and Boats

Vacuum collection systems are considered as the solution towards a cleaner and safer environment. Due to the different kinds of vacuum collection systems, many industries have reduced the need for manual handling of contaminated waste products that would otherwise be risky for workers. One type of vacuum collection system which is considered indispensable for passenger ships, ferries, yachts and boats is marine vacuum collection. This is an inexpensive and efficient alternative to the traditional gravity drainage systems where wastes are disposed on the waters. A normal toilet will not function efficiently inside a ship due to the tendency for water to spill over the sides of the bowl in rough weather.

The technology of marine vacuum collection system

Unlike the gravity flow system, marine vacuum collection makes use of differential air pressure for the transport of waste and wastewater. Toilet bowls and collection basins that form part of the discharge system are directly connected to the vacuum piping. The differential air pressure between the vacuum piping and the atmosphere opens the valve and forces the discharged sewage into the main vacuum all the way to the collection tank. The sewage remains stored inside the collection tank until it accumulates to sufficient volume to be discharged to onboard treatment plants and holding tanks before it is disposed.

Advantages of the marine collection system

  • Cost effective solution – the system reduces the need for a large space for waste disposal treatment and the ships can travel from port to port without the need to dispose of their waste. This can be an advantage for ships that travel to ports where discharge of waste is not allowed.
  • High level of installation flexibility – opens up many possibilities for design layout or new construction projects. It also allows for flexibility in the routing of pipes around stationary air ducts, bulkheads and other equipment.  
  • Small pipe diameters – allows for lower cost of materials and labor and a reduction in pipe weight
  • Low water consumption – the vacuum toilet significantly uses less water if compared to the traditional gravity flush toilets. The system flushes with just half a gallon (2 liters) of water or less compared to the 1.6 gallons (6 liters) for the traditional gravity toilets.
  • Flush in any direction – the vacuum system does not use gravity, so you can flush whether horizontally, upwards or downwards. This also means that there is no need for cutting into the floors so that pipes can be installed for a new toilet. The new toilet can be installed anywhere within the vessel.

Factors to consider in choosing a toilet for a boat

Costs and convenience are not the only factors when considering the most effective toilets for boats. Aside from the marine vacuum collection system that is increasingly gaining popularity because it seals off waste once it is flushed, there are other available toilet options. The trick here is to choose the system where you are able to maximize the benefits particularly in bad weather conditions where disposal to the nearest port is not a possibility.


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Continuous Ovens – the Economical Option for High Volume Production

Industrial ovens come in different sizes, shapes and configurations to be used for a variety of industrial applications whether it is drying, baking, curing, annealing, aging or stress relief. However, there is the question on which industrial oven will perfectly suit your needs yet remain cost effective. While there are industrial ovens considered to be very versatile and functional, it might be less economical to setup and operate. Many industries have high volume production which requires an industrial oven that can be operated at a continuous rate. An option would be the continuous ovens that are suited for applications that require less handling and changeovers.

How to select the right oven for your industrial application

Batch ovens or continuous ovens?

Batch ovens are ideal for applications when load size and production volumes vary substantially and when the situation requires a greater degree of flexibility in process temperature or dwell (soak). On the other hand, when a large quantity of similar product pieces is to be processed, the continuous ovens are a better option. Continuous ovens help ensure consistent thermal processing time for each part in high volume applications particularly for automotive parts and electronic components. Another advantage of the continuous ovens is several discrete processes that can be combined so as to reduce material handling and increasing throughput.

Temperature considerations

When considering your temperature requirements, it is important to determine the minimum and maximum operating temperature required by your applications. It also makes perfect sense to consider several factors, as well.

  • The required dwell (soak) time at temperature and overall cycle time
  • The type and amount of product load. The oven design must have the sufficient heating capacity so as to bring the product to the desired temperature within a specific time period.
  • Whether the heat-up rate can be controlled or if the product can be allowed to reach temperature as quickly as possible.
  • Cool down requirements based on your applications

Uniformity of temperature is also critical for the consistency of the heat processing results. Uniformity can be expressed through the maximum difference between the highest and lowest temperatures in a chamber at a specified setting. Factors that tend to affect uniformity of temperature would be:

  • Cold air entering the chamber
  • Accuracy and response speed of the controller
  • Heat that is lost through the chamber walls
  • How workload is placed
  • How air is directed to the chamber

Considering the size of the chamber

The size of the chamber will largely depend upon the size of the product or parts, the number of parts per batch and the number of batches required every given day to satisfy production requirements. If the interior space of the chamber is insufficient between the parts, it will result in poor performance but if the space is too large, it will result in wasted energy. There are ovens designed for every specific requirement like large batch ovens and continuous ovens that can accommodate a wide variety of products and process needs. 

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A Helpful Guide In Buying Industrial Brakes And Clutches

When the time comes for you to replace your industrial brakes and clutches, it is wise that you buy these parts on your own. Practical and savvy car owners, for the most part, save a great deal of money from their car repairs and maintenance by buying their car spare parts by themselves, rather than allowing personnel or mechanics to handle this task. As business entities, mechanics and repair shops would include huge markups for these car components.

Should I buy the original parts?

If you are on a tight budget, buying original industrial brakes and clutches from the official manufacturer may not be your best option. Sure, original car parts are made out of high-grade and lasting materials, but these components are definitely very expensive. Not to mention, buying original car parts can be rather time-consuming, as it would take an ample amount of time for the manufacturer to deliver the product to your location.

Is there an alternative to buying the original parts?

To save money from your industrial brakes and clutches, consider buying their first-class varieties. Apparently, first-class varieties are a lot cheaper than the original ones. In many instances, used car parts are thirty to fifty percent lesser in terms of price than their counterparts. What’s more, first-class varieties work as well as the original ones.

Where to buy these alternatives?

When buying first-class varieties for these car components, the first thing you have to do is to find shops and sources that offer affordable and reasonable rates for these items. In this case, you should use the internet to your advantage. Using your computer and internet connection, make sure to find online stores that offer good and reasonable deals for these spare parts.

The internet is truly one of the best ways to buy car components. On the internet, there are hundreds or thousands of suppliers selling all sorts of vehicle parts, from the smallest to the biggest piece. On top of that, online shopping allows you to get quotes as well as compare rates from the official websites of these suppliers and dealers.

Aside from online stores, the internet also has a multitude of auction sites like eBay selling a wide array of superior quality car parts. Auction sites usually offer products that came direct from the supplier, making them a reliable source for affordable high-grade parts. In some cases, they sell used goods that are still in tip top condition.  With online auction sites, however, you need to be smart in bidding, as these car parts can only be purchased by bidding.

Reading posts in online vehicle forums is also a viable option. Nowadays, a great number of car enthusiasts are joining online forums and discussion sites to talk about cheap car parts, trendy accessories and fixing vehicles. Likewise, these forums can be used as classified ads in which car owners share useful information about spare parts like industrial brakes and clutches.

Ask for warranty

When you are buying industrial brakes and clutches, whether online or offline, always ask for the warranty terms and details. While some retailers offer warranty for their parts, others would charge you this type of service. To make the most out of your car parts, opt for items with free warranty. 

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