Top 4 Most Popular Industrial Clutch Types

The industrial clutch has as many variations as there are machine types in the world. If you are looking for an appropriate clutch for your industry, you should check online to find out what other people are using. More often than not, you will discover that another company with operations that are similar to yours is using a certain type of clutch. To maximize productivity, you are likely to end up using the same kind of clutch. Read on to learn more about the top 4 most popular industrial clutch types:

4. Electromagnetic Bearing Mounted Clutch

This clutch is used in different applications. Clients love this product because it comes with 4 exceptional features: fast performance, stability, durability and versatility. You can mount the electromagnetic clutch in any position you desire. Additionally, it is easier to install this clutch, compared to other clutches in the market.

3. The Free Wheel Clutch

Free wheel clutches are designed to use premium grade fabrics, most of which are sourced from the best manufacturers in the market. Added to this, the free wheel is designed to meet internationally- set quality standards and norms.

With this clutch, you can be sure of superior performance, durability and reliable operations. In case you need a clutch that will provide you with seamless performance, then you should consider getting the free wheel clutch.

2. The Dog Clutch

The dog clutch is precisely developed to serve you for a long duration before you have to upgrade to a new system. This is one of the cheapest clutch designs in the market. It is also appreciated for such unique features as longer service life, high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear.

1. Multiple Disc Clutch

When you buy this clutch, you will get accompanying friction discs, steel plates and other products to ensure your machines operate at their peak. You can also buy the multi- disc oil type, which has a more compact design.

Some multiple disc clutches have an outer jaw while others do not. Similarly, you can choose between the single and the double compact design. Irrespective of your choice, you should note that there are many companies producing this particular clutch. Therefore, you should be careful as you shop around (only buy from reputable sources).

Overall, finding the right industrial clutch is not as hard as it seems. Research online, review different types of clutches based on durability, manufacture, pricing and other features before you settle on any given one.


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Importance Of Having Furntire Oakville

In any home, furniture Oakville is essentially one of the most important entities. In fact, a home without furniture is seen as incomplete or empty. And there are a number of benefits of having tables, sofa sets, chairs or other furniture for your home including improving your overall home appearance and bringing style in your rooms. 

Importance of having Furniture Oakville

1. Improves overall beauty 

Furniture can improve the overall beauty of homes. If, for instance, you buy a new dining table, it can change the atmosphere of the dining room as well as serve as major feature for your family or guests to enjoy. Stylish dining chairs such as leather or high black chairs can add a dramatic effect to your dining table as well. The good thing is that home furniture Oakville is available in wide variety of styles, designs and types .You therefore have countless options to choose those that compliment your home’s decor.

2. Comfort and design

Furniture items like sofa sets can provide comfort and add a stylish design to your home interior .Most homeowners tend to go for the bright models but prioritize comfort over design. If you’re able to find a unique design but comfort as well, you’ll have everything.

3. Make your bedroom express your other side

Stylish bedroom furniture Oakville (whether bedside tables or wardrobes) can allow a bedroom to express one’s night-time self. You can choose from the wide range of metal, wooden or leather bed frames; the point here is to pick what pleases you and what you think matches your interior decorating. All these can allow one of the most important rooms in your home to express another side of your personality. 

Matching wardrobes & dressing tables can also add to the bedroom’s overall style. For instance, units with lots of mirrors will make the bedroom appear bigger than it actually is. Even dark units can add something to your bedroom as they’ll make it full of interesting shadows. 

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Tools Needed In DIY Sheet Metal Fabricating Toronto

Sheet metal fabricating Toronto is truly a necessity for modified or manufactured projects that use alloy sheet, aluminum, nickel, copper, or steel. Sheet metal, by means of sheet metal fabricating Toronto, can be hammered, rolled, stamped or welded to fabricate intricate and functional results.  Whether you are working in home construction, custom tooling or vehicle restoration, sheet metal fabrication is an important process that can greatly benefit your job. Aside from contractors, DIY handymen who are inclined to metal working projects can find this fabricating process very helpful and useful.

As a homeowner, there are a few sheet metal fabricating Toronto projects that you can on your own using a few pieces of equipment. Whether you are creating metal tray or toolbox, sheet metal fabricating Toronto can be done with these tools:

Blueprinting tools

When fabricating a metal piece, the first thing you have to is to create a sketch or blueprint for your metal working project. To do that, you need to use

– Pencils

– Rulers

– Squares

– Measuring tapes

– Handheld calculators

If you have a CAD software program installed on your computer, you may use such program to create blueprints for metal woodworking project. When it comes to precision, using a CAD program is by far better than using your regular measuring and drafting tools.


Once you have done your sketch, you need to layout it on your metal sheet using pencils, markers, rulers, and other layout tools.

Cutting tools

To fabricate a metal piece, you need to cut your sheet metal into the form that you want. In this case, you need to use punches, saws, and rotary tools.


Hammering a metal sheet is an effective and reliable metalworking project that has been used by human beings since ancient times. With a hammer and a form (metal, stone or wood), the metal sheet can be efficiently shaped around form with a multitude of hammer blows. This metalworking technique works well with copper.


Rolling tools

Rolling the metal sheet can produce the exact curves with particular radii needed for your project. In this scenario, you may use hand rolling techniques with the aid of a plastic pipe, metal or dowel.

Wielding machine

Obviously, metal pieces are fabricated by wielding two metal pieces together. 

 Quick tips

When fabricating metal sheet, it is vital that you avoid metal fatigue. Basically, overworking the metal sheet and causing it to fail is similar to breaking a paper clip by constant bending. In this case, doing it over does not produce acceptable results. Also, as you bend and shape the metal sheet, make sure to measure it twice before making any changes to the sheet metal’s shape.

For precise end results for your metalworking project, it is best that you hire a company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication. As specialists in sheet metal fabrication, metal fabricators use sophisticated CAD programs to create a precise blueprint for your sheet metal. Moreover, they use laser cutting machines and hydro-forming processes to ensure quality metal fabrication. Best of all, they can get the job done in a very short amount of time. 

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Accentuate Space With Dining Furniture Burlington

Dining furniture Burlington brings families together every single day. Dining areas are also made into different sizes and shapes. Some are made to look elegant, formal while others are comforting and more casual. Despite this, dining areas together with dining furniture allows family members to share different meals while enjoying timeless conversation which is often missing when members of the family are forced to handle hectic engagements. 

Most homes nowadays skip dining room sessions all together; however the once classic appeal where families took some time to dine together is slowly making a comeback. This makes it necessary to shop for the most appropriate dining furniture Burlington. The most important thing to remember when shopping for dining sets is to try as much as possible and match it with the present feel and look of your residence. This can easily be accomplished with the dining furniture items. 

Regardless of whether you intend to have a casual or formal dining theme, you should put every effort in identifying quality workmanship. This should additionally blend in well with other sections of your home as well as the rooms found in your house. To find the most suitable furniture pieces for your dining area, try and locate stores which provide quality workmanship. As you shop around for the appropriate dining furniture Burlington, you will notice that they come in an assortment of sizes and shapes. Dining sets play a significant role and are also viewed as the centerpiece of any dining area. 

When shopping for dining furniture Burlington, there are plenty of choices, tastes and preferences which match the budgets of all individuals. Even if you are on a limited budget, there will always be something for you. Just remember to take your space into account when shopping for furniture items for your dining area and you will successfully enhance the beauty of this particular section of the house.

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The Importance of HCl Monitoring

HCl monitoring is as vital as it is necessary. Monitoring equipment usually come with features which make them ideal in the analysis of gases. More often than not, the gases analyzed are water soluble compounds, including HCl, NH3 and HF. Additionally, the parts that come into contact with HCl are heated to around 180 degrees C for reliable measurement.


Applications of HCl Monitoring 


Monitoring is usually done on continuous emissions from cement kilns and waste incinerators. The best monitoring equipment can measure HF, HCl and other pollutants such as O2, N2O, CO2, CO, NOx, and SO2 among others. With the right HCl monitor, you will not have to use a Flame Ionizing Detector for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) measurements. Instead, you can individually measure the hydrocarbons before adding up the results in relevant software to form the relevant TOC number.


Other industries that will find HCl gas monitoring useful include steel manufacturing industries, gas and petroleum wells and semi- conductor crystal etching firms. Added to these, HCl levels have to be monitored in vinyl and cotton production plants.


Who Needs HCl Monitoring 


Monitoring is usually performed using a gas analyzer. These analyzers are useful tools for consultants who provide stack testing services, especially in the comparison of emissions measurements.


The measurement results from properly- functioning gas analyzers can then be real in the real time before being stored in software for further analysis and processing.


Additionally, HCl gas monitoring analyzers can be used in different locations to measure other gaseous compounds. Of course, as you shop around for the best analyzer, you need to ensure that it meets relevant industry regulations- such as the MCERTS certification.


About HCl


In full, HCl is the chemical symbol for Hydrogen Chloride. This is a colorless or slight yellow gas that is corrosive in nature and carries a pungent, irritating odor. Even though it is not considered to be combustible, it can still react with other solids, liquids and gases to form combustible compounds. Such compounds arise due to reaction between HCl with aluminum- titanium alloys, with hydrogen cyanide and with alcohol.    


When dissolved in water, HCl yields Hydrochloric acid, which is strong and highly corrosive. As a result, the gas irritates and damages the upper respiratory tract, the nose and the eyes. Therefore, monitoring HCl levels is relevant in areas where the gas is released into the environment due to economic and industrial pursuit.  


Effects of Different HCl Levels


Monitoring usually yields results that show the level of HCl in the immediate atmosphere. Different levels yield different results as shown below:   


.25: Odor threshold


5: Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)


35: This level causes irritation to the nose, throat and eyes


50: This level is dangerous to human health and life. It is commonly abbreviated as IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health)


1,300-2,000: Exposure to HCl of such magnitude causes death in 2 to 3 minutes


Overall, HCl monitoring should not be taken lightly. To safeguard the lives and limbs of those working in areas prone to HCl releases, companies and relevant authorities need to periodically monitor, analyze and measure the HCl levels to ensure that they are below the odor threshold. 

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Sherman Supersonic: What they Provide

Whether riding in a private car, bus or train, cleanliness is an aspect that is undoubtedly pivotal. To ensure that such vehicles are kept in top notch state, proper cleaning systems are necessary. There are many kinds of vehicle wash systems among them touch-less, drive-through, brush rollover, pressure and transit wash systems. These systems are provided by companies that have mastered this niche and one of the leading solutions for vehicle wash systems is Sherman Supersonic. This company provides a whole menu of vehicle cleaning solutions as guided below. 

Sherman Supersonic is a brand best known for providing quality wash systems for all manner of vehicles including trains, buses, cars; the list goes on. Apart from selling ready-made solutions, they are also known for providing customizable washing systems to suit the needs of the clientele. In addition to selling systems like rollovers and drive throughs, this company also provides solutions that see users save money. For example, they have systems that employ water reclamation which is highly economical. In this regard, fleets will find the perfect solution to clean at a large scale. 

Sherman Supersonic is a company that has been in the business for decades and as a result, they use only top engineered machinery that are well designed to solve problems. Design and automation in their work has been the key to ensuring that they provide products that work well in the market. In addition, customer satisfaction has been recorded as positive over the years. Support is provided round the clock to ensure that clients get the maintenance needed in a timely manner. This company is also a global brand and customers receive world-class service no matter their location. Technology and invention are critical; they are synonymous to this company as well. In this regard, they are able to handle all transportation vehicles providing flexible solutions. Durability, effectiveness and convenience of the wash systems created is what this company is best known for.

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Guidelines for the Proper Selection of Ashcroft Thermometer Bimetal

The ashcroft thermometer bimetal is composed of two different types of metal with different coefficients of expansion that are wound into a helical form. Any changes that will affect the characteristics of the two types of metals according to temperature will be transmitted to the indicator to indicate temperature. Some of the notable features of the ashcroft thermometer bimetal are:

  • Fewer error on ambient temperature exists if compared to traditional liquid filled thermometers
  • Since there is no charged liquid, the ashcroft thermometer bimetal is safe from environmental pollution
  • The thermometer is simply constructed and cost effective. There is no need for a treated movement or reducer.
  • The sensitive part of the unit may be located some place but the dial can be read in a convenient location.
  • Dial ranges are available to meet high temperature requirements of up to 1000oF (537.8oC)

The ashcroft thermometer bimetal is used when direct readings need to be taken; for example in industries that deal on pipelines, tanks, furnaces, air ducts, sterilizers, heat exchangers and many more. Improper application of the bimetal thermometers may cause failure of the instrument resulting in possible personal injury or damage to property. It is therefore recommended that the bimetal thermometer be carefully chosen based on the demands of the industrial application particularly in processes that are corrosive or contained under pressure. The use of a thermowell will be essential to prevent damage to the measuring instrument and to facilitate removal when necessary.

Selection guide in bimetal thermometers

  • Temperature range – scale range selected should normally be between 30% and 60% of full span. When the temperature exceeds the temperature range, it may cause a failure in the temperature gauge.
  • Accuracy – the accuracy of bimetal thermometers is expressed as a percentage (plus or minus) of the maximum scale ratings.
  • Measurement range and dial – a wide variety of measurement ranges are available in dual scales (Fahrenheit and Centigrade) from -100oF through 1000oF. Unique requirements for temperature ranges can be customized accordingly.
  • External reset – most of the bimetal thermometers are equipped with this feature which allows the instrument to be calibrated at any specific point in the measuring range.
  • Environmental conditions – manufacturers of bimetal thermometers ensure the instruments are hermetically sealed. The case should not be exposed to sustained temperatures exceeding 200oF (93oC). If the bimetal thermometer would be used in situations where extreme vibrations may be present, the thermometer case must be filled with silicone, a protection for the internals of the instrument.
  • Bulb minimum insertion length – this is decided through the type, temperature range and bulb diameter. When considering the specifications for the bimetal thermometer, it is essential to choose a suitable length which is longer than the minimum insertion length for excellent performance.
  • Thermowell – provides the bulb protection in case of corrosion fluid. The material of the thermowell should be suitable when necessary particularly in cases where there is increase in operating pressure, where there is increase of flow and viscosity and when there are harmful fluid leaks from the bulb. 
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Choosing from among the Different Ashcroft Thermometers

A complete line of industrial thermometers are available including accessories to provide for quality choices in temperature measurement requirements. Ashcroft thermometers provide quality and performance features with parts that are designed to ensure quality and consistency in readings. The cases may be silicone filled to dampen extreme vibrations and to ensure the precision of the temperature measurements whether in low process temperature/high environmental humidity applications.

A selection of Ashcroft thermometers

  • Bi-metal thermometer – the bi-metal system consists of two different metallic strips bonded together that have different expansion and contraction coefficients. One strip will expand faster than the other while causing the bi-metal strip to curl in proportion to its temperature. Temperature variations cause the bi-metal strip to unwind or wound tighter which in turn rotates the winder. In terms of accuracy, the bi-metal thermometer is guaranteed accurate to within 1% of full scale.
  • Gas actuated thermometers – are of a molecular sieve design utilizing inert gas and activated carbon to produce much lower internal pressures than the conventional gas thermometers. These Ashcroft thermometers are guaranteed for their dependability, durability, high accuracy, low ambient error and extreme over-range capabilities. When compared with the vapor-actuated thermometers, the gas-actuated thermometers are more accurate over a full range. They can also operate at higher and lower ranges than vapor actuated thermometers.
  • Digital thermometers – are the most common ashcroft thermometers used in the food industry since they are easier to read than glass thermometers and generally more accurate than the traditional dial-type thermometers. Digital probe thermometers are generally of two types: thermocouple digital thermometers and thermistor digital thermometers. Accuracy is good for both types but thermistor dials are limited to the type of built-in probe they come with and if the probe breaks, you have to buy a new thermometer.
  • RTD thermometers – or resistance temperature detectors are temperature measuring devices using the principle that resistance of a metal changes with temperature. As the temperature of a metal increases the metal’s resistance to the flow of electricity increases. Similarly, as the temperature of the RTD resistance elements increases, the electrical resistance that is measured in ohms increases. Platinum is the most commonly used metal for RTD thermometers due to its chemical inertness, nearly linear temperature versus resistance relationship and stability.
  • Thermowells – used in applications where the stem of the bi-metal thermometer may be exposed to pressure, corrosive fluids or high velocity. The thermowell protects the instrument from pressure, flow-induced forces and chemical effects of the process fluids. For low pressures and temperatures, Teflon can be used for the thermowells.

Choosing the right Ashcroft thermometer for the environment it is being used is essential for accuracy and repeatability. The following criteria should be considered:

  • Resolution of the reading, whole numbers 10C or tenths 0.100C or more 0.010C
  • Measurement range particularly in extreme temperatures and tough environments
  • Accuracy measured as plus or minus 10C or if needed 0.050C
  • Response time must be immediate and fast
  • Impact resistance and moisture resistance
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Why the Accuracy of Bimetal Thermometers is Critical to the Food Industry

Practically everyone is familiar with thermometers particularly those used to measure body temperature. There are also thermometers installed in homes and businesses to measure food temperature or to tell whether the furnace has to be turned on or off. Traditional thermometers were bulb thermometers that contain some kind of fluid like mercury and rely on the principle that liquid changes its volume relative to temperature. Another kind of thermometer called bimetal thermometers rely on the principle that different metals expand at different rates when exposed to heat. By bonding two different metals together to make a bimetallic strip, it becomes more sensitive to small temperature changes. Most of the bimetal strips use high thermal expansion alloy like steel or stainless steel coupled with low thermal expansion ally such as Invar. 

Two construction methods for the bimetallic strips

  • Spiral strip – the bimetallic strip is coiled into a spiral attached to a dial that indicates temperature.
  • Cantilever strip – the bimetallic strips are bonded together in a cantilever. Deflection is used to indicate temperature.

Most commonly the strip are coiled into the thermometer and it will get larger or smaller depending upon the temperature change and will directly move the needle on the face of the dial to indicate temperature. Bimetal thermometers are cost effective as they do not require power – you only need to read the temperature measurement on the dial. For industrial applications, the bimetal thermometers offer large dials for easy reading and made from durable stainless steel construction. Dampened and silicone-filled bimetal thermometers provide accurate and reliable temperature read-outs in high vibration settings like manufacturing plants. Aside from the bimetal thermometers used for refrigerators, ovens and furnaces, there are penetration bimetal thermometers for food processing and production.

Ranges and accuracy of bimetal thermometers

In general the bimetal thermometer is considered to be very reliable and accurate particularly for home thermostats. A small pocket thermometer used to test the temperature in an air conditioning system or cooking has a dial of about an inch in diameter but with a temperature range from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and marked off in two degree increments. Larger units with 2, 3 and 5 “dial faces will typically be accurate to 1% of the span of the unit. Ranges as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit are available however those within the 500 degree Fahrenheit ranges are more common. 

The critical role of bimetal thermometers in the food industry

The most common thermometer used in the food industry is the bimetallic stemmed thermometer that is capable of measuring temperatures from 0oF to 220oF (-18oC to 104oC).  Among its many important features is the adjustable calibration nut for accuracy, easy-to-read numbered temperature markings, and the dimple to mark the end of the sensing area with accuracy up to +/-2oF or 1 degree Centigrade. Bimetal thermometers play a big role in food safety and food quality as they manage both time and temperature. The bimetal thermometer can be the most single important tool that can protect food. 

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Distinguishing between the Ashcroft Transmitters and Ashcroft Transducers

Transducers are widely used in measuring instruments to convert a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. The devices that typically make use of ashcroft transducers are the pressure sensors that detect pressure to convert it to electricity that can be displayed in a remote gauge. However, the ashcroft transducers are not limited to pressure measuring devices because they are also used for energy types that include mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, chemical, acoustic or thermal energy. One example of the ashcroft transducers is the H2 pressure transducer that is ideal for measuring and controlling challenging hydraulic and pneumatic conditions. The high accuracy and performance combined with rugged construction provides a highly reliable and safe sensor platform.

How the ashcroft transducers work

The conversion of pressure into an electric signal works through the physical deformation of strain gages which are bonded into the diaphragm of the pressure transducer and wired into a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Pressure applied to the pressure transducer produces a deflection of the diaphragm which introduces strain on the gages that will produce an electrical resistance change proportional to the pressure. Ashcroft transducers/transmitters are designed for ranges of 0-5 psi through 0-20,000 psi to include vacuum/compound ranges and differential pressure ranges from 0-100to 0-300 psid. The Ashcroft transducer can be used on off-road equipment, construction machinery, compressor control, HVAC and refrigeration, agricultural implements, process automation and control, hydraulic and pneumatic sensing and pressure monitoring.

Differentiating a transducer from a transmitter


Transducers are voltage-output devices which are used for simple signal conditioning but are considered to be more sensitive to electromagnetic interference. The electrical resistances of the connecting cable can result to significant errors if the cable is long which requires 3 or 4 connecting wires to supply power and deliver the output signal. General-purpose ashcroft transducers are designed to fit the broadest set of industrial applications while the heavy duty ashcroft transducers are designed to accommodate heavy industrial applications and tough OEM applications.


Transmitters are current-output devices that consist of 2 or 3 wires used to receive power and transmit an output signal. They are frequently scaled to vary from 4mA to 20mA as the pressure varies from minimum to maximum. The transmitters are more suitable for use with long cables and are much less susceptible to electromagnetic interferences. It is also more cost effective to use long cables with transmitters. Heavy industrial pressure transmitters are used on test stands, compressor control, hydraulic systems, process automation, pump and pneumatic systems controls. Safe and non-incentive pressure transmitters are used in oil field equipment, upstream oil and gas production, natural gas compression and transfer control as well as alternative energy projects.

The general rule of thumb is that if the pressure sensor has a millivolt (e.g. 30mV or 100mV) or non-amplified output it is a pressure transducer while if the pressure sensor has a voltage of (e.g. 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdcor 1-5Vdc) output it is an amplified voltage output pressure transducer. If the pressure sensor has a current loop output (e.g. 2wire 4-20mA or 3wire 0/4-20mA) it is a pressure transmitter. 

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