Welding Techniques You Need to Know


Like most other industries, the steel fabrication and welding industry has over the years remained dynamic. Evolutionary strides have been made to perfect the joinery and fabrication industry by allowing for superior welding techniques.

Stick welding

Also known as the electric welding method, the technique uses an electrode flux in offering a welding puddle. As the commonest joinery technique used in metal work, it confers superior joints for metals with high iron percentage such as steel, iron, stainless steel and other iron-based metals. It is a common practice in most welding Toronto shops to use the technique when creating various steel fabricated products.

Tig Welding

When tungsten is molten at high temperatures under inert gas, it creates a ballistic bond on metal surfaces. A tungsten electrode is molten on the weld area whilst under protection of argon or helium gas to form a bond.

Gas metal welding

Also called the metal-inert gas (MIG) welding, the process involves the use of wire substrates that melt under temperature produced by a steam of Carbon Dioxide. The joinery technique is best when used in welding metal surfaces with copper, stainless steel and lighter or pressed metals. It is common to call this type of joinery ‘gas welding’ as maybe typically referred in most welding Toronto shops.

Submerged arc welding

Unlike the other techniques, this particular technique involves the use of consumable electrodes “submerged” in a flux blanket. As the electrode heats up, the blanketing fusible flux granules melt creating a bond between the metal surfaces being joined.

As a modern welding house, Weldrichandsteel houses the best techniques for every welding project. In each of these techniques, we have expertise and a leading technology to help you become join the league of the best. We have all it takes to help you achieve the extra-ordinary in your steel fabrication projects. With our welding Toronto expertise, we are sure of delivering your expectations, as you may need them.

By valariearthur

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