Horizontal Boring Mills

TOS America is a premiere supplier of the world’s lead boring equipment. In its portfolio spans a wide array of boring tools each designed to deliver exclusively super quality work. In the mix are vertical and horizontal boring mills among others. The offertory display and showcasing of the equipment in our shops allows you to interact with the world’s latest technologies. Among our top brands is the global boring equipment manufacturer – FERMAT’s products. Through our boring equipment showrooms, customers also enjoy untamed flexibility of choices from which they can choose from.

Apart from offering the lead boring tools and equipment, we also deliver customized grinding machines; undertake spare part fabrication as well as performing other refabricating services. Consequentially, we offer flame hot technologies to foster your businesses’ progression. Thus, if undertaking any form of metal or wood fabrication involving boring, you can be sure of being ahead of competition whenever you shop with us. In addition to creating first hand boring solutions, TOS America creates an interactive environment from through which you can access expert advice from our internal savvy team of experts.

Whilst the creation of exact and precise vertical holes in both wood and metal work remains a key challenge, the TOS supplied equipment are all ratified for high degree of accuracy. In the endeavor, our specialists inspect and configure every set of equipment ensuring that you get the best value for its use. With our focus over the years being on the provision of superior products, we’ve developed and deployed the culture of business success from generation to the next. That’s why we always invest in getting the next generation’s technologies onboard before anyone else in the industry. Therefore, if tired of using the olden technologies, your contraction of our shop for supplies of either the vertical or the horizontal boring mills will have the most transformative change on your venture. We’ll be sure to deliver the change you need to propel your operations to the next generation.

When pursuing the best, you’ve got to lay aside every care and go for nothing but exactly that. At TOS America, we understand that all you need is the best. That’s why we’ve always kept our vision high and our quest to fulfill your dreams alive. We’ve got the lead boring tools that can be adjusted for both side-way and angular operations along the X, Y, Z and the W axis.

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Boring is a common manufacturing process which involves enlargement of a hole using a single point tool. The process is done using boring milling machines where the tool is directed into an existing hole. Depending on the process at hand, the machine can either be equipped with a single boring tool or multiple boring tools. For instance, manufacturing of engine cylinders is done using multiple cutting tools for purposes of consistency. Large-scale manufacturing will also require the use of multiple tool heads. Contrary to this, large pieces require a single cutting tool for stability and strength.

The boring process can be viewed as the opposite of turning which involves external diameters. There are two main types of boring operations that can be conducted by boring milling machines. These are formation of through holes and formation of blind holes. During the formation of through holes, the boring bar is usually supported on both ends. Formation of a blind hole will only require the boring bar to be supported on one end. However, some manufacturers use the two types of support interchangeably to produce through holes. In better industrial terms, the two processes are referred to as line boring and back boring.

Boring milling machines usually have a major problem when it comes to operation costs and rate of tool wear. Turning machines are usually easier to work with since the tool touches the work-piece at a single point. This means minimal tool wear. Boring mills on the other hand have their tool encases inside the hole hence a high rate of friction wear. Due to this fact, greater clearance requirements are needed hence reducing the amount of support that can be accorded to the tool. The operators also face difficulty when it comes to surface inspection since the surfaces produced are internal. Sophisticated machines have to be used for inspection.

Due to the mentioned challenges facing boring operations, the manufacturers have come up with various types of boring milling machines meant for specific boring operations. The most common types are the vertical and horizontal boring mills. Their mode of operation is explained by their names. Vertical borers have a vertical spindle and a horizontal working table while horizontal ones have a horizontal spindle. They come in two different styles; table type and floor type. Table type boring mills are usually smaller than floor type and can be used for a wide variety of small applications. They are the most common type in industries.


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Today, businesses are using different techniques to promote themselves and increase their customer base. As an entrepreneur, you should know that your business can utilize numerous software solutions to manage and improve the productivity of your business. Information technology has introduce several software solutions and programs that are designed to increase the productivity of a business. You can also use a custom web application to meet various requirements of your business. The application offer a practical approach to any of the software issues that you might be experiencing in your organization. The web application is popular among most of the organizations that have e-commerce websites. There are numerous businesses that require this application including manufacturers, suppliers, traders and customer services. The custom web application will ensure that your business has a performance tracking system, database management and numerous tools to improve the operations of the online business. These tools are required by most of the online businesses. When you use the application, you will be able to manage information and work processes in the most effective and efficient manner. You will be able to handle different tasks in a smart way. The result is that the productivity of the business will improve and you will be able to meet the set industrial standards. As a marketer, you will only be expected to concentrate on the quality of your products.

The web application allows business owners to convert their ideas into reality. You will have the opportunity to integrate any solution that you have in mind into the online business without any problems. You will also solve most of the practical problems that you face in your daily operations. You will be in a better position to create projects, dissertations and presentations using the custom web applications. The innovative ideas will be transformed into a professional business platform that is efficient and effective. The application can be development with the assistance of various technologies including Python, java and ASP.NET. The best solution will be selected by the web application developer depending on the assessment of your business and the goals that you have. This should be able to take care of the requirements that you have and also handle any future changes. The tools and systems that you need to successfully operate an e-commerce business will be provided by custom web application. Always ensure that the professionals that you hire guarantee maximum benefits for your business.

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Web design Toronto

Many business organizations have resorted to web design and development to be able to create a large market for goods and services. Websites also present many marketing options and also the ease with which it is to update the customer information makes websites the best options and places to advertise the goods and services businesses have. Vestra Inet does the design process and makes the custom web designs that are best to clients and the customers. As a company, it has specialized in developing and designing websites for both personal and industrial use. Others are made for commercial purposes and then sold out.

We employ very high skills in the design of the websites. We have high quality designs that are standard and are the latest in Toronto and elsewhere too with latest trends and innovation that suits the need of the clients and many potential customers. As a company, we offer a wide range of activities that concern the websites. We offer web design, web consultations, web development and search engine optimization. With all these, we give very high quality content and management that is incomparable to other companies and organizations that offer the same services.

Web design Toronto will enable the attraction of many customers. The increasing clientele of he customers that are satisfied will continue to put the name of the company at the top rank above other names and companies. As a company, we put our clients first in order to listen to them and give them the best of the services they need. Our driving goal and driving force is to ensure that individual websites are catered for, and their needs dealt with accordingly and the clients given the best. We do not only ensure that your online presence stands out but also further ensure that the design of the site is well updated..

We are a leader of both commercial and industrial website designs in Toronto.Vast experiences gained over years and the experts that we have necessary skills and expertise in the field and have been in operation for an extended period. They ensure the custom web design is just what you want and desire to have. The design, the colour and the many other factors will determine the traffic on your site. The many considerations should be actualized before the site is designed. Get the best professional advice from Vestra Inet.

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Abrasive Blast Cleaning

When undertaking surface preparation for metal furnishing, various approaches are used. Among them, abrasive blast cleaning is the commonest and is meant to offer exceptional metal surface finishing. Professional undertaking of the process leads to the creation of smooth and highly consistent surfaces. Thus, when looking for the most professional and touchiest finishing for your metal surfaces after welding, coat application or any other form of metal treatment, abrasive cleaning is the master process to give you the finest finishing.

In addition to getting super smooth surfaces, abrasive blast cleaning offers exceptionally fine damage-free surfaces within just a few minutes. Designed for meeting first class needs of the world’s finest surfaces; the process of preparing and applying the abrasive blast cleaning is easy to undertake with a zero compromise to the quality. It’s also designed for increased efficiency with minimal environmental pollution.

In undertaking the abrasive blast cleaning, various techniques are available for use. Among these are the steel shot and grit, the aluminum oxide based approach, the walnut shell as well as the glass bead blasting techniques. Thus, when undertaking the process, there are a number of flexible techniques that one can use. Professional in all we do, Teff-line is committed to delivering the top touches in each of the techniques depending on the assignment at hand. With over ten solid years of delivering dried-on and air dried industrial coatings, we pride in being the number one abrasion blast cleaning service provider in Toronto.

At Teff-line, we’ve got a pie for everyone. All you need is seek for the best form that suits your need. More to delivering the cleaning and coating applicants, we also supply high quality corrosion resistant coatings of all types for both commercial and industrial use. Thus, when looking for the best ways of inspiring confidence in your fabricated outfits, we’ll deliver the promise. In the endeavor, you’ll also be sure of enjoying premiere quality of products that are in a class of their own. Moreover, by contacting us for the supply and application of the abrasive blasting cleaning among other services, you’ll be sure of getting ahead of competitors in the league. This is so because of our vastly matured experience that inspires our quest for the industry’s top brands that yield the finest finishing. If in doubt of the best technique that befits your project, please feel free getting in touch with our staff. We’ll deliver beyond the promise.

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Industrial foam insulation

KristoFoam as an industry has existed for a long time in making custom foam and packaging systems to customers. It has gained a reputation all over North America because of the best services it is providing and has been providing to its market. As a producer of the foam and the customized packaging materials, KristoFoam has grown terms of size and market coverage. As an industry, we provide industrial foam packaging that are of high quality and standards and then sell them to clients for use. Since we provide and produce materials for various industries in regards to their order, we specialize and supply the materials in accordance to the needs of the industry.

In connection to the above, the manufacturers provide different materials that are different in terms of shape and appearance and, therefore, the materials also will be different with regards to the business that made the order. Industrial foam insulation is materials that we make as an industry and provide them to the various industries for use for the insulation purposes. Foam is an excellent material that is an insulator and cannot allow heat conduction and, therefore, it prevents heat loss to the atmosphere from system in use. The insulation is useful especially when placed between different materials. The foam that is in between the two materials will offer maximum insulation and make the whole system efficient and effective in application and its use.

KristoFoam specializes in a number of cost effective industrial foam insulation, foam padding and commercial insulation solutions. The materials for the different uses are custom made and can be applied in regards to their use. They offer and provide maximum throughput and application. The materials are reliable for use and worldly recognized because they have been tested and approved as some of the best materials that can be used.

As a company, we have experts and professionals who have the necessary skills and knowledge that are used to produce high quality foam products. Our reputation has stood because the services and the products we offer are beyond reach and cannot be doubted whatsoever. We give the best products to our clients and ensure their needs are catered for maximally. We give a listening ear to the complaints of our customers and act on them immediately in accordance with the urgency of need and their relevance towards better service delivery. Welcome to KristoFoam industry for better service delivery and also get the best of the foams and cushions.

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Cushion packaging

For long kristoFoam packaging as an industry, has been in operation giving the best foam and cushions clients and the customers at large. With the many years in the business, we have experts in creating custom cushions and packaging solutions that are protective for at least all application using plastics, foam, speciality materials and molded fiber. We work with our clients from start to the end from the design work, manufacturing and eventually shipping. As a company, we deal with the needs of the clients and deliver products that are custom made and according to the needs and desires of the customers. We have certified specialists and professionals with the necessary skills in the same and we will adhere to your preferences and distinct matters such as shock absorption, blocking, ESD control, indexing and blocking will be considered during meeting requirements such as source reduction, recycling and reuse.

Our knowledge of and easy access to polyethylene foams and speciality materials provides customers with the best materials for the packaging and cushion packaging solutions. As the largest foam fabrication in North America, kristoFoam INC deals with diverse form capabilities throughout the multiple facilities including routing, die-cutting and compression molding. We deal also with fabrication of different fashions of the cushion whether it is end cap, insert, tray, or other forms of the custom solution.

It is now over 25 years of service, and we have earned reputation that unsurpassed and cannot be denied whatsoever in the custom foam and fabrication industry. The reputation is founded on quality of the products, innovation, exceptional service and our teams commitment towards providing the best to our clients and the customers at large. KristoFoam is the best North America’s leading supplier of foam that are customized and fabrication products and also material handling system in the whole world

We are a full supplier of custom fabrication products, packaging systems and material handling. In the various business, we have been recognized as the best in terms of sale and product quality. The customer service and satisfaction is at the core of our operation, and we consider him and her before any other thing. We listen to customer complaints and even have an online system where the various grievances can be channelled, and we work on them accordingly. We deal in highquality cushion and fabrications on the market, and this cannot be refuted because we have launched deep into making our services better enhancing customer relations.

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Electronic foam packaging

Electronic foam packaging requires the use of the cushions and foams for the main purpose of packaging electronic appliances and materials. The design and production of the electronic foam materials require the use of different raw materials used to produce a foam that meets the need for its intended use. The electronic foam packaging products can be in different materials like the polyethylene, Anti-static polyurethane and many others that can be used dependent on the needs and the materials that are to be used for the same purpose.

We also make custom foam for the electronic systems in regards to the needs of the customers and the clients. Customer service is the main driving role in this business since many are frequently custom made and the clients would need the materials to conform to their standards. Electronic foam packaging can be provided in full service with complete packaging systems and this includes the ESD bags, corrugate, and also the wood products. All the services can be provided for the various electronic materials users have and need their packaging systems. We provide our customers with total electronic foam packaging solutions that meet their requirements and needs and, therefore, fulfil their needs to their satisfaction.

Technology in use is also employed in the manufacture and production of the different materials that are used to package the electronic and also the whole process of packaging. Through the years of experience and innovation through growth and expansion of technology, correct products have been designed, developed and recommended for every particular application. Furthermore, the cushions and the foams for the electronic packaging are made with respect to their purposes and use. Tensile strength and the compression of the materials that have been used to make the foam are some of the factors. Heavy electronic materials will need materials that offer high tensile strength.

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How to Buy the Best Industrial Tanks at Low Prices

The industrial tanks are one of the best known of industrial commodities that can be found for sale online and elsewhere. Such tanks come in a number of different sizes and colors and if you buy them online you can get them delivered to your factory free of cost. The tanks are usually quite expensive and come with a long life. If you want to be able to secure these tanks for a price which is substantially lower than the market price there are some useful tips which you can consider.

Buy Second Hand Tanks

You can always go ahead and buy the industrial tanks on a second hand basis if you want to secure these for a moderate price. The second hand tanks are as good as those that are brand new and can be used with more or less the same degree of efficiency. Maintaining the used tanks is very easy to do as these have already been in operation for quite some time. You can therefore save quite a bit of money on repair costs. You can use second hand tanks comfortably for seven to eight years at a stretch without having to send these in frequently for repair.

Shop for Tanks Online

Choosing to shop at stores online is a remarkable way by which you can end up getting industrial tanks in your possession for a low price. The internet stores are known to offer heavy deals and discounts on the sale of these items all through the year. The maximum rate of discount which you can get to avail on these products is often as high as fifty percent. A discounted purchase does not however mean that the industrial tanks which you buy will be of a shabby quality. The services rendered by these tanks will be a hundred percent efficient.

Make a Bulk Purchase of Tanks

If you decide to buy industrial tanks in bulk from wholesale dealers and manufacturers then there is every possibility that you can get to buy these at a lower price than usual. A bulk purchase essentially means the purchase of three to four tanks for the price of one. By opting for a bulk purchase you not only end up with several tanks in your possession but you also get to save a significant amount of money on the purchase of these products. Such a purchase can be made at any and every time of the year.

Buy Tanks during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time when industrial tanks are sold for moderate prices in industrial stores in any city and town in the developed countries of the world. So if you choose to do your shopping for industrial tanks during Christmas, you can get to buy these for meager prices. The sale of the tanks at this time of the year will be accompanied by free installation services and a warranty policy which is active for a period of six months to one year.




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How to Get in Touch with the Best Industrial Oven Manufacturer

As the use of industrial ovens these days is a very common affair, getting in touch with high quality manufacturers of these items is no longer a difficult thing to do. Industrial ovens are available for sale in a number of different shapes and sizes. There are numerous sites online from where you can get to purchase these ovens at decent prices. However it is important to make a quality purchase as by doing so you can get the oven to last for a considerable period of time. The following are some well known ways by which you can get in touch with a reputed industrial oven manufacturer.

Opt for Word of Mouth Information

A useful way to contact an industrial oven manufacturer of repute would be through word of mouth. You can get in touch with other people who have bought such ovens in the past and you can provide you with contact details of suppliers of industrial ovens who can be trusted. Existing customers and users of the industrial ovens can be trusted with the details they give you as they are already executing these ovens and reaping the best results upon doing so.

Choose Manufacturers who have been Around for Several Years

An industrial oven manufacturer who has been in the business of dealing and making such ovens for the last twenty years can certainly be relied upon to provide you with high quality products. The best way to get in touch with such a person is through marketing engines online where they are known to advertise on a frequent basis. There are times when you can even get to reader customer reviews about the ovens that these manufacturers deal in. The customer reviews are quite brief and reading them can give you every idea about the quality of ovens made by these manufacturers.

Use Social Media Sites

You can take recourse to the social media networks in order to get in touch with the finest industrial oven manufacturer. These sites might have a separate page dedicated to the products and services that are provided by such a manufacturer as well as his or her contact details. Once you get in touch with the manufacturer you can ask him to show you some samples of the different products that he makes. By assessing the quality of the samples you can take a call as to whether you would like to use his ovens for the long term and that too in bulk.

Opt for Manufacturers who Provide Warranty Facilities

You should always choose an industrial oven manufacturer who provides a warranty certificate for the ovens that he sells to customers, irrespective of the individual prices of these ovens. A warranty policy is most useful to have as it positions you to avail free repair services for the oven for a period of six to eight months at least if not longer than that. It comes in the form of a small piece of paper which you need to keep away carefully.


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