What is custom metal fabrication all about?

Just as the name suggests, custom metal fabrication Toronto is all about designing products with the intention of meeting a certain need more satisfactorily than when using standard products. It can thus mean making one large metal piece or several small metal parts depending on the existing need. The key thing here is the need, rather than the product itself. In most industries, you find that clients set up projects with the intention of meeting very particular needs, which might not compare to anyone else out there. They need tools, equipment and machines that can perform at a certain capacity, which might not be possible with standard items.  What they need is a custom fabrication partner to develop a project that reflects their thoughts.

At 4 way metal, we capitalize on understanding the market needs and developing products that are fool proof in terms of performance. In order to achieve this, we work with clients to ensure we understand everything they want in the package. With years of experience in custom metal fabrication Toronto, we are capable of detecting your needs and perfecting them to the fullest. If it’s a project that requires cutting of metals into specific sizes, we have all sorts of tools for the job including saws, punches and lasers. If you want tabular parts, we are capable of cutting 1 piece or 1000 pieces at a time depending on your project. Our CNC Dutch saws allow us to bundle tubes and pipes and cut them very quickly. Our 6X laser cutting tools enable us to drill holes on any type of metal. 4 Way Metal also has tools for straightening metal wires, cutting them to length, and tying them in bundles.

4 Way gives a professional approach to projects for custom metal fabrication Toronto, no matter their size. We offer modern solutions in all aspects of laser cutting, punching, stamping, and roll forming, plate rolling, powder coating and general fabrications

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How to Operate and Choose an Air Compressor

With today’s evolving technology, industrial air compressor service is highly sought after by manufacturing plants. Using an air compressor is not really that difficult. But if you have never tried using one, you are probably clueless as to how that machine works. Here are the basic steps in operating one.

  • First, attach the hose to the air compressor. After, you need to attach the tool that you will be using like the pressure gauge, blow gun, tire inflater or any attachment or tool that you want to use.
  • Now, plug the air compressor in an electrical outlet so that the air compressor will be able to pump air into the compressor tank. When the compressor has reached a preset pressure, it will automatically shut down and will now be ready to use.
  • Squeeze the trigger so that the compressed air will come out and will enter the tire or other items which you need the compressed air. Be sure to hold the trigger down in order to allow the air to steadily go where the air is needed to go.
  • You need to recharge the air compressor by allowing the air compressor to rest without using it. The compressor will make a noise while it is charged. As stated in the previous step, the air compressor will automatically shut down when it has reached a preset limit.
  • You may repeat this procedure until you will be done in using the air compressor. There will be no limit as to the number of times in a day that you will recharge and use your air compressor.

Most of the time, a company will need an industrial air compressor service but the employees at the same time will have to move around in the workplace in order to perform their duties in different job sites. For this type of company, they should make use of portable air compressors. This kind of air compressor is built to be exceptionally durable and which can be easily transported in contrast to the stationary models used in buildings. The portable air compressors will simply hook the back of a truck and can efficiently and quickly moved from one work site to the next area. The portable air compressors are also deemed to be highly durable and easy to transport. However, these equipments may need to maintain the power that is needed for larger jobs.

As companies and businesses come in different sizes, portable air compressors also have different sizes. It can be difficult to figure out the right model for your company as air compressors usually come in different models. In order to assist you in making the right choice, you can ask the opinion of experts or those which know about air compressors. Whether it’s a portable diesel compressor, an electric compressor or any product, they will be able to point you in the right direction. Since there are plenty of products in the market, it is also very important to choose the trusted brand for your air compressor.

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Importance of scrap wire recycling:

There is no need of having a lot of unused equipment, devices and machines in both the residential and commercial sectors. Some of the equipment and other metallic substances that are not in use are dumped to landfalls hence dirtifying the environment. Therefore recycling the scrap wire Mississauga provides a solution to many issues. Recycling the scrap wires especially the electronics and other equipment provide a larger space to the offices or the residential houses where other equipment can be kept. Such kind of places gets a free circulation of air since more space is created.

Some companies and even individuals handle a lot of metallic devices and equipment and therefore at some point they have large volumes of scrap wire  Mississauga. Therefore through the sale of the scrap wires they can earn some income. Therefore instead of dumping the scrap wires, the companies or individuals should sell them to reputable companies and make some money from waste materials. The clients should be vigilant to choose the best buyers to ensure that they get the best price for the scrap wires. Companies like Alnor Industries have been on the forefront to in buying the scrap wire Mississauga. Therefore, the top recycler of scrap wires will purchase the scrap wires at a price that exceed the quality and volume of scrap wire from the customers.

Experience and expertise in handling and recycling the scrap wires are very importance because clients will always associate their products with the best companies. Such companies have enough facility to handle any scrap wire in Mississauga. They even provide transport of the scrap wires from the clients’ premises to the company hence saving them from unexpected costs. Dirty scrap wires on the field is a health hazard since they emit very poisonous gases that are a threat to human health. Recycling scrap wire in Mississauga is a way of conserving the environment.

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The Important Role of Steel Fabricators in the Industry of Construction

Steel metal fabricators play a vital role in the manufacturing process for different structural components or equipments for many industries. Companies, shops and individuals engaged in fabricating steel can also specialize in custom metal fabricating. There are a lot of leading companies in the industry of steel fabrication who have been in the business for plenty of years and have been involved in creating important landmarks. Companies which provide steel perform different key parts in the process of constructing skyscrapers, tools and equipments. They ensure that builders have the ideal material at the time that they most need it. Steel is known to be commonly part of building frames and is also typically used for heavy equipment frames. The process involves in-depth planning by the experts.

What custom metal fabricating companies do is bid on a project that is of a large scale. Experts in the industry work with steel fabrication shops which provide the labor needed for the entire process. There are different fittings as well as other type of hardware used and is dependent on the type of project handled. While creating steel frame components for heavy machineries will not require much amount of word compared to erecting a frame for a building, still great care should be given to the two types of projects. Typically, the customer will hand the contractor with drawings that will detail what is required from the project. If the customer does not have the drawings, steel detailers can be contracted in order to produce the needed drawings for the project to be proceed in its next phase.

The process of fabricating steel involves much of precision cutting in order to ensure that the raw metal will be formed into its correct size. Steel fabricators are trained to us different techniques as well as tools in order to make sure that the raw materials are expertly crafted. Some of the common techniques that are employed by fabricating companies include the use of cutting torches as well as saws which are especially designed for metal. Different presses and machines are used in order to shape the steel in the desired form or final product for the use in construction. Welding is also the final step in the process before painting or sandblasting.

There are different steel fabrication companies and they serve the construction industry in different locations. Many fabricators have locations in various stares in order to effectively serve the needs of the industry. Since most of the companies serve in more than just one location, this will allow them to work easily with other professionals who might be needed along the fabrication of steel like engineers and drafters. Contractors who need choose a particular steel company to work hand in hand with will often choose one that has an established reputation in the area. In addition to the price and experience, other considerations will include the quality of planning and communication. A very important consideration is in how the company deals with unforeseen difficulties which are common in construction.

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Metal Fabrication and Its Raw Materials

Metal fabrication involves several standard raw materials and metal fabricators use these materials at their disposal. They can also reduce cycle times and workflow.

Metal fabrication refers to the creation of metal parts, components and machineries by cutting, forming and other like processes. The common fabrication techniques include lathing, welding, grinding, broaching, honing and milling through many shops which are engaged in metal fabrication. A lot of shops also offer variety of specialties which can be well suited to the specific needs that you have. Metal fabrication is an important process for virtually all of manufacturers in different industries ranging from electrical to automotive and even to beverage. Through the years, the use of popular raw materials resulted in the standardization of a lot of fabricated parts and components. Even before a metal fabrication process is began, it is quite helpful to understand the materials which are appropriate and available for your unique application. The following are raw materials which should be readily available from different metal suppliers: fittings, castings, plate metal, hardware, expanded and formed metal, flat metal, sectional metal and welding wire.

Casting Raw Materials

Casting is a type of fabrication process which has been in use for more than 6,000 years now and involves forcing liquid metal on a mold and then allowing it to cool and then harden in its desired shape. Since casting has a high degree of custom flexibility, it makes it an ideal choice for applications which require complex geometries. Raw materials which are used in this process typically include the molten metal, concrete, epoxies and clay. Common metals which are used in the process of casting include aluminum, gold, silver, steel, copper, magnesium, iron, stainless steel.

Expanded and Formed Metal Raw Materials

The expanded metal derives its name from the process by which it was created: stock metal sheeting is sheared on a press in order to create diamond-shaped holes which are in turn surrounded by interlinked strands of metal. The resulting grate-like aesthetic makes the expanded metal ideal for fencing, outdoor furniture, and screen doors and in various architectural details. It is also being used as guarding on machineries in order to avoid contact with surfaces which are hot. The expanded metal raw materials also come in different variety of standard thicknesses and also grating sizes.

Different Types of Raw Materials

When metal fabrication is dealt with, hardware is defined as different standardized parts or fittings which are used in making a product stronger, much functional and easier to fabricate. Categories of metal fabrication hardware come in great numbers and include the following basic materials like corners, locks, handles, keys, latches, wires and chains.

Different Types of Sectional Metals

Sectional metals are composed of steel and are also available in different standardized shapes. They are widely used in construction and engineering industries. The ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials rigidly defines the physical and chemical properties for every type of sectional metal. I-beam and Z-shape are among the popular types.

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Worm Gear Motors – A More Economical Choice for High Efficiency Speed Reduction

Recent demands from various industries require speed reducers that will multiply the torque generated by an input power source to increase the amount of usable work. It is also expected for speed reducers to reduce the input power speed to desired levels. One of the most cost effective devices for speed reduction is the right angle design configuration in Worm gear motors. The simplicity of Worm gear motors allow for various arrangements that include hollow-shaft and double-shaft outputs.

Gears for speed reduction

Gears are common in most motors and machines because they increase torque output through gear reduction and adjust the direction of rotation. However, there are different types of gears that can be integrated on machines to change its motor speed.

  • Worm gears – are cost effective speed reducers with a setup designed so that the worm can change into a gear although the gear cannot change into a worm. Worm gear motors set new standards for reliability, cost effectiveness and efficiency with hollow shafts in the smallest sizes. The angles of the worm are shallow so that the gear is held in place due to friction. The most common application of Worm gear motors can be found on conveyor systems where the locking feature can act as a brake or an emergency stop.


  • Spur gears – similar to Worm gear motors, this type of speed reducer is typically used for large speed reductions. Spur gears have straight teeth that are mounted in parallel on different shafts. The most common applications of spur gears can be found on washing machines, screwdrivers and windup alarm clocks. The most obvious drawback of spur gears is the noise that its produces due to impact of the gear tooth when engaging and colliding.


  • Helical gears – compared to spur gears, helical gears operate quietly and smoothly because of the way the teeth interact. The teeth of the helical gear are cut at an angle to the face of the gear and when they start to engage, the contact is gradual. Contact starts at one end of the tooth and is maintained as the gear rotates into full engagement. The most common application of helical gears can be found in transmissions.


  • Bevel gears – have teeth that are available in straight, spiral or hypoid shapes to change the direction of shaft rotation. Straight teeth have the same characteristics as the spur gears while spiral teeth operate in the same way as helical gears. Compared to straight teeth, spiral teeth produce less vibrations and noise. Bevel gears with the hypoid design have a shape that looks like a revolved hyperboloid instead of a conical shape.

It is common for industries to cut costs during the selection of the speed reducer. The device must not be too expensive for the application parameters otherwise a different solution must be considered. Because speed reducers have different levels of quality and cost, it is important to use higher efficiency sped reducers. For example, Worm gear motors can be used to achieve 20% to 30% more efficiency for less power consumption.  

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The Styles that You Need to Know About Hammer Mills

If you are tasked to have a certain material made into smaller for a particular purpose, what would you do? Well, this might sound simple for you. In most cases, it is. However there is different number of considerations that you need to note in order for you to finish the work in the most economical as well as efficient way. This is where the use of a hammer mill comes in.

What are Hammer Mills?

Hammer mill are one of the types of machineries among a larger category of size reduction tools or equipments. The category also includes jaw crushers, shredders, roll mills, ram fed grinders and ball mills. If you take a look at it a bit closer even with hammer mills, there are different types of styles to choose from. Among the other style to choose from include the following:

  • The material is fed in the grinding chamber.
  • Contact with interior mill components and moving hammers in order to reduce the material’s size.
  • The material remains in the grinding chamber of the hammer mill until it can now pass through the grate or screen which has certain size openings.

Comparison of the five different styles of hammer mills

  • Gravity discharge hammer mills. The industrial hammer mills are considered to be the simplest and most recognizable function of the hammer mill. A rectangular steel chamber keeps the shaft to which the swinging hammers are attached to. When the shaft rotates at a very high speed the hammers will flail out impact on the material. Aside from the hammers, size reduction occurs whenever there is a particle contact and through contact with the breaker plate which is situated inside the grinding chamber. Since they are simple, the industrial hammer can be easily adaptable to various sizes as well as mill designs. It is important to know that replaceable steel liner plates will protect the interior of the mill from any wear and tear caused by grinding different abrasive materials. The ideal application for this is with coal, glass, dry chemicals, coke, porcelain, metals, resin, ceramics, brass and aggregates.


  • Pneumatic discharge hammer mill. The grinding mechanism in this group is very similar to the gravity discharge in the hammer mills. However, the pneumatic mills usually make use of a thinner hammer and the interior wall to the grinding chamber features which are ribbed liner plate. This particular plate has a washboard effect on the material and usually works in unison with the hammers and has a particle impact in order to reduce the material effectively. The biggest difference is the use of air assistance of the material in order to evacuate material coming from the mill. Whether they are attached to the main mill shaft, or have a separate optional component in a very high production model, the fan will pull the material through the mill and then convey it to storage. It is important to know that specially designed hammers are ideal for shredding and tearing.
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Des Compresseurs A Air Performants

Les Quincy compresseurs à air sont de grande qualité qui saura satisfaire l’ensemble de ses clients. Que vous nous contactiez pour vous renseigner sur un futur achat, que vous souhaitiez commander en magasin ou sur le site, ou que vous vouliez acheter des pièces détachées, nos techniciens sont à votre service pour vous conseiller dans toutes vos démarches. L’achat d’un compresseur est un moment important. Il faut tout d’abord connaître ses propres contraintes et exigences de travail, déterminer ses besoins et les conditions de travail de ses équipes pour déterminer avec soin et tranquillement un modèle qui soit le plus adapté à votre activité. Nos vendeurs et techniciens vous conseilleront au plus juste et vous apprendront à entretenir votre appareil au mieux pour lui garantir une longue vie de travail.


Une grande quantité d’outillage peut se monter sur les Quincy compresseurs à air. Il suffit de déterminer quels outillages vous intéresse et d’identifier le compresseur le plus adapté. Le principe est très simple. Le compresseur utilise une importante quantité d’air qu’il compresse et restitue pour vos appareils branchés dessus. Grâce à un tuyau, les outils sont branchés aux compresseurs. Vous pouvez alors utiliser le maximum de la puissance de l’air pour activer vos appareillages et retrouver toute la puissance de l’air compresser dans vos gestes habituels. Ce système d’air compressé existe depuis très longtemps et est connu de tous, mais les nouvelles capacités techniques font des nouveaux compresseurs des appareils très puissants dans le travail.


Vous comprendrez l’importance d’une bonne maintenance des Quincy compresseurs à air. Car un bon compresseur est un outil crucial dans une activité. Un compresseur fonctionnant parfaitement est un outil économique puissant. Il diminue le temps de travail, les temps de pause des ouvriers qui sont également moins fatigués et donc plus productifs. Le compresseur augmente le taux de production. L’environnement de travail est plus sain et un compresseur bien entretenu est un outil très sécuritaire. Au contraire, un appareil mal entretenu consommera davantage d’air et d’énergie, les températures seront trop élevées et l’air ambiant moins propre. Autrefois, l’entretien des compresseurs nécessitait l’intervention de sociétés spécialisées. Aujourd’hui le processus est largement simplifié. Cependant il reste tout aussi vital pour la machine et ne doit jamais être négligé. C’est un processus qui se veut quotidien ou hebdomadaire en fonction des pièces. Les techniciens sont formés à cette maintenance et les personnes utilisant les compresseurs doivent l’être également.

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There are numerous manufacturers who specialize in offering processing equipment. The equipment include plating lines that are meant for both pre and post-surface treatment. These products have to be of a high quality to ensure that they function correctly. The advantage of getting equipment from these manufacturers is that more often than not they are always able to provide you with customized solutions. This means that you will get a product that will meet your business requirements in terms of volume and speed. You are guaranteed that the plating lines will fit seamlessly into your production setup. The experience that the manufacturers have gained in the business is what allows them to custom built the equipment using different materials such as copper, nickel and barrel. The versatility of their employees makes it even easier to ensure that all clients get exactly what they are looking for. The material that is selected will be chosen based on your production process and its requirements.

The plating lines that you purchase from the manufacturers can be used for automation and also processing tank options. The designs can be easily adjusted to allow the system to align with varying operating dimensions depending on the client. When looking for plating lines on the internet, you can check the manufacturer’s websites for more information. You will also see their portfolio that includes the systems that they have developed for different companies. This way you will be able to understand their capabilities when it comes to manufacture of customized equipment. To get the equipment that you need and allow your business to operate at its best all you have to do is contact the manufacturer. There are several manufacturers that you can get online to do the work for you. However, you should ensure that you do your research to determine which one has a good reputation and can be relied upon to deliver to your expectations.

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What you need to know about rotary vane pumps

A rotary vane pump offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to both design and functionality. It is a highly efficient system with a low operating speed of 50-75 dBA. It comes with an adjustable gas ballast valve that allows the clearance of water vapour from sump oil. With a compact design, it is very easy to install and maintain. The system has a cool-down reliability which increases its usage life.


The rotary vane pump has found its use in a wide range of applications including priming; hold down applications, vacuum drying, medical uses, food processing, lasers and thermoforming. It is also useful when it comes to pumping of oil and other viscous fluids. Most people who use these types of pumps in engine rooms use them for handling lubrication oil. The pumps have tiny clearances between stationary and rotating parts, which minimize slippage from the discharge side to the sanction. They fact that they are designed to work at low speed ensures that they sustain good clearances. This means that operating at higher speeds can cause excessive wear, eventually decreasing their pumping capacity.

You will different types of rotary vane pumps in high pressure applications such as vehicle hydraulics like power steering, super charging and automatic transmission pumps.  Mid pressure applications such as soft drink carbonators and coffee machines also use rotary pane pump machines. It is also not unique to find these pumps in low pressure applications like chemical vapour deposition and secondary air injection in auto exhaust control applications

The simplest rotary vane pump is built with a circular rotating motor, placed inside a large circular cavity. The vanes are slid into the motor to seal all the edges, in order to create chambers that offer the pumping action. Global Vac offers both standard and customized rotary vane pumps for all types of commercial and industrial applications

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