Different Types of Mist and Smoke Collectors


A mist collector plays the same roles as that of a fume collector which is to decrease the amount of mist, fumes and aerosols that is present in a work environment. Both of the equipment can be used in treatment of media streams including a combination of components such as liquid and vapor or solid and vapor. The mist collector together with the fume collector is often used with many different types of machining equipment and other types of devices that produce oil mists, mass of smoke and debris during an operation. In a typical setting, these collectors are often manufactured to act as source collectors that are responsible in capturing materials in a direct manner and these may also act as ambient collectors that have the capacity to treat the air that is circulating around the area.

Smoke together with fumes are considered to be sub-micron particulate because they are a by-product of various process including tempering, welding, quenching, machining at very high speed with the aid of coolants and processing of rubber as well as plastic.

There are three different types of mist collector and smoke collector – media filter collectors, centrifugal collectors and electrostatic collector. The media filter type of mist eliminators are also known as cartridge mist collectors. With this type, the use of HPA filters is common in order to take away any industrial mist as well as smoke oil present. During operation, the air that has fumes or mist particles are trapped inside the cartridge with the help of a mediums such as blower or a fan. After capturing, these are transported to pass by the filter and this is where the trapping of particles, mist and droplets occur with the use of media material.

Centrifugal collectors do its job with the help of a filter element that rotates and then these trapped mists are transformed into larger forms of droplets. Once the droplets are enlarged, the centrifugal force created by the rotating filter is the one responsible in propelling them away from the filter drum and into the casings inside walls instead where it can be removed in the process. The advantage of using the centrifugal systems for the mist cooling is that it can drain the oil and mist through other methods without depending solely on gravity and because of this the compressor is free to run in a continuous manner.

Electrostatic precipitator collectors or ESP operated with the help of high voltage that is charging every particles and droplets of mist and in the process gathering them together. Streams consist of smoke as well as mist goes through the collector and then travels to an area where there are electrodes with high voltage charge present. The particles inside the stream are charged with the help of the electrodes and this is the reason why they stick to plates and surfaces that have the opposite charge. The collection surface is then cleaned regularly to get rid of the particles either by manual or automatic methods.

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Guide in Renovating Your Basement


Basement renovations in Toronto are not an easy task except for newer model of houses that are built with plans of basement remodeling in mind. Majority of the houses that have basements are not meant to be renovated into a living area. Though this may be the case, there are some things that can be done with the right knowledge and understanding. Here are some tips when planning basement renovations in Toronto.

–  There should be emergency exits located in the basement. All building codes have a requirement that must be met when it comes to safe emergency exits especially in bedrooms. The most common requirement would be that the window will have enough space to accommodate a person climbing out and the height should be near enough the ground to jump out of. In order to do this, builders will have to resort to cutting the foundation and then creating a window well. The basement should have a window not just to accommodate light into the room but as an emergency exit as well.

–  It is important that there is no moisture or water leaking out of the basement’s foundation or its slab. Find the source and fix it before doing any basement renovations in your Toronto property. If you go along with the remodeling it will only result to a moldy and soggy insulation that will eventually destroy the flooring.

–  Make sure that you inspect the height of the basement. If it was not designed to be transformed into a living space then there is a high chance that the ceiling is very low as well as the piping, wiring and ductwork. One alternative would be to dig down and pour a new footing under the ones that are currently in. If you do not approve of this method, another alternative would be to relocate the ductwork as well as waste piping into other places and covering them up with fixtures such as closets. The trick would be to hide them away.

–  If you are planning on making a bathroom down in your basement then make sure that it will be able to drain the waste. The slope of the waste lines should be low enough to make sure the waste leaves the pipes with the help of gravity. If not then a sewage ejection pump is necessary.

–  Basements are one part of the house that contains the most hazardous materials. Older homes used to incorporate asbestos as a sealing agent to close the ductwork and it was also found to be a component in the glue used in installing floor that uses linoleum. Many homes have also paints that have high lead content. To ensure the safety of everyone inside the house, it is important to talk with your contractors regarding these materials and if found, send them to the laboratory to identify the sample.

–  Last but not the least, earthquake prone areas should make sure that the basement has undergone standard retrofitting upon renovation.

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The Important Role of Steel Fabricators in the Industry of Construction


Steel metal fabricators play a vital role in the manufacturing process for different structural components or equipments for many industries. Companies, shops and individuals engaged in fabricating steel can also specialize in custom metal fabricating. There are a lot of leading companies in the industry of steel fabrication who have been in the business for plenty of years and have been involved in creating important landmarks. Companies which provide steel perform different key parts in the process of constructing skyscrapers, tools and equipments. They ensure that builders have the ideal material at the time that they most need it. Steel is known to be commonly part of building frames and is also typically used for heavy equipment frames. The process involves in-depth planning by the experts.

What steel fabricating companies do is bid on a project that is of a large scale. Experts in the industry work with steel fabrication shops which provide the labor needed for the entire process. There are different fittings as well as other type of hardware used and is dependent on the type of project handled. While creating steel frame components for heavy machineries will not require much amount of word compared to erecting a frame for a building, still great care should be given to the two types of projects. Typically, the customer will hand the contractor with drawings that will detail what is required from the project. If the customer does not have the drawings, steel detailers can be contracted in order to produce the needed drawings for the project to be proceed in its next phase.

The process of fabricating steel involves much of precision cutting in order to ensure that the raw metal will be formed into its correct size. Steel fabricators are trained to us different techniques as well as tools in order to make sure that the raw materials are expertly crafted. Some of the common techniques that are employed by fabricating companies include the use of cutting torches as well as saws which are especially designed for custom metal fabricating. Different presses and machines are used in order to shape the steel in the desired form or final product for the use in construction. Welding is also the final step in the process before painting or sandblasting.

There are different steel fabrication companies and they serve the construction industry in different locations. Many custom metal fabricating technicians have locations in various stares in order to effectively serve the needs of the industry. Since most of the companies serve in more than just one location, this will allow them to work easily with other professionals who might be needed along the fabrication of steel like engineers and drafters. Contractors who need choose a particular steel company to work hand in hand with will often choose one that has an established reputation in the area. In addition to the price and experience, other considerations will include the quality of planning and communication. A very important consideration is in how the company deals with unforeseen difficulties which are common in construction.

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Why Architectural Mesh is Good for You


The use of decorative wire mesh in architectural works has become of age. It’s now a full flagged line of metal fabrication offering the most promising results to both the building and architectural designers. By adding engineering antique on your design, you enhance their beauty and improve their value as well. These are primarily crafted as panels, sheets or lots of perforated wire blocks. There are limitless combinations of texture, design and finishes available in the market, making custom-tailored architectural opulence a reality. For the best results, the architectural metal mesh is recommended.


Architectural minds are caved to think of limitless design and innovation options. When combined with additive engineering expertise, it meets perfection. It also allows for the creation of exterior and interior finishes of assorted textures, finishes and illumination variances. By custom making the panels and meshes from high grade materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper or bronze, their use becomes cross-industrial. Irrespective of the industry of specialization, architectural metal mesh will always have a place.

Although architectural metal mesh combines both sturdy and natural opulence, it offers a light weight option for increasing the durability of your buildings. It might also be that you need to have a finely retouched exterior outfit that fully cases your building. If that be the case, metal meshes are best for you. By allowing natural light to freely flow through the louvers, you’re able to get a naturalistic view of light and the environment around you too.

To get the best architectural technologies, you need to have the right materials and a combination of engineering expertise in your backing. Your preferred engineering hand should not only offer you steady supply of the right materials, but also offer you the right engineering insights you may lack in making your architectural experience a reality. Ferrier Design is one such engineering companies offering specialist Architectural outfits for every industry.


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The Dangers of Ceramic Wool


Refractory ceramic wool has one major function and that is to insulate high temperature equipment or machinery. These specific equipment or machinery are kilns and/or furnaces. It is composed of man-made silicate fibers that pose some health hazards to humans.

The fine dust particles of refractory ceramic wool have been known to be an allergen to many. The dust particles cause irritation of the exposed skin area resulting in rashes and redness. When inhaled, the ceramic wool particles can cause fibrosis, lung cancer and in rare instances mesothelioma.

How then can this be avoided? Here are some ways to prevent how ceramic wool induce illness in humans.

a.  Proper Ventilation. Always allow for good ventilation when using ceramic wool. Oftentimes, the wool is cut and once the particles fly, they remain in the ambient air. The work with ceramic wool should be near a vent or air duct to sweep away as much of the dust particles as possible.

b.  Proper Equipment. When working with ceramic wool, it is best to have the proper equipment for safety purposes. These include eye goggles to prevent dust from entering the eyes. A facemask would keep the dust from being inhaled and wearing gloves and long sleeved shirts would prevent the skin to be irritated.

c.  Proper Disposal. After working with ceramic wool, the waste products and unused wool need to be properly disposed. Avoid sweeping as it would let the dust particles fly into the ambient air. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner so that all the dust particles would be collected. Proper storage of the unused materials would also help prevent the material from becoming a health hazard.

Ceramic wool has been rated as a possible carcinogenic material. This material, being important in industries that require thermal insulation, needs to be properly handled. Following the simple recommendations provided above can only make use of ceramic wool safe and worry free.

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Factor to Consider When Choosing a Roll Forming Machine


If you are in search of a roll forming machine, you may be wondering how to find a good quality machine that meets you application requirements. First, you must conduct research about the type of machinery you want, the suppliers and manufacturers that stock it and the estimated prices. However, even after doing this, you may not meet your match. Therefore, you should consider a number of other factors.

Service lifetime

A roll forming machine typically has a recommended service life. The service life depends on the development of the machine. Better developed machines usually have a longer service life. You should also consider the duration before an upgrade so that you do not waste the service life of a machine. The service life should be matched with the duration before upgrading.

Availability of spare parts and repair services

Like every other machine, roll forming machines break down from time to time. You want to choose roll forming machines whose spare parts and service technicians are readily available, affordable and accessible. This ensures that in the case of break down, the machine is quickly repaired and is back to good working conditions in the shortest time possible.


A good roll forming machine should have very high levels of precision. Depending on the application at hand, different machines are required to work at different levels of precision. Aside from asking the manufacturer about the machine’s precision, also get second opinions from other industry experts. A precise machine enables you to get the job done right the first time and therefore reduces reworks. The time that could have been spent reworking is used to roll form more sheets of metal.


You need to choose a machine with technology that is up to date and relevant to your application. The technology underlying the functionality should be flexible and simple to understand and use.

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Common Conveyor Belt Failures to Watch Out


If your technician is ever replacing your conveyor belts more than one or twice a year, its time you performed a detailed analysis of the problem. You need to know what exactly causes the problem. From the crimping damages on your belt to the increased belt tension at installation, or the sprocket misalignment and other diverse working conditions, you need to know the root cause of the problem. It is also critical noting that identifying the root cause of belt failure is not easy. However, with proper diagnosis by a technician, it is possible to establish the lead causes.

Synchronous belt failures lead to declining performance per unit time and an increasing belt replacement cost. To alleviate the problem, it is critical to have your in-house technician periodically diagnose the root cause of the problems being experienced. It might be labor and maybe capital intensive, but it will save you money and the ultimate time requirement in maintaining your conveyor systems. Below are common failures you need to watch out when dealing with belted systems.

Rapid wear and tear on the belt
Belts are likely to get worn out over time in the normal course of service life. At its norm, a belt should ultimately become due for replacement after two or three years of use. This gives a somewhat standard belt life of 2-3 years, on whose expiry the belt becomes highly susceptible to tensile cord fatigue and intimate breakage.

Belt crimp failures
Crimp belt failure is similar to a straight tensile belt failure except that the crimped type occurs when the belt bends beyond a given diameter. Well handled belts are less susceptible to crimping since belt crimps often occur due to mishandling of belt cords.

Shock load
Every belt is designed to handle a given load capacity, beyond which breakage occurs. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the cyclic torque of the given belt is not exceeded, as this may lead to the belt being damaged.

High belt installation tensile
When installed in a high tensile environment, conveyor belts are likely to break. Therefore, you should always ensure that the belts are kelp within the recommended tensile levels for them to effectively serve their purpose.

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Establish a Utility Supply With Proper Cable Installation


Find out how utility supply is established in a residential or commercial area using cable installation equipment and tools. Know the proper cable installation here!

Utility supply in a residence or commercial building is developed through cable installation. Efficiency is basically crucial in the said activity. There are tons of wires and cables that must be installed. There are cases wherein existing ones need to be repaired. Completing the task economically, quickly, and more effectively is now possible provided that the cable installation tools are getting advanced and greater in number.

To provide you a picture of the process of activating a utility supply, learn these tools for cable installation first:

1. Cable Blocks. There are different types of cable blocks, such as the pole mount and single roller. The former is a self-support block that could work with fiber optic and smaller copper cables. The latter is useful for almost all types of cables. The major purpose of cable blocks is to avoid cables being stuck during a quick rolling activity.

2. Leak Detectors. These are products made to spot leaks or air or gas. It is not only useful in lead cable sheath, but also in gas appliances, air locks, compressors, air hoses, and connectors.

3. Hydraulic Cable Cutter. The cutter, from the name itself, is used to separate a part of the cable from another. It could be used for solid steel, steel, or underground cables. Under the product category, you can find the power cable, steel cable, and mini cable cutters.

4. Electronic Meters. These are helpful in providing highest precision accuracy in measuring power. It could either utilize dials or digital displays. At present, there are meters designed to promote energy savings and remote adjustments.

5. Duct Rodders. The pulling equipment is designed for ease of operation and increased efficiency. It could either be used above or below the ground.

Other possible products involved in cable installation for utility supply are wireless phasing tools, analog voltage detectors, ground tester, conduit carriers, winch line blower, and cable pulling grips.

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Uses of Transparent Tube Packaging


Transparent tube packaging is very attractive and distinct from the normal box packaging that we are used to. This kind of packaging is particularly used by the cosmetic industry to package perfumes and lotions as well as for packaging gifts. The food industry also uses these tubes to create an appeal for items such as candy and chocolate to consumers.

Transparent tubes are manufactured to carry heavy items, to endure through various stresses and to protect the items within from moisture or spillage. As such, these tubes are used by painters and artists to store art works, to keep them clean, without dust and to protect them from moisture which could damage the art works. These cylinders are also used to store blueprints, making them very easy to transport with no damage occurring on them.

Transparent tube packaging has enabled home owners to store a large amount of items in tricky spaces. They are used to decently and neatly store items such as fishing rods, golf balls and tees and even clothes. Transparent cylinders can also be used to mail items. They are a creative way of sending gifts. Moreover, the receiver of the gift is more likely to reuse the tube for storage and/ or aesthetic purposes.

Clear tube packaging can be customized according to your specification. If the tube is meant to store heavy or fragile equipment such as medical equipment, cutting tools or welding rods, then the tube must be made of tough plastic for protection of your tools. You can choose the length that you require specifying whether it should be open-ended or capped.

Transparent tube packaging is also used for special tasks such as storing medical and laboratory samples as well as for storing medication. These cylinders can also be creatively used for decorative purposes during parties and special events.

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Industrial Uses of Boring Mills


An upgrade in modern machining requires technical and operational upgrades through various high-precision technologies. This involves the use of heavy duty machining and tooling equipment in delivering a diversity of high precision machined components. It is common to deploy the use of these advanced vertical boring mills and tooling equipment in various technical processes, especially:

–  High precision cutting

–  Part and component welding

–  Boring and drilling

There are various modern uses to which vertical boring mills can be effectively put. These include a variety of roles involving immense machining capabilities. Common utility functions of boring mills relate to the following.

–  CNC machined parts and components such as gear blanks, wheel hubs and lady shafts among others

–  High assembly components for bottling plants, textile industries and pharmaceutical companies among others

–  Custom high precision parts

–  Fabrication and pre-fabricated parts

–  Laser machined parts matching various design specifications

Although these uses match cross-industrial needs, there are additional functions that can be effectively met through a selection of the right components by packaging them into a single unit. This is achieved through the use of both horizontal and vertical boring mills.

Why do you just need to use a boring mill?

The use of boring mills comes with a package of benefits, including the following.

–  High precision of machined components

–  Low lead processing time requirement in machining parts

–  Improved automation of various industrial processes

–  Low operational cost leading to low production cost for machined parts

To optimally utilize the capacity of your boring mills, you need to have several things in place. May it be the technical expertise required, the use of various tooling components as well as the need to execute intricate details on your project. Therefore, it is important to get your facts right before delivering on your prototypes.

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