How Distinct is a Dual Disc Check Valve?


When there is a flow, there is a valve. Valves are a device that controls or directs the flow of a fluid, either gas, liquid, or slurries. They are found in almost every industrial processing such as water and sewage systems, oil and gas processing, power generation, food manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and many more. They come in different types and can be classified in various ways. The Dual Disc Check Valve is a popular choice due to its compact design and low cost. It’s an all purpose non-return valve which is much lighter, smaller and yet much stronger than the conventional lift check or swing check valve. It is designed to address the shortcomings of those two conventional valves.

Dual Disc Check Valve has a two spring-loaded plates or discs hinged on the central hinge pin. When the flow pressure decreases, the plates close by torsion spring action without the need for reverse flow. Such design provides the advantages of no water hammer and non-slam, spring-assisted closing. The valve is also referred to as the silent check valve. All these features make the Dual Disc Check Valve a very efficient device. It also conforms to several industry standards (APS and API). It is available in a wafer style, lugged, flanged wafer, and extended design with flanged ends. Other major distinct characteristics of this valve include:

  • Structurally more sturdy design – the cylindrical body of the valve has a much more uniform stress distribution than the swing check type. It can further be designed to endure extreme weight of valve which makes it great for severe and rugged loading conditions.
  • Dual spring action – a Dual Disc Check Valve above 150mm NB are equipped with two springs to prevent disparate forces to act on each plate. This is to achieve an even closing and can be done with single legged or double legged springs.
  • Flexible installation – the valve is more rigid than the length of heavy section pipe preventing the need for more support. The spring action which is in place of gravity enables it to be installed both vertically and horizontally.
  • Unique feature of plate opening – it prevents rubbing actions against seat since it first lifts up at heel before it swings. This is due to special spring action and hinge design of the valve which also results to lower wear and tear of seals.

All of these competitive edges are carried by Islip Flow Controls Dual Disc Check Valve. Our discs are even equipped with shock bumpers to limit stress in hinge pins. They are available with resilient (metal-to-metal) seats to ensure top performance and best results for your application.



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All About Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto


Our company has been in service for 40 years! With everything related to sheet metal or custom metal fabrication in Toronto, we are a top choice. With a facility of over 10,000 square feet plus that houses multiple tools and machines to cover almost every custom metal fabrication requirements in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. A design team and skilled fabricators that are dedicated and eager to work on their craft, our list of satisfied customers continue to grow.

Our Ability and Capabilities

For everything related to Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto and the surrounding areas, our company shines in its ability to provide excellent work on short notice. We take every order as a custom work order; this means no production lines of sorts. Our skilled craftsmen work hands on from start to finish on every project they do, we list below a few of the many equipments and services we cover.

  • MIG and TIG welding- Our expert fabricators have highly regarded skills when it comes to welding works for every fabrication purpose or need from MIG welding to TIG welding and more
  • Lathe and Mill- Machine shop work is part of our capabilities that improves our custom metal fabrication. Whether it is resizing or reshaping metal, we have full capabilities in that area
  • Access to Water and Laser cutters- When it comes to custom work, precision and clean cuts are a requirement that is non-negotiable. Our access to excellent cutters from high powered water jet to laser lined cutters lets us make precision accurate cuts on every fabrication work done
  • Stroke Sander- With every metal works there come the need or requirement for surface finishing. Whether it is surface preparation for paint or texture finish for aesthetic improvements

So give us a call! And our team of staff eagerly awaits your Custom Metal Fabrication needs in Toronto. Our fabricators are on stand-by.

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Outdoor Party Planning – Why You Need a Party Tent Rental in Toronto


Parties are great opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Preparing for it can sometimes be a bit of a chore and forgetting a small detail can be tedious during the event. Have you considered a party tent rental in Toronto? We have compiled a short list of things to do when planning or preparing for a party to help you create a successful event that you and your guests’ will remember:

  1. Budget

Determine how much you willing to spend for the event and work from there. Once you know how much you are spending for the party, you can start drafting the theme of the party, the venue requirements, the initial menu, the program and the number of guests’ you wish to accommodate.

  1. Send out the Invitations

You want your guests to come to your party so it is great to always send out invitations prior to the event. Always include the date, the time, the dress code and RSVP with the name and phone number they can contact. For large, formal events, sending the invitations at least five weeks before the party is preferable. This is because formal parties require more preparation time. This gives your guests sufficient time to confirm their attendance so you can plan and modify your guests’ seating arrangement. If you are going for casual, releasing it at least two weeks before the event is acceptable.

  1. Preparations

After you’ve sent out invitations, it is time to prepare for the event. This will involve plenty of phone calls and inquiries. Find a supplier that offers party tent rental in Toronto. The weather can be unpredictable and it is always a good thing to be prepared. Party tent rental in Toronto is a convenient option to ensure that there is a dedicated space to shield your guests’ from the heat of the sun and to protect them in case of rain. Also contact a company like D&D Party Rentals to provide you with other party necessities such as tent accessories, tables and chairs, dinnerware, stage and other event essentials.

Do not forget to call the catering company (if you wish to have your event catered) and arrange for the menu and the bar area if you want to serve alcoholic beverages during the party.

Find something to sustain the party. Do you want a live band? Or an area where your guests’ can dance. Games are also great for parties. You want your party to be enjoyable and memorable so decide on activities that will entertain your guests.

Get the help of a company that offers event rentals like D&D Party Rentals. We offer a wide range of high quality products and services including party tent rental in Toronto. Call us at 1-888-727-8933 for more information.

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How to Get More Out of Your Custom Closet in Toronto


Closets are one of our most used rooms in the house. We use it every morning before going out. Closets hold some of the items that we use every day like clothes, shoes and bags. There are times however we tend to put in too many things inside our closet which makes them fill out sometimes to the point that we can no longer find anything inside. If you wake up with this issue everyday then it is probably time for some organization.

Finding a company that can create your custom closet in Toronto is a great idea. Custom closets not only provide a style that will fit your personality, it also improves the functionality of your personal space. This is because each person has a different preference and one’s preference will determine the type of set-up that will best enhance the efficiency of the closet space.

To get the most out of your closet space the first thing you should do is to clear it all out. This way you can see how the compartments and shelves are arranged and determine which part is working for you and which part is not. It is good to have an idea of how you want your closet to look like before going to have your custom closet in Toronto made.

Once you’ve done the first step, make an inventory of the things that you have and identify the types of shelf spaces you will require so that you can easily browse through your clothes and other items and easily access them whenever you want to wear them.

If you think you have too many stuffs, dividers can effectively help. Creating small compartments allow you to organize your things better.

Dress up your closet, an amazing lighting will do wonders. Excellently placed mirrors will also give the illusion of a larger space. If you are unsure what to do, ask the company that creates custom closet in Toronto to give suggestions. Call Closet Solutions at (877) 583-9317 for more information about creating your custom closet in Toronto.

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Superior Fine Grind with Classifier Milling


Do you love to have a fancy and memorable conversation with someone special who is very close to your heart? Would you agree that having a conversation with someone is always been better over a cup of your favorite brewed coffee? Its enticing and relaxing aroma plus its fine grind powder for your espresso would be a perfect match for you.

We, at Classifier Milling, have the best fine grinding machines that you may use for your fine grinding needs. Whether it is in your coffee beans or in other spices that you use at home, we have the excellent product line that you may choose from.

Fine grinding has a huge contribution to the processes involved in various raw materials or spices that companies use in their products. It is not just used in food but also in the pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, paint, and paper. This process produces micro-powder, a more efficient form of your raw material that will become readily available to use for different purposes after it undergone the fine grinding procedure.

Our fine grinding machines are energy efficient and easy to operate. The fine grind powder is safe for cross-contamination even when used in turnovers of products. It has a customizable 10 microns durable capacity thus resulting in fine grind powder state of your products. It has a greater control over the distribution and adjustment of particle sizes without shutting down the system. Our machine is very simple, easy to manage and you will have no problem in storage and cleaning. If in case there will be parts that needed to replace, we have various parts readily available to us.

Classifier Milling Systems Corporation products support you in your fine grinding needs. We have a wide range of products available that you may choose from.  If you want to achieve the superior result of your fine grind powders, you will never go wrong by using our machines.

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The Key Qualities of the Best Software Development Company


Are you struggling to have the right team of software developers for your requirements? What you need to do is to do a thorough research to find the best software development company which can fully understand your requirements and can turn your amazing ideas into reality. However, there are so many companies out there which claim that they are the best choice. So you have to be careful in your selection before handing over your project to a software development company. Here are the top four qualities to look for in choosing the right firm.

Customized solutions

The topmost quality to consider in your search is whether the company offers customized software development services. This is very important since customization provides analysis of your needs and objectives during the process of software development and takes all your unique requirements into account.

Excellent user experience

Another crucial consideration is whether the software development company can achieve the desired user experience of the program. Not all companies have the right expertise and resources to ensure this service. Make sure that the firm you choose possess this by going through their portfolio.

Experienced team

When you have a project that will mostly involve interactions with the development team, you have to know who these professionals are since you will be working with them closely. Set a meeting with them prior to starting the project to discuss things out and for you to assess if they are really capable of understanding your needs. This is a great assurance that they would be able to develop the solution as you required.

Reasonable pricing

Transparency in costing and pricing structure is very essential. Ensure that the software development company you select give you an accurate and realistic price. Their quote should detail everything that is involved in the project, without any hidden costs.

You can find all these qualities plus more at Vestra Inet, a software development company that provide custom software solutions of top quality, developed with latest technology tools, finished right on time and within your budget.

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Cast Iron Basket Strainer: A Cost-Effective Filtration Solution


Basket strainers are designed to trap foreign particles from flowing liquids. They are ideal in applications where high flow capacity and long run time are required. They are specially constructed to strain particulates in high-volume process lines. They are also available in duplex style with two parallel baskets and diverting valves which are essential to still have a continuous flow whenever one of the strainers is being cleaned. Or, you can also opt for a simplex design but with a side inlet for easy removal of the basket for cleaning and yet without disrupting the line.

Basket strainers can be manufactured from different materials including cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and carbon steel. Cast iron basket strainer provides a cost-effective filtration solution that costs cheaper than other materials but has high performance. It can be used both as a primary and secondary filter in many applications including in irrigation systems, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. Being made from cast iron, it can resist oxidation and corrosion due to its relatively high silicon and carbon content. It can develop a tightly adhering oxide and subscale to prevent further attack from harmful chemicals.

A cast iron basket strainer has excellent compressive strength making it great for water transport and distribution pipelines. Islip Flow Controls series of cast iron basket strainer are equipped with flanges in accordance with ASME standard. Our standard basket construction is 304 SS perforated plate with a recommended minimum straining level of 250 microns. It is built with bolted cover flanges that use a flat gasket seal and has N.P.T. drain connection with plug. Its straight flow is made possible by an angular basket design. Typically, it is highly recommended to be installed in horizontal pipelines. IFC engineers are the best to design products that meet our client’s specific needs based on process conditions. All of our strainers including the cast iron basket strainer are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standard and applicable code requirements such as ASME and TSSA. We continue to strive for innovation and excellence to provide the best solution for each project’s unique applications.


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A Beginner’s Guide to The Splined Shaft


An essential component of machines and other mechanical equipment, splined shafts are designed to fix gears and other components over the shaft. This tool is required in a number of applications as it facilitates the axial movement of the gear or the material mounted over it.

There are five different classifications of splined shafts s designed for specific purposes. They are identified by their teeth, material, length and features.

The first type of splined shafts  is the parallel key. This spline is equipped with square profile ridges.

The second type of spline is the Involute spline which is designed with tapered ridges to help decrease the concentration of stress.

Serration is another classification of splined shafts . This spline has a tooth form which is non-involute.

Crowned splines on the other hand have teeth which tapers to the end face for angular misalignment.

The fifth splined shafts  type is the helical spine which allows rotary and linear motion and helps minimize stress concentration.

Splined shafts s are often constructed from metal. The most common material used for splined shafts s are alloy steel which offers exceptional strength and wear resistance; Aluminum alloy which has excellent corrosion resistance; Carbon steel which balances ductility and strength with good wear resistance; And stainless steel which is highly non-corrosive and exceptionally durable.

Using high quality splined shafts s is important for any industry. They play an important part in making machines work and well made splined shafts s will help reduce if not eliminate business process disruptions. True Gear & Spline is one of the leading gear and splined shafts  manufacturers in Canada. They have a vast experience in producing industry standard components and can cater to your business’ complex requirements. True Gear & Spline also have an extensive list of services including internal splines and external splines. With excellent customer service and expertise, True Gear & Spline is an excellent partner and will help your business complete time-sensitive projects.


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Industrial Air Compressor Providers


At Air Energy LLC (Limited Liability Company) we specialize in everything air compressors. From a typical home application or a single car bay service/ carwash to big Industrial Air Compressor that covers a wide array of service in the industrial field. Our specialty covers it all from a dedicated sales team to service personnel that provide professional quality maintenance and support.

An Industrial Air Compressor is like any common air compressor system, with the difference such as that it is a specific application to the industrial field. Performance requirements such as, high capacity (hp) and air flow (cfm) is on demand, for most of the time a lengthy service operation.

Two types of Industrial Air Compressor and its applications

  1. Oil Free Systems- Available in Rotary Screw type and Piston Type. Often used in the medical field and laboratory facilities, where zero oil contamination is needed and clean air is required. Also used in food grade laboratories and factories. These types of oil-free systems can come certified and checked to meet and exceed regulatory boards. They can also come in an enclosed system that benefit from sound and noise insulations for a quiet operation.
  2. Lubricated Systems- Brands like Quincy Air Compressors lead the way in Industrial Air Compressor. Available in both Rotary Screw type and Piston Type, these are the common staple equipments in industrial use. Ranging from regular sized to very high capacity and power these Industrial Air Compressor can provide compressed air multi-equipment in the field. Lubricated systems require a bit more maintenance and servicing than the Oil-Free systems, such as oils and other pre emptive maintenance requirements. Being able to upgrade the system isn’t the only perks to these Industrial Air Compressor types, Lubricated Systems often operate at a lesser noise level and boasts a significantly longer service life than its Oil-Free counterparts.


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Three Essential Printed Circuit Board Testing Techniques to Ensure Functionality


Printed circuit board testing is one of the most crucial part of electronic circuit board assembly. It is the process where the quality and functionality of the circuit board is checked. To make sure that the circuit board is ready to be used for the next stages of manufacturing various electronic devices. Without these series of tests, using the boards can be very risky because there are some issues and problems that may arise in the future. Every circuit board should undergo these series of tests to be sure that they are ready to go forward and they are properly assembled.

This article will explain the three essential functional test every circuit boar undergoes. The three crucial tests that makes sure that each board is well-assembled and perfectly functional. The tests that will determine that they are ready for the next phase of production processes. To be familiar with these three essential tests, please refer below.

Sanity or Smoking Test – This is considered to be a fail-safe test, where the manufacturer performs an inspection to double-check each component and on the sub-component’s overall design and concept. This test checks if the designer applied the right logic to the overall design of the circuit board. This test is also the first and most important step before proceeding to full scale production.

Usability or Fit Testing – This printing circuit board testing specifically focuses on defining a given set of operating parameters to ensure that the sub-component of the board meets those parameters. It is also done to make sure that the sub-component perfectly fits the larger overall assembly of the board and that it performs properly with other components and inputs. The test also makes sure a subcomponent can be considered to be easy to use or easy to install.

Regression Testing – The final printed circuit board testing done to ensure functionality is the regression test. This test focuses on the sub-components’ overall life-cycle given exposure to certain variables, ones that typically erode the sub-component’s usage over time. To make sure that the every component of the board is durable enough to perform under demanding situations.

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