Top Four Drills with archery target bags


With the summer bow season around the corner, you need to keep fit and sizzling hot for an assured win. Practice makes perfect, and so should you seek to perfect your skill. That means doing specific drills that keep your shooting abilities on the archery target bags. Below are some key ones that will keep your skills sharpened for the best win ever.

Drill 1: The Long Hold drill

The drill allows you to outwit a buck while at a considerably far distance. For practice, 30yards should give you a perfect distance. For 15 seconds, you need to blow the target whist bearing down. Once you’ve mustered the skill at the distance, you can try out hitting the target from 40yards, then 50 etc. For the most effective teasing of your skills, try hitting a 3D target.

Drill 2: The Quick Draw drill

The core of this drill is to perfect your timing of the archery target bags. By staking your target from a 20yards distance is a typical scenario you need to try. For 5 seconds, you should elevate your speed from raising the bow, to drawing and shooting the target within the 3-inch circular target area in each shot.

Drill 3: The 3-at-30 drill

The drill opens your shooting expertise to a unique challenge of its class, by allowing you to shoot the target three consecutive times from a 30-yard distance. Uniquely tailored with a 4-inch group area on the target, you should aim at blowing the target with your broad heads.

Drill 4: The Random Range drill

By crushing the target at a 20, then 30, 40 and 50-yard distance several times, you’re sure to be on the way to prowess. With the possibility of a rutting buck cruising from any direction, only seasoned archers can make it to the top, and so should you.

For the best practice and more drills, contact KristFoam. Our company is specialist in offering a unique challenge as embedded in our archery target bags.


By valariearthur

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