The Features of High Quality Ceramic Fiber Board


When the contractor offers the use of ceramic fiber board as one of the materials to be used in a construction, finding out the quality is a must before consenting to its use. Understanding the features that a high quality ceramic fiber board provides can only help in not just the decision making, but in the benefits to be reaped in the long run.

a. Low Thermal Conductivity. In layman’s terms, a high quality ceramic fiber board would not absorb and transfer heat along its surface. This makes a ceramic fiber board resistant to high thermal stresses, protecting the material behind it.

b. Low Heat Loss and Storage. Simply put, a ceramic fiber board does not easily burn nor is it prone to the chemical activity of burning. This makes this material great for insulation and fire retardation. Using ceramic fiber boards can help make a structure fire resistant.

c. Lightweight. Despite its great ability to resist high thermal stresses, the construction of the ceramic fiber board is lightweight. This is due to the fibers being intertwined instead of being one solid block, allowing for flexibility as well as being lightweight.

d. Resistance to Non-Ferrous Materials. Not only is the ceramic fiber board able to resist flames and extreme heat, it can also absorb non-ferrous materials. Non-metallic or non-ferrous materials can easily be absorbed by the board to keep the material behind it safe and secure.

e. Non Asbestos Composition. Asbestos is one of those materials that can seriously damage the health of individuals exposed to it. Once inhaled, the asbestos can seriously damage the lungs. Ceramic fiber boards fully understand this health concern and avoid the use of asbestos in its construction.

Clearly, the features of a high quality ceramic fiber board provide its many benefits. Its ability to resist thermal activity, its lightweight construction and safe absorption capacity would provide both safety and security for the construction in the long run.

By valariearthur

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