industrial air compressor rental – Factors that affect Efficiency


The efficiency of industrial air compressor rental is one of the major factors that should be taken into account. The amount of air pressure that is required by the pneumatic tools in the plant must be effectively provided without over working. When the industrial air compressor rental is not suitable to the plant’s requirements, there is high possibility to lose efficiency. After collecting all the power requirements of air tools, it is important to consider other factors that can affect the efficiency of industrial air compressors.

The effects of wear and tear on the efficiency of the air compressor

After calculating the required psi and cfm of the air tools, it is important to consider uncommon demands for air pressure. Most pneumatic tools that are frequently used are subjected to wear and tear causing them to eventually leak some air. The air compressor may be efficient in delivering the right air pressure to fulfill operational requirements but leaks will make the equipment inefficient. This is the reason why you need to make some allowances for leaks because they are inevitable in plant operation. However, leaks must not be overlooked because it is wasted air. Remember that that industrial air compressors use energy to produce air pressure and leaks are issues that can impact on your fuel consumption.

In most instances, it is not only the pneumatic tools that are subjected to wear and tear but the industrial air compressor itself. Most manufacturers guarantee air compressor to last for about 10 years but it needs proper maintenance. If the air compressor loses its efficiency due to age, it should be replaced to be able to cope up with the workload. Sometimes, repairs are not the best solution for an inefficient air compressor because it can be more expensive in the long run.

Why the quality of air is an important consideration

Providers industrial air compressor rental have introduced the oil-free compressor as an alternative to industries that require a high level of air quality. For most requirements, the presence of oil in air is not a big issue but not for some industries like food and beverage production and pharmaceuticals. Industrial air compressors need lubricants for their moving parts and when air passes through these moving parts, small amounts of oil can contaminate air. While little amounts of oil is generally acceptable for mechanical air tools, oil can be the source of contamination for food and medicines and can compromise quality.

Atmospheric air contains moisture in the form of water vapor that will condense into water in compressed air. The presence of moisture will affect the operation of the pneumatic system, solenoid valves and air motors. Problems with moisture should not be tolerated because it can seriously affect a product. Moisture can cause rust that will increase wear on the moving parts. Rust can also be a source of contamination that will compromise the quality of a product. Malfunctioning of controls due to rust can result to damages and eventual downtime in the production line.


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