A mist eliminator to Ensure Clean Air


A mist eliminator is a device designed to eliminate harmful oil mist and smoke from machine tools to ensure clean air. These air contaminants are hazardous to health that causes various health problems such as skin and respiratory issues that may lead to more severe consequences. Having these hazardous contaminants will post a grave threat to people that are regularly exposed to this unhealthy environment. Children, pregnant women, elderly persons and individual with cardiovascular complications are the most vulnerable ones to these pollutants and having a mist eliminator in such area or space is recommended.

This quick and simple guide will give you an idea about these harmful air contaminants. It will also give you an idea why an efficient mist eliminator is required to keep the atmosphere clean and healthy.

The Three Types of Air Pollutants A Mist Collector Filters

Biological – These are living organisms that cause irritation and limits the functionality of vital organs such as the heart and lungs. When these biological contaminants are inhaled, they cause various health problems that may lead to severe complications. Common types of these biological air contaminants include:
● Bacteria
● Pollen grains
● Spores and molds
● Fungi
● Dust mites
Chemical – Hazardous chemical compounds in gaseous form can also have harmful effects on the human body. Chemical compounds that are sourced from nitrogen, sulfur, lead, ozone, asbestos, and formaldehyde presents plenty of hazards to the body. So a mist eliminator should always keep these particles low at all times.
Radiological – Radon is one of the most radiological air contaminants that a mist eliminator should control. It is a disastrous type of pollutant that has various effects that are less containable. So preventing people from inhaling this type pollutant is recommended.

Having these types of air pollutants in an environment is dangerous to people and the best way to eliminate these air contaminants is to use a mist eliminator. Not only that reduces the amount of these hazardous particles in the atmosphere this device will also ensure a healthy and clean air to breathe.


By valariearthur

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