Benefits and Drawbacks of Charcoal Grilling


On a daily basis, which is more important for you: flavor or convenience? Both of these are actually good answers and you will not be judged if you are swayed either way. Where is this topic going? Well, your summer will not be complete if you do not get your arrosticini bbq grilling.

When you want to grill your food, you need to be informed of the advantages and disadvantages of both charcoal and gas.

Here are the benefits when you use charcoal:

  • It is much hotter. Temperatures in charcoal grills can reach up to 700 degrees. If you love to eat arrosticini or steak, only charcoal will give you that perfect steak with a caramelized and crispy exterior with a red or pink in the center.
  • Better and smokier flavor.
  • It is a ritual to make use of charcoal. Most of the reason why people like to grill outside with friends is that it has become a habit or ritual. It will take time but it is also fun to play around the fire too and plus it will be an added skill to you.
  • More portable. If you want to take your grill to the park, beach or campground, you can easily do so. Charcoal grills are very much portable.
  • Cheaper. Compared to other grilling options, charcoal grills are much cheaper.

Here are the drawbacks when using charcoal.

  • It is dirty. You can use tongs or gloves so that you will not get dirty.
  • It takes longer to grill compared to gas grills. However, you only need to warm it up within 15 minutes. Perhaps your question is if it is worth waiting for another 15 minutes for a much better flavor. This of course depends on the one who wants to eat.
  • Temperature is difficult to control. If you place all of the coals in the center of your arrosticini grill, it will be typically much difficult to control. But what do the skilled do? They actually place the coals on one side of the grill so that you will have several cooking temperatures. Place the fatty meats on the other side of the grill in order to reduce the sudden flare-ups or ready yourself with a squirt gun in order to douse the flame.
  • Too much ash. In order to solve this problem, you can get yourself a removable ash tray so that you will not have any more problems.
  • It is a pain to buy charcoal.

Some of the common misconceptions of people using charcoal are that cooking will take too long. However, this is not really true when it comes to chimney charcoal starter. Another misconception is that it is hard to light. You really do not need a lighter fluid. All you need to do is to place a recycled paper under the chimney and throw the charcoal on top of it, light the paper and then wait for it to light up. These are just misconception but once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy to use.

By valariearthur

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