The Work of Commercial Electrical Contractors


Commercial electrical contractors are a team of professionals working typically in the construction industry whose primary task is to wire businesses, plants, factories and homes in order to provide these clients with their needed electrical power. The commercial electrical contractors team installs electrical systems as well as wiring in new structures. Aside from that they also rewire buildings which are being remodeled or have been damaged by fire and by other disasters or natural calamities. There are some electricians that work as independent contractors while some affiliate themselves with different trade unions.

Before the commercial electrical contractors can successfully bid on a certain job, the contractor first reviews the various elements of the blueprints of the project. The blueprint will show the expansive technical schematic of the floor space of the building as well as the wall plans and will reveal the electrical needs of the work site. The contractor locates on the blueprint all of the circuit breakers, electrical panels, outlets and switches, along with areas which are specially marked that may need some extra wiring or systems backup. Next, the electrical contractor will have scheduled meetings with the owner or the general contractor if he is subcontracted in order to determine the special electrical needs of the job which she should be informed before the electrical contractor prepares his corresponding bid. If ever the bid is accepted, the electrical contractor will proceed in the installation of all the wiring in the walls and will connect them with eh appropriate components. As the process proceeds, the electrical contractor will double-check on every wiring path and the different connections in order to ascertain compliance with building codes and safety of the structure. To efficiently perform this particular task, the electrical contractor is required to be skilled in using different hand tools, pliers, screw drivers, hacksaws and wire strippers.

What are commonly used power tools by the commercial electrical contractors? These include drills, saws and industrial staple guns. The latter is typically used in attaching large wires to the interior walls without having to penetrate the wire casing. Small power augers are also often times used in order to make spaces in framing in order to accommodate outlets and wires. When the wiring system is installed, the electrical contractor usually tests the connections with ohmmeters, voltmeters and with other electrical measuring materials.

As the telecommunication as well as the security systems have drastically changed and have become very integrated with the electrical operating system of a site, there are plenty of electrical contractors who have expanded their electrical services. A significant number of commercial electrical contractors offer the installation of coaxial cables and fiber optic to enable easy hookups with computers as well as with other telecommunications support equipment. Other expanded services which are generally offered include the installation of wiring in order to accommodate security and fire alarm systems, street lights and intercoms.
For you to become an electrical contractor, you need to participate and complete first an apprenticeship program.

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