The Qualities of Fiberfrax


Fiberfrax is a specialized ceramic fiber formed into paper by weaving ceramic fibers held together by a latex binder. One of the special qualities of Fiberfrax is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 400 degrees Fahrenheit until 2450 degrees Fahrenheit. This quality can be further enhanced by putting special ceramic fibers, binders and additives thus making this paper be used in any number of applications.

Fiberfrax has many other qualities, a number of which are as follows:

a.  Temperature Stability. Fiberfrax’s composition allows it to operate without fear of failure or disintegration. This is due to the material’s low thermal conductivity, meaning low ability to carry heat as it deflects the heat from the surface of the paper. It also has a low heat storage capacity, meaning the fibers do not hold heat thus does not burn or incinerate.

b.  Thermal Shock Resistance. Fiberfrax also is able to withstand sudden increases of temperature, such as flash fires or steam eruptions. This means that the paper is able to insulate objects attached to it from sudden temperature changes without fear of damage to the objects it covers.

c.  Low Weight. Fiberfrax provides low weight to insulation capacity ratio. Being made out of fibers, it is thin and easy to shape and cut according to the need of the object to be insulated. In wrapping the object or machinery, there is no additional weight added that would impede or limit the normal operations of the machine.

As can be seen, Fiberfrax provides a whole host of benefits to those manufacturers who choose to utilize it in their operations. It is lightweight and easy to install, it is able to resist sudden increases or decreases in temperature as well as able to insulate the equipment from long-term thermal exposure. Ultimately, Fiberfrax would only provide a better protection for your equipment and business.

By valariearthur

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