Why Tent Renting is Better for You


Tent rentals in Toronto belong to a booming industry and there are plenty of advantages to it. Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you choose to rent.

  • You minimize inventory renting equipment which is considered support in nature as opposed to production and prevents you from stocking large inventories. In the case of large construction equipment, it will typically require more than 60% time utilization in order to make money. Contractors should look at the actual usage and then discover that they should not own much of the fleet which they do.
  • The right equipment used in job renting will provide an opportunity to use the right kind of equipment instead of trying to make the equipments you own a job which was not intended to do. Usually work is done safer and quicker with better results and less collateral damage thereby eliminating any hidden costs of inefficiency due to the use of wrong type and size of equipment and the maintenance repairs which are incurred. Matching equipment to application is really the smart way to do things.
  • The use of Tent rentals in Toronto will eliminate the need for storage areas and bigger buildings therefore it will cut overhead cost in doing business.
  • Virtually all equipment is being subjected to occasional breakdowns. When the equipment breaks down, idle time will be minimized through rental and the replacement and repair costs are also eliminated.
  • The maintenance expense that is associated in renting is limited to preventive as well as daily maintenance. Renting will also include maintenance. There is no repair shop or spare parts of inventory needed and also no mechanics to stage. There will also be no added maintenance payroll and record keeping.
  • Owning your own equipment involves the risk of increasing wages as well as slower job completion time because of worn, obsolete models when faster and better equipment is available to rent. It will allow you to change often and then keep up with the trends.
  • Preparing obsolete or used equipment for resale or for liquidation will involve advertising, time and expense that you will not have should you choose to rent.
  • Knowing the real cost of Tent rentals in Toronto is quite difficult. Your rented equipments will offer you one accounting cost figure which is the rental invoice.
  • Having continuous billing on rented equipments also establishes accountability. The inventory loss due to theft will be greatly minimized.
  • Inspections, registrations as well as license costs are being completely eliminated should you choose to rent equipments.
  • You conserve capital when you choose not to buy new equipments and at the same time you reduce your fleet and create expense line which flexes with the amount of work that you have. Renting equipment will free up capital for other potentially more profitable uses of the money.
  • If you choose to rent instead of buy, it will make borrowing easier and will give you a better ratio of your assets to liabilities since the equipment will not appear as a liability on your balance sheet.
By valariearthur

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