The Uses of Bronze Wire


You often find bronze wire mesh in screen doors and window screens. But they can also be seen in other parts of your house. You can make use of the wire mesh in dividing rooms, fencing and even shelving. It can also be found behind the scenes in walls, ceilings and even in doing plumbing works. Homeowners who are looking to do a little renovation may find that the wire mesh play a great role in different scenarios. When you know the different types and varieties of bronze wire which is available in the market is a great idea as it is a material that is commonly used for different applications.

Different Types of Wire Mesh

Woven bronze wire mesh that have small opening is often referred to as wire cloth. This is the most popular form of bronze wire mesh since it can be used as screen for doors and windows. Wire cloth comes in different opening sizes. If you are looking to make airflow but keep little bugs out, wire cloth will work to your advantage. It is the perfect material that you can use when you want to enclose a patio or porch.

The welded wire mesh on the other hand is common for heavy duty jobs. In this particular mesh, the wires are being welded together in every cross section which makes the product very sturdy. Heavier gauges are also used in industrial and commercial settings in order to create a barrier which addresses security concerns. At private homes, it is commonly used as a fencing material.

The knit wire is commonly known as the chicken wire. Though the original purpose of the wire was to provide an inexpensive barrier for various livestock, chicken wire has found its momentum and has found its way into many imaginative and interesting applications both in residences and for commercial use. Closely related to the knit wire is the chain link fence and is also deemed as a mesh. The chain link fence is inexpensive, very durable and is commonly used in different places where you need a low-cost but at the same time highly effective barrier immediately.

The Benefits of Wire Mesh

Bronze wire mesh is common nowadays since the use of the material is least inexpensive and it is also an effective tool to be used in different applications. The material is also versatile and has a wide array of opening sizes which makes it perfect for a lot of jobs both in commercial scenarios and around residences. The wire mesh is also relatively easy to install and work with. It is considered to be a quick solution for a lot of pest problems both small and large. Its durability will also ensure that this particular solution is not shoddy and not only speedy. For outdoor use, the bronze wire mesh is galvanized in order to reduce corrosion and increase its life expectancy. You can also find the wire mesh in different designs and styles. If you want to come up with an appearance than the standard square, you can choose other type of meshes.

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