Increased Production with Lower Machining Costs


It is critical for any machine shop in Toronto to apply efficient procedures to speed up the machining process. Most clients demand for increased productivity while lowering machining costs which can be addressed through new developments in technology. Manufacturers are challenged by the demands for higher productivity that is why they introduced CNC technology to the likes of machine shop in Toronto to help them achieve increased throughput.

Increased productivity through CNC machining

A machine shop in Toronto does not focus solely on the capital costs of CNC technology because it helps them achieve increased productivity. With the latest CNC technology of high speed drive system hardware that includes servo and spindle motors with ultra-smooth rotation, accurate current detection and high resolution feedback devices, cycle time is significantly reduced. Further reduction on cycle can be achieved through motion control software that minimizes machine shocks and vibrations. Acceleration and deceleration controls can be applied to rapid contouring and tapping motions so that machine shock movement time can be minimized.

In machine shop, there are various functions that can impact on cycle time but in addition to control technology, there are accessories that can be integrated to the machine tools for increased accuracy and throughput while decreasing cycle time. One example is adaptive control that can reduce cycle time by dynamically optimizing cutting feed rates so that chatter is reduced and chip load remains constant on the cutting tool.Another machine tool enhancement comes in the form of tool identification that decreases downtime by scanning tool holders so that they can automatically pickup tooling parameters and input the information directly to the machine tool’s offset register. This technology ensures that operator errors are eliminated. 

Another factor that is major importance to clients is reduction in the costs of machining. In today’s manufacturing environment, different equipment is available with enhanced levels of reliability and productivity Aside from the initial investment that a machine shop makes on equipment, it is also important to take into account energy consumption, operational expenses and maintenance costs. It is wrong to simply jump on the bandwagon without focusing on acquisition costs. CNC machines are very expensive but it is important to consider the cost over its lifetime operation. The reliability and efficiency of CNC machines helps reduce cycle time, additional surface finishing and downtime. Another recent development in CNC machines is hardware that can monitor errors in data exchange. If an error is found on the CNC machine’s data flow, it is automatically corrected through an error correction code. The control hardware not only reduces waste but the cost per part.

One of the reasons why machine shop makes use of CNC integrated machines is to improve machining performance. When high performance machines are used, the process of machining is doubled or tripled in speed. Aside from faster cycle times, there is smoother and more accurate surface finish. CNC machines create superior surface finish quality when contouring and this greatly minimizes the need for secondary operations that impact on part cost and delivery times.

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