Seven Industrial Web Design Mistakes that Can Put Your Website in Jeopardy


How do you attract people to visit your website? Simple! You have to make it presentable. However, some people’s concept of ‘good’ industrial web design tends to get overboard or underrated. That is why if you want your website to effectively market your products and services you have to avoid these seven web design mistakes.

Bad Typography

This includes the use of wrong fonts and bad font size judgment. You have to remember that there are many kinds of customers. Those who are too old may find your website childish and difficult when you use rare fonts that form too much layout than the letters themselves. You have to consider the eyesight prospective clients. Would you pay attention to websites with very small lettering? Exactly!

Bad Grammar

Some people are grammar sensitive. One wrongful count of a bad sentence and they’ll think that your website is a complete joke, or worse – fake. Always remind your industrial web design team to proofread their work. It is not acceptable to have grammar mistakes in an official website.

Too Much Pictures

Pictures are good. They are fun. But too much of them can bore your customers. It can be very confusing for people to find more images in the website than words. ‘Wow! That gadget is great. But where’s the detailed specs?’ Avoid making a carnival out of your industrial web design.

Wrong Color Choices

The colors that you pick for your website should relate to its context. What are you promoting exactly? How do you want people to feel when they click your web link? Colors can induce feelings. Choose the one that will represent your business.

The most common colors used in web design are neutrals. They give an elegant look. They are not too bright or too gloomy.

Fast Moving Sliders

Sliders are interesting. However, before people can completely read the sentences, the sliders begin to move again. People might find it annoying to wait for the sliders to rotate. It’s better to avoid sliders at all.

Instant Video Plays

You can relay a better message to your customers through videos. But what you need to look out for is the play button. Some industrial web design makes an instant play for videos once a person enters a website. It causes the page to load very slowly, especially if the internet is crappy. This applies to music too. Background music as a design for your website is a bad idea.

Complicated Navigation

A website can only be deemed effective if it is accessible and user-friendly. Make the navigation system simple. People buy online because of convenience. If they find your website design difficult, they’ll close your page without second thoughts.

These mistakes are only few of so many possible mistakes for a web design. The rule is to never take small details for granted. Be smart and meticulous about your choices. Hire a professional web programmer and or developer to guarantee a quality design that can attract people and increase product sales.


By valariearthur

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