Benefits of refractory materials


For over a twenty years, FibreCast has pioneered development and research and use of monolithic refractory technology. The organization is seeded in the science and art of ceramic engineering and also provide expertise high alumina refractories, essential for some of the thermal conditions. Through the expertise, construction, installation and refractory materials, Plibrico remains a single source safe, and very reliable refractory solutions. The company offers high class refractory materials and services to the satisfaction of the customers. FibreCast has stood the test of time for the years it has been in the industry because of the refractories it offers that are high quality, reliable and long lasting materials.

The use of precast refractory materials provides controlled and consistent manufacturing process. The break ups and inconsistency in the manufacturing process might hamper the whole process including the products from the process. More, the use of the precast refractory helps in the minimization of the heat-up times during manufacturing. Therefore, less time is spend in heating up the materials and more energy concentrated in the process to give the desired outcome. The refractory materials have managed to provide improvement in thermal performance and this consequently helped to save thousands of dollars in terms of the cost of energy. It has also helped in the reduction of environmental operations footprint.

Refractory materials are just one of the products FibreCast offers, manufacturers and processes for the market. Through application engineering, it has been possible to manufacture and design complex shapes for any material size and or shape. The company, currently remains unsurpassed in its ability to do manufacturing and design shapes. FibreCast makes those shapes other companies cannot make. The shapes can be produced and designed from an already existing shape or material. Some of these designs include crucibles, skimmer blocks, deltas and incinerator shapes.

By valariearthur

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