Transparent Packaging Types and its Advantages for Online Businesses


The popularity of e-commerce continues to grow over the years and so is the strategies and tactics of these businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and the latest trend is shipping items with custom transparent packaging and other packaging materials. Though there are many aspects wherein an e-commerce business can invest its capital including additional staff, advertisements and product development, packaging is still considered an important factor. This is despite the fact that many considered packaging as something isn’t worth spending money over. Why spend so much when you can use a plastic bag worth three cents or a folding carton worth 30 cents per piece? Custom packaging can cost a lot, around 30 dollars per piece, if the business is to order a bulk of 10,000 but still a lot of businesses are investing their money to packaging.

Let us look into the cost as well as the benefits that e-commerce gets from custom packaging such as custom transparent packaging. A few years ago, shipments are only charged based on the weight of the packages but now there is what they call dimensional weigh pricing. This is a game changer for many of the businesses because shipments are not charged per volume and not just the weight. This has been taken into effect once it was discovered that excessive packaging has negatively impacted the amount of shipments that can be transported by vehicles.

  • Majority of the e-commerce businesses are only focusing on the benefit of custom packaging which is branded packaging. With the regulation set by pricing based on dimensional weight, sizes used for packages are not optimized and businesses in the long run had a lot of savings when it comes to packaging costs. Here is the price range of different custom packaging depending on materials used:
  • For plastic bag which is comprised of poly bag with sticker label, sticky seal or full print, the price can range from three to 10 cents each.
  • For shrink wrap sleeve which can either be printed or clear, price range is from five to 15 cents.
  • Paper bags can range from 25 to 35 cents with variations on the sticker label, printed label, foil stamp or ribbon handle.
  • Folding carton or a paperboard box is worth 30 to 60 cents each. The fancy type is 60 to 85 cents because it can have a window, foil stamp, print on the inside, may inks and foil board.
  • Custom transparent packaging uses plastic box which can either be printed or glued and may range from 75 to 95 cents each.
  • Rigid box may vary such as in basic print, simple liner, machine assembled or basic styles which can cost 75 cents to $3 apiece. The fancy types, on the other hand, can have premium papers, machine assembled, magnetic closure, ribbon, foam insert and luxury paper liner, foil stamp and manual assembly may cost 1 to 5 dollars each.
By valariearthur

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