Three Types of Air Pollutants That Require an Air Mist Collector


Air contaminants play a significant role in shaping the health of inhabitants of a given space. The contaminants primarily constitute pollutants that pose a health hazard to your life, while limiting your ability to deliver on your daily undertakings. The most vulnerable to poor health resulting from air contamination include:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly persons
  • Individuals with cardio-vascular complications, including both heart and lungs

Generally, air pollutants constitute three types that must always be kept as low as possible.

Biological pollutants

These constitute living organisms that are likely to irritate, block or limit the functionality of the heart, lungs or both. Common biological air-borne pollutants include bacteria, dust mites, pollen grains, spores and moulds and fungi. When inhaled, most contaminants in this class lead to ill health, while neglected check may lead to multiple illnesses and at the extreme, death. An oil mist collector can essentially play a critical role in getting rid of the biological pollutants.

Chemical contaminants

Various gaseous substances are likely to have a significant effect on human health. Of primary concern are the compounds sourced from sulphur, nitrogen, formaldehyde, lead, asbestos and ozone. All these and other advanced organic volatile compounds (VOCs) can be effectively eliminated through the use of a suitable oil mist collector.

Radiological contaminants

A common gaseous air pollutant is radon, which has lately proved disastrous in Canada, with its effects being less containable. As a result, home owners are advised to continuously evaluate radon levels in the air, while promoting the ability to achieve minimal concentration levels.

For the best results in achieving pollution free environment, there is need to install and effectively maintain superior oil mist collector equipment. By revitalizing the freshness of your indoor air, you get assurance of a more habitable environment that is free of air contamination, or has low levels of pollutants that are likely to prove harmful to human health.


By valariearthur

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