History of Boring Milling Machines


Boring milling machines are now common equipment found in majority of machine shops as well as large industrial factories. The reason for this is that the most common operation that is needed to be performed is making accurate holes on work pieces. In general, there are two ways in which holes can be incorporated in a material – drilling and milling. In the case of drilling, a tool with a fixed diameter is used and it is the one rotating on an axis while the work piece is placed in a stationary work table. The downside with this process is that drilling holes are not accurate especially when the materials used have inconsistencies. Boring milling machines, on the other hand, has the ability to create holes with accurate size as well as the right finish. The specific finish required for the end product can be easily achieved by adjusting various factors on the boring milling machines such as speed, nose radius as well as feed.

The boring milling machines that are used nowadays still resembles the very first boring milling equipment used decades ago in terms of physical aspects but there are changes in terms of the machine’s capacity as well as the materials it can handle. Many of the modern types of boring milling equipment have the ability to cut various materials including high tension steels, super alloys and titanium. Compared to the ones used before, the modern type of boring milling equipment has the ability to cut in a faster rate while maintaining almost the same level of tolerance. In order to perform the way they are today, modern milling machines are improved in various areas such as a higher horsepower capacity, the stiffness is greater and the speed is also wider in range as well as the feed of the machine.

One of the greatest improvements in the history of milling machines is the incorporation of CNC technology or Computer Numerical Control technology. With the help of this technology, the work is done faster while the finished products have higher accuracy and better finishes. This is not a possibility with smaller milling machines before. Nowadays, there are many types of milling machines depending on the size and the style needed. The highest horsepower specification available is around 200 Hp. The boring mills that were originally created to perform gun drilling as well as cannon boring are now employed in various industries.

The main purpose of tools used in single point boring is to reach into parts that have internal stocks needed to be removed. The tools used are usually round shaft that has a pocket with one insert. It is common for the rigidity of the machining to be compromised especially when the boring tool’s diameter is dependent on the size of the hole needed to be produced. The diameter of the tool is also affected when there is additional clearance necessary to be removed from the chip. Lack of rigidity can sometimes affect the removal ability of the entire milling machine.

By valariearthur

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