Six Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid


Proper maintenance of belt conveyors is critical in elongating their useful service life. Conventionally, there are various benefits of maintaining the conveyor belt systems periodically. By maintaining your belt conveyor effectively, you need to avoid the following mistakes.

–  Lack of regular inspection: Like other machines, conveyors need to undergo regular maintenance practice to check the condition of the moving parts as well as restore any broken components.

–  Lack of adequate parts inventory: Every maintenance season should be accompanied with the presence of adequate stock of conveyor parts. By having adequate stock for your maintenance exercise, you are assured of having the belt system effectively restored into a perfect working condition.

–  Repeated failure to inspect hidden parts: With a conveyor system having both surface and hidden components, it is critical to periodically inspect both the exposed and the hidden components. This allows for timely correction and replacement of various components before they fail.

–  Ignoring signs of potential mechanical breakdown: Mechanical breakdowns are often preceded by signs of weak or dismally performing components. When ignored, such signs are likely to yield costly technical mechanical breakdowns on your belt conveyors.

–  Lack of in-house technician: When running several conveyor belt systems in your firm, you need to have an in-house technician who can periodically implement the maintenance policy of the company. By doing so, your belt systems get a longer service life.

–  Lack or not obeying the company belt inspection policy: Every company needs to have a comprehensive policy on how the conveyor systems will be regularly maintained to avoid or minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

To develop and implement an effective maintenance policy for your belt conveyors, professional advice is required. Having the professional advice is not adequate though. You need to implement the best practice on conveyor maintenance with the help of an accredited supplier such as Norpak.

By valariearthur

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