How CNC Machine Mist Collectors Operate


A CNC machine mist collector is a type of industrial tool that makes use of different types of physical mechanics. Though oil mist collection has been in use for a long time, its first modern application involves gear boxes that are found in nuclear submarines. This is where centrifugal CNC machine mist collector is originally located. Centrifugal collector is a system composed of a circular filter that rotates and is responsible in spinning the air present inside the system. The heavier particles are sent to the back of the filter while the lighter ones, meaning clean air, are the ones that are able to pass through the hole that is located on top. The oils can then go through the filter and travels to the drum. Once it is inside the drum, the oil particles are spanned so it comes in contact with the surface wall until such time that it goes through the drain where it undergoes collection. These oil particles are either reused or thrown away.

The centrifugal oil collector is recommended if the mechanism is placed with an odd angle since there is no gravity affecting the entire collection process. It is not recommended if the droplets to be processed are very fine, less than 1 micron in diameter. It is also very expensive to maintain because it needs to be cleaned and recalibrated to make sure that the centrifuge is always balanced.

Another type of CNC machine mist collector is the cartridge mist collectors or also referred to as media filter mist eliminators. The filter used by this type id HEPA and removes the oil particle from the air just like how a regular filter works. Once the air is blown to the filter, anything that is not air will be trapped. It is recommended to be used when the process of filtering has to be nearly silent, when the particles needed to be trapped are a combination of both liquid and solid and if pre-filtering is done with the help of wet dust collector and other similar methods. Cartridge collection is not recommended for operations that have a small space in the working area since the equipment is bulky and in operations where the air flow must be maintained at a high level since the filter usually fills up thus decreasing the flow of air.

Electrostatic precipitator mist collector is another technology used by the CNC machine mist collector. This operates with the aid of high voltage electricity to charge the mist particles that are included in an air stream. The air is then directed in between plates with negative charges. Since the mist particles are positively charged, it will stick to the negative charged plates. Since the particles are oil, they will continue to stick into the plates until they are removed from the system. This type of collection is recommended in particles that are petroleum-based, in industries where low cost is required and when the process involved particulates that have a diameter of 0.3 nanometers.

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