Gear Motor and Its Applications


The AC gear motor is a device which will allow for the low horsepower motors to have a great deal of force on a particular object which has low speed. It typically consists of a reduction gear train as well as an electric motor where both come fully integrated on an easily configurable and mountable system. The benefit of using AC gear motor is that it will simplify the manufacturing and design of power machineries and tools which will require high torque and moment of force at low revolutions per minute speeds or low shaft speeds.

One very specific type of AC gear motor is the alternating current powered electric motor. These motors are very fast and cost efficient and its output usually range anywhere in between 1,200 and 3,600 revolutions in one single minute. Torque can also be customized in order to synchronize with the normal speeds and at the same time stall speeds. A small minority of the gear motors are DC or direct current powered. DC powered motors are typically used in the automotive industry as vital components used in car construction including the windshield wiper motors, power seta, power winches on trucks and even power window motors. One very notable feature of the reduction gear trains which is found in a gear motor is the reduction of speed put out by the motor while at the same time increasing the amount of applied torque on the material. The significant decrease in speed is deemed as inversely proportional to its increase in torque. This particular relationship means that in this kind of device, if the torque were actually to double, the speed will decrease by about one half. The small electric motors like the gear motor are able to bear and move very heavy loads since there is a reduction in these gear trains. While the ability and speed of the larger motors is quite greater, small electric motors are already sufficient enough to bear these loads.

Another major function of the AC gear motor is in multiplying the torque at such a low speed with the use of a small motor. This particular action serves to increase the applied force coming from the motor to an object. Applications for torque multiplication are actually very many and would usually center on lifting the devices used in homes, hospital settings as well as manufacturing industry. There are actually plenty of applications in the industry and manufacturing for small motor which applies a very tremendous amount of motive force to a particular object at a much relatively low speed. Common appliances which contain the gear motor typically include the power drills, mechanical clocks, washing machines as well as various cake mixers. In the heavy industry, the motors are typically used in order to power a wide range of tools like the lifts, cranes, jacks, mixing machines, clamps as well as conveyance machines. Indeed gear motors are very useful in the modern world that one lives in today.


By valariearthur

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