The Perks of Becoming a Licensed Commercial Electrician


Working with electricity is quite a fulfilling career since it will require the professional electrician to have a great working knowledge on the different relevant electric codes. Electrical work will not get tedious since every day brings something fresh and new in the profession. It will also offer tremendous benefits as well as career potential. If you are working as a commercial electrician in Toronto, the job is quite fulfilling.

On the Job Training

One of the major advantages in becoming a licensed commercial electrician in Toronto is that you will not accumulate a huge amount of student debt in earning a great living. In fact, if you are an apprentice electrician, you will be able to earn while you are still learning your trade. This means that while others are still attending college without a guarantee of having a job after they graduate, you will already be earning a very decent wage and have ample electrical training at the same time.

Salary Grade

Based on the latest data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average electrician in the United States is able to make approximately $48,000 within a year. In order to determine the potential pay grade that you can get, you can search the internet for salary calculators or ask professionals.

Job Opportunities and Securities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also made a prediction that the demand for professional electricians will explode in the next eight to ten years. In fact, they are expecting more than 114,700 new electrical jobs to be created before this time period ends which is equivalent to a staggering 20 percent increase. Based on the analysis of the growth of different industries and professions, this is relatively higher compared to the average growth.

Furthermore, electricians have a much respected professions. Electricians are well respected in the construction trade and are also considered by many at the top profession in the industries where they are associated with. Most if not all people will agree that it indeed takes a large amount of expertise and skill and knowledge when working with electricity every day.

In this profession, there are several jobs that are available now. When you consider becoming a commercial electrician in Toronto, you certainly are considering a change in career path which grants you unlimited opportunity in finding a job these days. The demand for skilled electricians and other trades people has continuously grown all across the country. As Mike Rowe pointed out in his speech to the Senate Commerce, there is a very intense need for plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians as well as other skilled trade’s people. Accordingly the number of those engaged in the special fields is dwindling.

Working as an electrician has a considerable opportunity for a growth in your career. As an electrician, you will be able to experience the opportunity of advancement in your career. After starting as a service technician, committed and hardworking electricians can be promotes and become field managers, operation managers and even distribution managers in their field and company.

By valariearthur

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