The Importance of Keeping Your Dryer Vent Clean


If you have noticed that your dryer has been running longer than it normally does, you may need to get your dryer vent cleaning tools and start cleaning it. There are some dryer vents that are relatively straight and short and which can be easily cleaned by the homeowners. However, there are also others that are not that easy to clean and will require of you to use special equipments and tools. Specifically, these are dryer vent cleaning tools which are specifically designed for this particular purpose and these tools are also able to do thorough job when cleaning even the most difficult of installations. While the dryer vents are routinely blocked with lint, animal nesting on the vent is also another usual cause of dryer blockage. The specialized equipment will also help in removing these blockages.

When you clean your dryer vent, you improve the efficiency and safety of your dryer installation. When the dryer vent becomes filled with lint as well as with other kinds of debris, drying time will increase and will cause the dryer itself to overheat. This then increases the energy consumption since the dryer is no longer running dry your clothes and will cause fires in your dryer or dryer duct. The CPSC or consumer product safety commission reports that fires in homes which are fire related have escalated. CPSC figures show that on a yearly basis there are at least thousands of dryer fires which cause over 100 injuries and millions of dollars in the damage of properties and even numerous deaths.

Experts recommend that this type of cleaning be done on a yearly basis. If you have never heard that the dryer vent that you have will have to be cleansed then you need to definitely consider doing it immediately. In a lot of cases, the cost in cleaning can be recovered in the next year with your savings in the hydro alone.

What is the cost if you have your dryer poorly maintained?

–   There is an increased utility cost because of poor dryer maintenance.

–   This will lead to damage of the dryer and expensive clothing.

–   Your dryer will eventually overheat and will lead to a fire.

–   You will experience longer dryer times and a restricted airflow.

Who needs to clean their dryer vent? Single family homes, town houses, commercial laundries, condominiums, duplexes and apartments essentially need their dryer vent to be cleansed. Using proper dryer vent cleaning tools is very important. There are perhaps a lot of things which contribute to the proper operation of your clothes dryer. The venting is even the most critical.

One of the main functions in a dryer is the elimination of moisture which is recovered during heating of damp clothing. This particular moisture is held within the warm air that is produced by the dryer as humidity and moisture is normally being expelled to the outdoors through the vent in the dryer. If this air is not removed, there will be poor drying.

By valariearthur

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