School Archery Targets – Tips in Archery


If you want to practice archery, it is important to have the right equipment with you like the bow and arrow and foam archery targets. However, you should not also overlook your proper shooting form while doing the sport. Today’s technology in the world of archery is very amazing. Bows are lighter, faster, more compact, easier and quieter to shoot than ever before. However, the best equipment cannot really replace good solid shooting mechanics. At times, the first thing that which a shooter looks at when things are not panning well is the equipment that they have rather than just admitting with themselves that there was a break down in their shooting mechanics.

  • You need to remember that the foundation of your entire shot is your feet. Your feet have to be positioned about a hip width from one another with slightly more weight which is placed on your front foot. The toes in every foot have to be aligned with one another in a very neutral position. Keep in mind that whenever you stand too close to the foam archery targets, you will need to twist your torso in order to get your pin on the target place. When you release the shot, your body will recover back to the static position which causes you to pull the shots to the right and left. With the toes even, you will be in a more neutral position while your body will remain quiet when executing the shot.
  • One of the most important yet most ignored is the grip. Inconsistent and improper grip will lead to poor right to left grouping and will also create tuning issues. In order to achieve proper grip you have to take your bow hand and make a v on your thumb and index finger. Next, draw a line from the bottom of the v into the insertion point between your wrists and thumb. Now, take the line and then place it vertically down the center of your grip. With the hand in this particular grip, you will allow a consistent pressure point and therefore reduce your bow torque.
  • Bow Arm. When you extend the target your bow arm should also have a slight bend at your below. A lot of shooters lock the bow arm at the elbow. This will cause several problems. First, a locked elbow will place tremendous strain on your joint. A locked elbow should also eliminate the desired bone on bone alignment on the upper arm and forearm. The locked arm will place the bow on one side altering the course of the arrow.
  • When you draw the bow, you need to extend the bow directly to the foam archery targets, as well as pull the release hand tracking parallel on your bow arm as well as shoulder until you achieve full draw. This will also cut down on excess game movement and minimize your muscle involvement. If you find that you cannot draw this way, then you need to reduce your bow weight until you can.
By valariearthur

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