Industrial Air Compressor – Why calculating CFM Matters a Lot


A used air compressor in Toronto is a very useful and cost effective source of energy for the production line that makes use of a wide range of air tools. The source of energy is clean, safe, convenient and flexible; benefits that are required by many industrial applications. When you utilize a used air compressor in Toronto, whether for construction, maintenance, DIY projects and crafts, the work can be completed in half the time it takes with traditional tools.

How to choose Industrial air compressor

There are two major types of used air compressors in Torotno; portable and stationary. Portable air compressors as its name implies can be carried from one place to another with ease. Portable air compressors are very useful in work sites that do not have electric power. Stationary compressors are common pieces of equipment in an industrial plant that makes use of air tools. The industrial air compressor typically runs through electricity although there are also compressors that work through gas. Gas powered air compressors are usually used in construction sites where there is no reliable source of electricity. However, the weight of the industrial air compressor can impact portability. The option is wheelbarrow style or truck mounted air compressors that can be easily moved.

After deciding between an electric and gas-powered industrial air compressor, the next step comes down to size and features. The main factors that determine the size of an air compressor include compressor capacity and operating pressure. To determine the necessary capacity of the air compressor, calculate the amount of CFM or cubic feet per minute required by the air tools that will be used at the same time. Add 30% allowance for uncommon compressor usage to be able to select the right size of industrial air compressor that will support the most demanding air tools in the plant. In order for all the air tools to work efficiently, the air compressor’s CFM output must be greater than the CFM requirement during peak demand.

There is no standard formula for calculating peak demand but it is usually 5 CFM per technician. For example, a ½ inch impact wrench will typically require 5 CFM at 90 PSI. This means that the CFM output of the air compressor must be greater than 5 CFM to achieve optimal performance from the tool. If two technicians are operating ½ inch impact wrenches, the compressor must produce at least 10 CFM for both tools to work efficiently. However, there are instances when impact wrenches are used intermittently while other technicians use other air tools to complete their tasks. If air pressure will be constantly used, it makes sense to choose an industrial air compressor that delivers higher CFM.

Industrial air compressors are significant investments for a business and it is important to understand all the factors that will impact on its performance to arrive at an informed decision. You do not just buy an air compressor with large air storage; you have to evaluate your requirements for CFM and forecast any future demands.

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