Five Tips for Healthy Grilling

Grilling is a special type of cooking which involves heat dry which is applied on the surface of the food commonly below and above. Grilling also involves a large amount of radiant and direct heat and tends to be used in cooking more quickly. There are plenty of grilling equipments in the market and one of those with high quality is the Spiedini BBQ.

Before you fire up your grill for your dinner here are some healthy tips for you when grilling your food. These will make improve the diet of your family as you grill away.

–   Buy lean meats. While the cheeseburgers are a grilling staple, you need to vary your outdoor menu. You can try to grill lean cuts like fish, chicken and even pork. If you are craving for a burger, pickup the leanest beef which you can find. Look for those meat with 93/7 mark on the package. This labeling means that 7 percent is fat. The leaner the meat that you use, the healthier it will be for you.

–   Grill your vegetables. Every meal should be complete with vegetables so when you are grilling on your spiedini BBQ, you should add a few peppers or even zucchini to the grill. Try also grilling sweet corn or make some veggie kabobs as the side dish. Another nutrient-packed side dish is a spinach salad which has light vinaigrette dressing. This is typically the favorite amongst a lot of people.

–   Use gas instead of charcoal. Depending on who you will ask, there are some doctors who will suggest that the use of charcoal used in the entire grilling process will expose you as well as your food of cancer-causing chemicals. If you really want to make use of charcoal to cook, it is recommended that you do not overcook the meat and keep it out of the smoke in as much as possible. If possible, the doctors recommend that you should make use of a spiedini BBQ grill.

–   Marinate your meats. Everyone loves a steak which is deeply marinated in garlic glaze or lemon pepper pork chops. The great news is that marinating will improve the taste of your food and at the same time this is deemed to actually improve your health. When you cook meat at high temperatures or cook it over charcoal, there are some concerns with regards to cancer-causing chemicals seeping in your meat. Marinating the meat is believed to help eliminate all of these chemicals by up to 99 percent.

–   Try healthy options. If steak and burgers are your grilling options most of the time, you can always look up on the internet for other inspiration. There are plenty of surprising recipes and creative products for you to grill. Take for example; make a pizza on the grill. It is a recommended option. Grab some whole wheat dough, turn your grill on high and then add some veggies and sauce for you to grill something apart from beef.

By valariearthur

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