Boring Mills Applications


Horizontal boring mills are used in machining parts for use in the oil and gas production, energy industry, mining, chemical processing, aerospace, windmill manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and construction.

Accordingly the current state of the economy has increased the demand for boring work as it is led to a shakeout of boring job shops. Most companies went out of business during the long recession and there are only a few machinists left which is why these companies are doing a little bit work compared to the usual. A great deal of the machine shops see on boring machines are repair jobs wherein a part, like a large valve or shaft has to be repaired rather than being replaced because of the cost and size of the component. If you picture out a digger with a long arm on it, every joint is a shaft as well as a bushing where it swivels and then wear out. That is why they make use of horizontal boring mills in order to create a larger diameter and a straighter bore and then install a new bushing and then reinstall the shaft.

An expert estimates that 90 percent of the components are sent to a machine shop for repair. In circumstances where this is not possible, the shop will send its boring mill to the job site and then perform the repair onsite. Field System Machining is also a shop that designs and makes boring mills capable of moving to a job site. For these jobs, the crews of shops may be onsite for two to three weeks in different locations over the world. Frequently the crews are also reporting to jobs where the repair needs to be immediately performed so that the shop exercises all possible options in term of the shipping of the machinery.

A Day in the Boring Shop

In a horizontal boring mill shop, what machinists do on a day to day basis is custom machining. There are some end users of the boring mills which are making their own product for resale. However, most of them are taking on contract parts. When it comes to a job shop getting a boring mill work, they need to advertise what they do and have but not the brand specifically. When machine shops are contacted for a specific task, they usually look at the schematics and specifications in order to decipher if they can carry out the job. Should they decide that they have the needed capacity to do the job, they decide on the machine to use and begin designing custom fixtures. When you look at the drawings, machinists have the fixture in their head right away and will have a clear picture on how the final piece looks physically. Most of shops boring mills are being used continuously on a daily basis. It is therefore recommended to use horizontal boring mills if the machine shop has continuous shifts since it is a very expensive equipment to purchase and operate. It really is a big investment.


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