3 Common Types of Conveyor System and Its Features


Conveyor systems are pieces of machinery that make transportation easier. This post will discuss the different types and features of this tool.

Conveyor systems are pieces of heavy-duty equipment used for transferring materials from one place to another. This tool is generally used in the transportation of large machinery or bulky stuff. This system allows efficient and quick transport, making it ideal for moving companies and couriers.

Many people thought that conveyors are all the same. It might be true when it comes to their purposes, but their features are different from one another. To help you choose the right conveying equipment, we will enumerate and discuss the qualities of each tool.

  1. Gravity Conveyors

Also known as gravity roller conveyor, this tool has metal rollers that work on a rigged shaft. The rollers have spaces between each other so they can move freely. Furthermore, this machine features a slight incline that lets it move the material by its length.

One of the primary functions of gravity conveyor rollers is that it allows you to transfer multiple objects simultaneously. You simply need to place the rollers together so it can provide a smooth-sailing package delivery and increase capacity.

  1. Belt Conveyors

These conveyor systems usually have two pulleys. Their purpose is to rotate the belt and move the object.

The conveyor belt system comes with a flatbed or rollers. Each has particular uses. Nonetheless, the belt helps transfer objects from one floor to another regardless of its original location. This platform produces less noise when the rollers are in use and if the package is light.

  1. Live Roller Conveyors

Live roller transporters are automated conveyor systems that allow you to move an object to the desired place. Unlike the gravity system, this one uses a belt or a line shaft to make the moving process a lot easier.

These are the material handling systems that you can buy on the market. You can buy these pieces of equipment and more at Norpak. You simply need to choose the right conveyor systems that fit your transportation needs.

By valariearthur

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