The Essence of Powder Coating Grinding Mill


Powder coating grinding mill is very relevant in the need today of people for powder coating. The durability of the powder coating finish is based on quality of the pretreatment which is applied to the metal product before powder coating.

Powder coating is not really impervious to moisture so this alone will not stop metal from corroding. Without doing any pretreatment, the metal will corrode immediately as this can rapidly eat away the metal under the surface of the coating which causes it to peel as well as flake off. A pretreatment with great quality provides a protective barrier in order to resist the corrosive attach and also add years to life of the product. The pretreatment process will carry out two basic functions: cleaning and conversion coating.

The next stages apply a coating known as conversion coating and this converts the surface of the metal by placing a microscopic film of corrosion resistant crystals on the metal’s surface substrate. This also aid in the adhesion of the powder coating. The conversion coatings which is resistant to corrosion come in various forms, some are specific to particular metals. Ferrous metals like steel have basically been pretreated with zinc phosphate or iron. Non ferric metals like zinc and aluminum use a pretreatment which is called chromate conversion.

However, there have been recent developments in the pretreatment nano-technology in a range of development of pretreatment systems which effectively work across a wide range of metals. They are also based on silane or zirconium chemistries and are superior or equal to the performance and have less impact to the environment compared to chromate systems or phosphate. The coating produced in a grinding mill is a uniform nano-metallic matrix about 50 to 80 nanometer thick. This is much thinner compared to the zinc phosphates and iron phosphates. They also do not contain dangerous chemicals to the environment unlike chromium or phosphate and they also require less energy in order to run because they do not require heating unlike these older technologies which means less greenhouse gas emissions.

Powder coating has also become a popular coating technique for a lot of type of consumer products. This technique has been used for several years on everything like on backyard lawn furniture. Thanks to the grinding mill, a powder coated surface is typically achieved with the use of a compressed air or an electrostatic charge technique. When the powder has been applied on the surface, it will be heated until the powder will reach its melting point. This will then cause the flow over the surface and will create a uniform finish which is very much resistant to damages.

Here are the steps followed in the powder coating process:

  • The substrate is stripped and blasted in order to remove any debris or dirt.
  • Rinse the material thoroughly and allow it to dry completely.
  • Add the powder coat with the use of your preferred method.
  • Fully cure the material inside an oven at about 400 degrees for ten to twenty minutes.
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