Factors to consider When Buying an Air Compressor in Toronto


Air compressor is a reliable piece of equipment that is widely used for many applications. It comes in different sizes and types but perform the same functions. Small sized single stage piston-type compressors are the common models used for DIY jobs inside the home while large stationary compressors are often found in workplaces. These are units with high horsepower and large storage tanks to provide power to numerous pneumatic tools.

Making a choice for the right air compressor

Electric or gas

Choosing the right air compressor in Toronto requires careful consideration of the air tools you have and the amount of power necessary for the air tools to run. The most common models of air compressor are run through electricity but there are gas-powered air compressors that can be more efficient for offsite applications. Electric compressors are more suitable for working indoors because they are quieter and require less maintenance. Air compressor models for home use function on 120-volt current.

Horsepower, PSI and CFM

Industries select air compressors according to horsepower. Horsepower is the rating that indicates the power output of the motor. Industrial applications usually require higher air pressure that is why they choose high horsepower. Air pressure is measured in pounds per square inch. High PSI means the compressor stores more air inside the tank to allow more air tools to operate longer. Cubic feet per minute or CFM describes the volume of air that the compressor delivers at specific PSI levels. To determine the effectiveness of air compressor in Toronto, it is important to identify the PSI and CFM requirements of your air tools. For example, if you are planning to use only one air tool at a time, consider the tool that requires the highest PSI and CFM. On the other hand, if you are planning to use multiple tools simultaneously, choose an air compressor in Toronto that will exceed PSI and CFM requirements of the highest rated air tool. This will ensure that you will never be under-powered. The performance of the air tools will be maintained without overworking the compressor and losing efficiency.

Tank size

Air compressors work by using air that is stored in their tanks. The amount of compressed air contained inside the tanks will affect the performance of the air tools. If the air tools require a continuous supply of compressed air to function, it makes sense to choose a larger tank. However, if plans are to use air tools that require intermittent running, a smaller tank will do the job. The style of the tank is dependent on the type and power requirements of the air compressor. Stationary compressors that are used for industrial applications usually make use of vertical or horizontal tanks but while the orientation of the air compressor tank does not impact on performance, there are factors that have to be considered like floor space, portability when possible and the overall requirements of the air tools. In most instances, if there is inadequate floor space, the vertical tank will be a better option than the horizontal tank.

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