Different Types of Ceramic Fibre Blanket and its Uses


The ceramic fiber blanket comes in different types and each has distinct qualities and functions. Read this post and learn more about these blankets.

The ceramic fiber blanket or ceramic insulation is a tiled fiber wool made of all-natural cotton dissolved in high temperature. This blanket is adhesive-free and smooth. Despite its soft appearance, this material has an impressive heat resistance, which protects you from fire. Moreover, it also makes any room sound-proof as it absorbs noise.

There are four types of ceramic blankets and these are soluble, high-purity ceramic fibre, zirconia, and polycrystalline mullite. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Soluble Ceramic Insulation Blanket

This type is a low bio-maintenance fibre that reduces harm to human cells, making it easier to use. This soluble ceramic fiber is applicable in working surroundings up to 2300oF or 1260oC.

This fiber blanket comes in two types. First is the Isofrax. This soluble ceramic insulation has a low thermal conduction; hence, it is lightweight and flexible. Nonetheless, this tool has a strong resistance to thermal shock and corrosion. It also has an excellent thermal and chemical stability, as well as handling strength.

The second type is the Insulfrax. This soluble fibre is also flexible and lightweight but robust. However, this wool is made from inorganic materials but is still resistant to thermal shock.

  1. High-Purity Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket

Like the soluble fibre, this type can also be used in working surroundings up to 2300oF or 1260oC. It is composed of aluminum and silica, making it ideal for low-thermal applications. Moreover, this blanket provides a low-heat storage and is immune to corrosion and thermal shock.

  1. Zirconia Fibre Wool

Like the high-purity insulation blanket, this type is made from alumina-silica materials. It features low shrinkage, low thermal conduction, and high malleable strength. The Zirconia fibre is ideal for temperatures up to 2600oF or 1430oC.

  1. Polycrystalline Mullite Blanket

This is the strongest form of fibre blanket and is resistant to high heat. It is made of chemicals, making the insulation wool intact and cost-efficient.

All these types are available at FibreCast, Inc. You simply need to choose a ceramic fiber blanket that fits your needs.

By valariearthur

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