Advantages of Using Structural Epoxy


Today, fasteners are now generally being phased out since there is has been a recent emerging trend of the use of structural epoxy. Most of the industries have now opted for the use of structural epoxies instead of using bolts, screws and nuts in the assembly of different components. These adhesives are manufactured as well as tested by efficient and proficient professional engineers as well as chemical analysts in order to ensure that the joints which are formed will meet the required standards. They have also been tested through different methods like shearing and loading where they are typically exposed to various types of forces. At the end of the day, will be produced which contains all the details about the various type of adhesives. The data also includes very important information about the maximum torque, maximum shear force as well as the operating temperature which the adhesives can normally withstand.

There are also various benefits when you choose to use structural epoxy adhesives for component assembly. Generally, any kind of adhesive is typically applied on the entire bonding surface before you can do any clamping. This would mean therefore that the joint formed experiences will equal the total distribution of stress. This will therefore reduce the chances of having the joints broken since there will be no point of weakness which will be created because of the stress concentrations. Epoxy adhesives are also very easy to use and apply. It will not take a skilled professional to handle this material. They also do not require someone to use sophisticated machineries or whatsoever. The structural epoxy is also cheaper compared to other bonding materials like the use of nuts and bolts.

The bonds which are a product of using the structural epoxy adhesives are typically neat and is able to provide good surface finish. One does not have to repaint the assembly or furnish it upon the completion of the entire project. These particular adhesives are also versatile and can also be used in bonding numerous types of materials. However, there are some disadvantages of using the epoxy adhesives. Foremost, the bond which is formed is hard to break. Therefore, conducting repairs on parts which you have used structural epoxy on is almost an impossible task to conquer. Most types also cannot withstand extreme temperatures and the bond may fail when exposed to extreme heat temperature.

Even if the structural epoxy has the above disadvantages, the benefits when using the material far outweighs the disadvantages there is to the material which is why a lot of builders are still using the material.

What are the factors that you need to consider when you need to maximize the adhesive bonding performance? The master bond explores the different joint designs, polymer types, surface preparations and the performance properties to consider when structural polymer adhesives are being used to join different parts together. It is important that you need to consult with an engineer before you opt to use the structural epoxy in joining parts in a structure.

By valariearthur

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