Troubleshooting Five Common Problems on Roller Conveyors


The efficiency of a conveyor system is critical in defining how productive your venture remains. Areas involving the use of roller conveyor systems are more susceptible to multiple problems. The challenge is amplified by the fact that transportation is done through a series of rollers. Below are some tips to help you troubleshoot your roller-based conveyor system.


Reduce your load

Every roller conveying system has a load capacity assigned to it. As a rule of the thumb, the load ferried over the rollers should be commensurate to the optimum load capacity of the rollers. This avoids having some load being stuck on the rollers, or having the rollers not moving at all. Always remember that excess in load above the specified load capacity for the rollers is likely to damage them, or slow down their operational speed.


Remove any material stuck between rollers

As you use a roller conveyor, there is need to always get rid of any materials held between the rollers. This allows for effective flow of the rollers in the conventional running of the conveyor system. Clean rollers always restore the operational capacity of your roller conveyor.


Regularly inspect and grease the rollers

Well greased rollers have lower friction, which in turn improves the torque output per roller. As a maintenance practice, all rollers aligned in the system should be regularly greased, oiled or both to ease the flow of your load over the rollers.


Check if the drive system is powered

A roller conveyor has a drive system mounted on its drive unit. The motor-based drive unit should work normally when powered. Non-response on the motor whenever powered might indicate a faulty motor, insufficient current flow into the motor, a burnt connecting wire or a malfunctioned linking component.


In case of persistent malfunctions, non-response or dismally performing conveyor system, consult a certified conveyor professional. For persistent symptoms, call Norpak Handling for instant help.


By valariearthur

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