Handling Electronic Circuit Board Assembly


After constant development over the years, effective electronic circuit board assembly processes now usually go through several steps. They include schematic capturing, deciding dimensions, determining heat sink position and line impedance, component placing, routing signal traces and deciding on the layer stack. The delicateness of this kind assembly is preceded by such thorough design processes which are aimed at getting perfect electronic designs that eliminate or minimize errors during production.

Handling electronic circuit board assembly is a sensitive yet essential skill. Some components used during electronic assembly are sensitive to static energy. Static charge can easily damage components. Therefore, it is therefore essential that work areas are kept free of static charge. When soldering or testing circuit boards, unwanted energy may be generated. This unwanted energy/ electrical discharges may cause damage due to electrical overstress. Electrical equipment used in electronic assembly must not discharge unwanted energy.

Work areas should be regularly inspected to ensure that they are adequately protected. The areas of work should be properly grounded with proper static dissipation of the floors and surfaces. In order to minimize and control static energy generation, materials such as vinyl, fabric and plastics should be kept away from the work areas.

During times when sensitive components are not being used, care should be taken to store them in shielded packages. These packages could be static shielding, preventing the passage of static electricity, antistatic which provide antistatic protection for components or static dissipative to dissipate static charges.

Operators must be careful to wear a wrist strap that is connected to the ground during electronic circuit board assembly. Electronic assemblies should be held at the edges to prevent contamination of components. Assemblers are discouraged from using silicone creams and lotions because silicone interferes with adhesion and solder quality. Finally, after assembly completion the electronic assemblies should be stored or stacked in special racks to avoid physical damage.

By valariearthur

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