The Positive Results of Gear Shaping


Gear shaping is a multi-step process of creating splines or teeth on gears. There are many ways that gear shaping is done and the discussion below simplifies the steps that create splines out of gear blanks. Gear shaping is the favored technique as against other such as hobbing because of a number of reasons.

  1. Gear shaping can produce precise and accurate splines on any number of gear designs. The teeth can be cut close to the shoulder of the gear, allowing for more precise cutting and deeper grooves.
  2. Gear shaping, as previously said, can generate many types of gears. These include spur gears, involute splines, helical gears among many.
  3. Cost effective. Since this is a generating process, the gear created has low instances of error. In gear shaping, the cutter is set on a spindle while the gear blank is held steady. Cutting the spline involves the cutter moving across the gear blank to create the splines.

To perform the task of gear shaping, a specialized cutter is needed called the shaper cutter. This special head has cutting edges that provide grooves that clear away the material cut away during the gear shaping process. Furthermore, the shaper cutter can have attachments that provide special features to be cut into the splines. These specialized tool heads can be done on all the splines created depending on the design specifications of the gear to be made.

Clearly, gear shaping provides positive results to a gear manufacturer. This process of creating gear splines from gear blanks is accurate, versatile and cost effective. Not only does the gear shaping process create identical gears, customized gears can also be created with specialized tool heads attached to the shape cutter. Ultimately, the gear shaping process can be the best option when gear splines need to be created for the manufacturing process.


By valariearthur

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