Common Parts of a Boring Milling Machine


The substantial growth in high precision designs worldwide has led to a significant growth in the demand for precise machines. These machines and presses exist in commercial and industrial scale options, with the consumer having a sole mandate of choosing from a collection of complex machines. Common types of high precision machines are:

For effective tooling, there is need to understand the various components (parts) making your machine. This helps you in fixing common mechanical problems whenever they occur or getting your spares with minimal variance. Irrespective of the configuration, here are parts found in most boring machines.

The spindle head

The spindle head is an integral work sub-station that produces the torque required in rotating the cutting tool. For effective use, the spindle head comes with numerous decisive attachments that can be configured to varied user needs.

The base and column

A boring milling machine has a base and a column that supports its core functional part. Most crucial drive mechanisms and axles are normally configured to the base and column of the machine with most operational activities being tailored to match various user needs. The column helps in giving the machine a firm support, while giving the spindle head and the tooling components an upright pose.

Backrest support end

The backrest support end is a conventional support bar which supports the boring bars and the support arbors. As a result, the rotating arm is shielded from external damage through lengthwise support during the operational tooling process.

While not all CNC milling machines have the same precision, it is important to purchase machines with high precision and readily available and affordable spare parts. This helps you in reducing the cost of importation and the hustle associated with outsourcing spares for your boring milling machines.


By valariearthur

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