Introduction to Mist Elimination


Ever since the introduction of mist eliminator in the market, it has already undergone a lot of changes from its original form which is a packed bed kind and now to a knitted mesh type of mist eliminator. The latest type of mist eliminator which is the knitted mesh kind is considered to be more efficient when it comes to performance thus outstanding the packed bed type. In the case of packed bed eliminator, the collection device used is a dumped packing while impingement type of mist eliminator containing plates that resembles the waves are the ones responsible in collecting the mist.

There two kinds of knitted mesh structures available – single-bed and two-stage. The single-bed type is used when a simple removal method is required and works by drawing in mist while the two-stage type is more complex in nature. This is so-called two-stage because it is composed of two parts – the first part with coalesce pad while the second one contains the entrainment separator.

The simplest type of entrainment separator used can be simply referred to as a component made up of random monofilament. The coalescing pad, on the other hand, is hard to describe. The fibers inside the pad are tiny and are not arranged in a random nor oriented manner. The main purpose of the coalescing pads is to be an impact device as well as to intercept this is why it is very sensitive when it comes to velocity as well as the size of every drop.

In order for mist eliminators to do its job perfectly, its design must be focused on collecting and capturing every droplet that can be found in the system. Thus it is very important that the size of the droplets must be determined and defined specifically. Once the droplets are captured by the eliminator, it must also be responsible in removing the droplets contained inside the system with the use of proper draining method. Before selecting the components to be used in the system, it is important that the right medium should be used for the eliminator to make sure that the liquid captured by the pad does not create a problem once the installation of the eliminator is completed.

In order to get to know more about the function that mist eliminators play, it is important to understand the most basic classification of droplets. Spray droplets are those that have a diameter greater than 10 microns. Mists are droplets with a diameter measurement of 10 microns or less. Lastly, aerosols are those that have diameters of 1 micron or smaller. Designers of the mist eliminators must keep in mind that engineers have a hand when it comes to regulating the environment wherein the eliminator will be installed to make sure there will be less maintenance. It is important that the costs of the entire system while in operation must be as low as can be in order to meet the end user’s allotted budget for the said system and operation.

By valariearthur

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